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  1. MugetsuYarida

    Official Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

    I gave up in the 1.3 for mobile... now nice
  2. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Box of Gadgets

    looks promising
  3. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Vampire Knives Expanded

    Za Warudo. Also, nice mod
  4. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Exodus Mod

    Saw FuryForged got this mod in his great Modded Playthroug, and watching this mod progress since I saw this in the WIP section. Even if the Dev is a sarcastic/copycat/hardworking one, at least he made this mod also Congrats on the 10K DL
  5. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

    is the reloading mechanic compatible with modded guns?
  6. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Kalciphoz's RPG Mod

    Holy crap.....If this mod will continuie to grow like Misario's Overhaul mod....and use it together with big and utility mods will change the game and it will be 200x more beautiful! ^-^) I predict that this mod will grow and used by youtubers to test
  7. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Dual Wielding

    rip...yeah maybe the visual bug is from the big mods' recent updates
  8. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader The Shapeshifter

    Why not.....mod support?
  9. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Eleportalmods: A gun extension mod.

    So...ugh.. How to download this? Its .rar file and folder should be a .tmod rite?
  10. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    This is harsh
  11. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    There are fist-like weapons in some mods like Cheeze's Content Pack's guardian knuckles...maybe u should add som smoll mod support tho (^-^)/
  12. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    Like Bethesda's Skyrim and Fallout
  13. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    Bug using Dual-Wld >equips a combo-projectile fist with a different fist-type >right clicks >A projectile woooooshed and another one just stayed on my position >the idle extra projectile deals damage to enemies tho >pls add support for dual wield
  14. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader NPC Info

    A japanese mod ported to english? Oh wow that is new! 11/10 gonna try this... (And say "omaewa mou shindeiru" all the time)
  15. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    >played this with some famous content mods >used dual wield >got a lead(perhaps) knuckleduster >HADOUKEN! >wanna be a monk class >ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAAAAAAAAAHHH! all the way >11/10 would be like Kenshiro/Any Jojo again
  16. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    >Fist Weapons >Monk Class >Friendly Creator >You can see ur glorious weapon >Perfect with Dual-Weild >WHIP ME DADDY >FIST ME DADDY =What a time to be alive! Btw I miss this mod and gladly peeps love this!
  17. MugetsuYarida

    PC Why the Chainsaws didnt work?

    I dont know what mod or bug causes the saws and drills just whirr and stayed there and I cant even switch stuff...
  18. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Antiaris

    >2000 items >NPC Quest and story >New dank Biome >Friendly Devs >New, unique and more balanced items Hwat a time to be alive...
  19. MugetsuYarida

    tModLoader Necromancy

    Looks Promising! Keep up!
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