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  1. JaxBox

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    While this announcement certainly doesn't bring happy news, I can certainly say that it doesn't disappoint either. I appreciate the development team for trying to create something amazing after all these years even though it will never see the light of day. At this point, it would be best to...
  2. JaxBox

    My CC Entry [img]

    My CC Entry
  3. JaxBox

    CC Creation Compendium #44

    Great job everyone!
  4. JaxBox

    My CC Entry [img]

    My CC Entry
  5. JaxBox

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

    I also like how, in previous posts to the Terraria: Otherworld spoiler compendium, that you can't be too "godlike" and dominate the game like in the current Terraria game. But, yeah.... this is definitely a game I would buy at release!
  6. JaxBox

    Official Twas the Day Before Terraria 1.3....

    Hmm... to watch or not to watch.... I choose... *oh shiet, well this is a problem* umm.... > WATCH < (The pirate made me do it)~:D
  7. JaxBox

    PC Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the YoYo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

    The suspense is killing me! *sniff* Now I can FINALLY beat the crap out of pacman! ;):D
  8. JaxBox

    PC Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the YoYo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

    Awesome artwork Crowno! Also great trailer, even though it wasn't created by the devs, but you cannot be disappointed with one of Yrimir's works! Son of a :red:, The Hype is unreal!
  9. JaxBox

    Post an insane lie about the user above you.

    is a platypus created by rainbows
  10. JaxBox

    A Terrarian Wedding Celebration!

    Congratulations! I wish you two a wonderful future together!
  11. JaxBox

    Official Terraria: Otherworld

    *Running* I'M... Not... Missing the *Cough* HYPE TRAIN THIS TIME! :joy:
  12. JaxBox

    Lol. xD

    Lol. xD
  13. JaxBox

    How do you explain Terraria to other people?

    Show them a video about the game so you don't have to explain the majority of the concepts.
  14. JaxBox

    What is your favorite Potion?

    Ironskin, because I use it all the time. :happy:
  15. JaxBox

    And if you be a monster?

    I would be a floaty gross. why? Because they are bloody annoying.
  16. JaxBox

    What do you expect from 1.3?

    Simply put, I expect the unexpected.
  17. JaxBox

    Your 1.3 Christmas wishlist to Red Santa....

    Some npc's to actually fight and not walk around getting killed during some sort of event.
  18. JaxBox

    Hardmode Boss: The Destroyer help

    Thank you all for helping me out! I finally managed to beat it and i am grateful for all of you guys who helped me out! (A little question: how do I close threads?)
  19. JaxBox

    Hardmode Boss: The Destroyer help

    Got cross necklace! Finally! :D:joy:
  20. JaxBox

    What is your least favourite block in Terraria?

    I would have to say that my least favorite block is ash.
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