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  1. darthmorf

    Startup takes a long time (up to several minutes) when no internet connection is available

    It's certainly not a fix - but if you manually go into steam offline mode (you can do this pretty quickly from the friends menu) then it might help you get in game more quickly.
  2. darthmorf

    Weapons & Equip Make melee weapons more melee

    Please don't continue to derail this thread. You can send me a private message if you wish to discuss this further.
  3. darthmorf

    What is statues used for??

    You can find detailed information about their uses on the wiki page: Statues
  4. darthmorf

    Weapons & Equip Make melee weapons more melee

    You're not a staff member - please do not tell other forum users what they can and cannot do. Simply report and move on without leaving a response. People post similar suggestions all the time, and as I don't see any about this topic in the first couple of pages of recent suggestion posts I'm...
  5. darthmorf

    Official Let's hear your forum improvements!

    Hi both, You're probably better to concentrate feedback about this in the announcement thread (Official - Announcement regarding changes to conversations (private messages)) as that's where most of the existing discussion about the topic has taken place.
  6. darthmorf

    Linux Terraria Undeluxe Edition Multiplayer Not functioning on Linux

    FWIW Back in the pre-1.3 days people used to run Terraria in a VM all the time on Mac and Linux, so you might have some luck. This was before WINE is as good as it is today, and before Proton even existed so it was the only option.
  7. darthmorf

    Resolved [Undeluxe Edition] Missing female character sprites on character creation.

    Please don't report bugs regarding the Undeluxe edition. It's presented "as is", by which I mean that it's a snapshot of the game at a certain time in the past; it contains bugs, missing features and everything else which is part of the intended experience. There are currently no plans to go...
  8. darthmorf

    Mac Undeluxe beta not updating on steam

    Some people have managed to get it to run through Proton (on Linux) - though this is entirely unsupported, it's possible you may have some luck there.
  9. darthmorf

    Mac Undeluxe beta not updating on steam

    I'm afraid that the Undeluxe version is only available for Windows PCs. Mac and Linux versions of the game did not arrive until 1.3.
  10. darthmorf

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    I think you guys have forgotten to keep counting?
  11. darthmorf

    Linux Terraria Undeluxe Edition Multiplayer Not functioning on Linux

    If you're able to get some of it to function, that's great! Sadly however that's unsupported behaviour (ie it's not expected to work at all) so there's no known method to get it to work. Bear in mind that this version existed long before proton was a thing, in a time where for most games to run...
  12. darthmorf

    Resolved Undeluxe Multiplayer?

    Sadly this version of the game does not include Linux support.
  13. darthmorf

    Linux Terraria Undeluxe Edition Multiplayer Not functioning on Linux

    Hello, Terraria didn't officially support Linux until the 1.3 update, so you won't be able to run this version of the game or server on Linux (or MacOS).
  14. darthmorf

    Working as Designed Terraria Undeluxe Edition Update Problem

    Yes, it works that way whichever way around you're switching - I believe that this goes for all betas for all games on steam. Your worlds and players will be unaffected though :)
  15. darthmorf

    Working as Designed Terraria Undeluxe Edition Update Problem

    Yes, this is intended; each time you switch it redownloads that version of the game. AFAIK this is a steam thing and outside of the developers' control.
  16. darthmorf

    Resolved Undeluxe Multiplayer?

    I imagine you'll need to port forward and run a server - you can find the server here: Terraria: Undeluxe Edition - Out Now!. AFAIK, it's not changed too much over the years, so you should be able to follow at least some of this guide to get it set up: Setting up a Terraria server
  17. darthmorf

    TCF Suggestion PMs started by mods, e. g. warnings or notes shall always get to the user no matter how full their PM inbox is

    We didn't just apply this conversation change without considering the ramifications. We have solutions in place to prevent this issue - you don't need to make suggestions to us about how to handle moderation, though I appreciate the concern.
  18. darthmorf

    Resolved Do I have the permission to reply to threads that were made to recreate past group PMs due to the new PM limit?

    Threads are public. Anyone is welcome to post in them as long as they follow the forum rules and their account is in good standing.
  19. darthmorf

    Official Announcement regarding changes to conversations (private messages)

    If someone is abusing the DM system then please report it to staff. This announcement has not changed the fact we're here to deal with that kind of behaviour.
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