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  1. Catnose

    PC Multiplayer Problem ;(

    Have you or your friend taken a look at the serverconfig.txt file, or whatever you use to config your server? The last lines say this: #Reduces enemy skipping but increases bandwidth usage. The lower the number the less skipping will happen, but more data is sent. 0 is off. npcstream=60...
  2. Catnose

    PC Lag in Single-Player Terraria :/

    How about changing multicore lighting? Just a guess, but try it.
  3. Catnose

    PC Hotfix

    Some complain that there may be a new hotfix Breaks some mods? Who cares, as long as we get as big free Terraria as possible. Mod makers must follow the official game and the changes they make, not the other way around. If there are bugs in, fix them and release a new hotfix. It...
  4. Catnose

    PC My Steam, Friend me

    Done, so if you are wondering who tried to friend you, I did. Can't say for sure when I can play though. Do you like large worlds, normal or expert, softcore or mediumcore, and crimson or corruption?
  5. Catnose

    PC First time attempting to start a multiplayer game

    Gotta tell you people, we certainly had a LOT of fun. He had never played Terraria so I taught him, and I had never played multiplayer Terraria. Started during the evening, and we played the whole night, until around 09:10 am tday. Even then we would not have stopped, but my friend fell asleep...
  6. Catnose

    PC First time attempting to start a multiplayer game

    You can protect the game with password in Steam, and set the game so that all players must be invited to game, they can't join without an invitation and not knowing the password.
  7. Catnose

    PC 1.3.1 : Mechanics and Controller Support!

    Hi. Sorry but I didn't know where to write this, but I figured here you see this message quickly. Not related to the message above. In the front page where you can see news, the page: - has a reference to a dedicated...
  8. Catnose

    PC First time attempting to start a multiplayer game

    I got a good answer for Leinfors for this question. We use Steam. Just in case someone else is wondering about this, I can paste the two answers Leinfors told me, if Leinfors gives me permission to do so. Is it okay Leinfors?
  9. Catnose

    PC First time attempting to start a multiplayer game

    Hi. I've never played Terraria multiplayer (but have played singleplayer a lot), and my friend who wants to try the game, has never even played Terraria. So my question is, since I just want to test setting up the multiplayer thing. I will be hosting. We create a character from scratch, and...
  10. Catnose

    1.3.1 Feedback and Bugs Section

    Well, I just like as bug free experience as possible anyway :). And who knows...
  11. Catnose

    1.3.1 Feedback and Bugs Section

    Looks like I did right by waiting a day or two before starting after all :).
  12. Catnose

    1.3.1 Feedback and Bugs Section

    Sounds like there are plenty of issues with the new release? Can we expect a release in the near future? I was thinking of holding off starting playing the new version, if hotfix version is on it's way. Or is there such a version coming? I can play some other games in the meantime.
  13. Catnose

    Terraria 1.3.1 help

    Go ahead and send the Portuguese images...
  14. Catnose

    My terraria does not start

    Your description is kinda vague. What do you mean doesn't launch? In any case have you tried the following: Try deleting the config file to Terraria. It gets recreated every time you launch the game if it doesn't exist. You must set your resolution etc. again though, but that isn't a big deal...
  15. Catnose

    PC Changes

    Special thanks in the patch notes for me? Wow, gotta be happy about that. I didn't know I helped that much with my suggestions and reports. Looking forward to playing the game this weekend, if I have time to :). Thanks for the new patch and all your hard work to all developers and other staff too!
  16. Catnose

    PC 1.3 Changelog

    Turning off multicore lighting helped a lot of people with performance problems. If you can't start the game, you can delete the config file from my games and Terraria folder. Then new one with default values will be created, it is disabled in the version by default, but it was not in...
  17. Catnose

    PC Item 3,000!

    I think the game is not that difficult at least when it comes to enemies, so just make the better AI default for all modes :).
  18. Catnose

    Serious Blood moon 10/08/14!

    Yeah, it will happen on 8th of October. Here is a news story about it: It can't be seen in Europe where I live though :(.
  19. Catnose

    Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

    Just signed up... but anyways, perhaps they are summoning a dragon in that image where they seem to worship something? As far as guesses go, that is a long shot, but I once played an adventure game called Discworld 1 where there was a cult which tried to summon a dragon. They look a bit like...
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