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  1. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Anyone willing to trade rainbow dye?

    you still willing to trade?
  2. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Anyone willing to trade rainbow dye?

    If you have rainbow dye and you are willing to trade, please message me
  3. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Willing to give me reds wings?

    Sorry xP I'm sorry xP
  4. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Willing to give me reds wings?

    Please PM me if you are willing to give reds wings
  5. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One xbox one Shop

    I am looking to buy the Blizzard Staff form the frost moon. I have all the items from the Pumpkin Moon and will trade any and all of them for this one item. I have some of the frost moon items too that i will trade. My Gamertag for Xbox One is Ranger Troutman
  6. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One XBOX one K Ron's Wish list

    Do you have the blizzard staff?
  7. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One Want to buy

    Message -->Ranger Troutman<-- on Xbox one
  8. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One Xbox One Trading

    post your gamertag here if you are looking for people to trade with. Gt: Ranger Troutman
  9. UnlivingJupiter

    Console Ocram

    Out of the many many hour i have put into terraria, ocram would seem to be the easiest boss on the console. I can kill him while barely getting a scratch. His drops are now useless considering 1.2 has been on the console. I cant be the only person who can see how much of a waste he is
  10. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One Looking for friends!

    This is for Xbox One
  11. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One Looking for friends!

    anyone want to relax and have fun in terraria? Im always looking for a friend! My Xbox live gamertag is-----> Ranger Troutman <----- also this is for xbox one!
  12. UnlivingJupiter

    Xbox One Free items?

    anyone willing to give away items they dont use? I lost all of mine when i switched from xbox 360 to xbox one. My gt is: Ranger Troutman
  13. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Fun and trading

    I would love to if i had it xD ive been looking for the same
  14. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Fun and trading

    this is a thread where i would like to meet new people to play with and to find people to trade with:)
  15. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Multiplayer

    I just want the bat sceptor. I have nearly anything else
  16. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Multiplayer

    does anyone have the terraria mobile app that would be willing to trade items?
  17. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Mobile multiplayer

    Do you know how to create a game? Would you? I will probably be on this weekend, ill trade.
  18. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Mobile multiplayer

    anyone have the iOS multiplayer app that are willing to give a bat sceptor
  19. UnlivingJupiter

    Mobile Pumpkin Moon

    Here is a picture of my loadout
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