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  1. Planty

    Mobile Controllers for iOS

    So iOS Terraria has had confirmed support for 2 MFi controllers for a fair while now (the SteelSeries Stratus and Logitech PowerShell), but the PowerShell only works with iPhone-sized devices, and the Stratus is incredibly overpriced (often over AU$100). Are there any other controllers that...
  2. Planty

    Mobile MultiTerraria Players

    Well said Cloud
  3. Planty

    Mobile Rune Wizard Set?

    Must be the lizhard blocks increasing spawn. I feel really lucky now though, cause I accidentally got a lizhard egg yesterday, had no idea they were rare :D Maybe I'm just unlucky with wizards, only got 2 Tim Hats. Nice collections though both of you
  4. Planty

    Mobile Rune Wizard Set?

    My brother and I have both got the set, but I'm wondering whether anyone else has them? Cause they're supposed to be really rare, but we got both of them almost right after entering Hardmode and haven't seen any since.
  5. Planty

    Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

    Yeah, there's something on the wiki about that. Presents are like the gold lotto of Terraria
  6. Planty

    Mobile Mage or Ranger?

    Chain gun + chloro bullets is so easy to use, and so satisfying when you can rip any boss to shreds, it's just so expensive. Then again I've rarely played Mage, so maybe try out both and see what suits you.
  7. Planty

    Mobile Arena spawn

    Pretty sure enemies cannot spawn on your screen at all, just like how lava stops spawns. But there was a reported bug on Android that occasionally caused enemies to spawn right on top of you. Would be better to place a small platform just out of sight, so all 2-block-tall or greater enemies are...
  8. Planty

    Mobile List of Bugs in the Current Terraria Update

    I've had no trouble with standard local worlds, but just after the update, I accessed my Cloud world and character on wifi and it worked fine. Then, several hours later, I tried to access them without wifi, which used to work before the update. It said that 'iCloud cannot be accessed without...
  9. Planty

    Mobile Terraria 1.3 for Mobile?

    Well unless you can get your hands on an iPad Pro (AU$1700 :eek:) or a high-end Android, 1.3 might not be possible because of its huge hardware demands. Not to mention the huge delays between mobile updates. So it's probably going to be a long wait :rolleyes:
  10. Planty

    Mobile Weird mobile happenings!

    Both the heart and pyramid chambers have been introduced since 1.2.10061 (August 21st on iOS), but before they only had a Wooden Chest and no Heartreach Potions. Seems like there was more than much-needed balancing on August 21st...
  11. Planty

    Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

    Got a Drax from a yellow present back before the Hardmode update, when they were still called Hamdraxes. My friends never figured out where it came from :happy:
  12. Planty

    Mobile Dungeon Challenges!

    This is not exactly a battle challenge, but see if you can survive 1 in-game day (12 minutes) with only an ice rod. Any accessories/armour allowed, as long as they are mage-related. Good luck :)
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