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  1. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Enraged Fishron?

    Your double negative gave me a laugh, but in context im assuming you meant he doesn't enrage I'm still getting some mixed answers though...
  2. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Enraged Fishron?

    Does anyone know if the Enraged fishron mechanic was added in the latest update? I made a tutorial on how to kill him on YouTube and, as the enraged mechanic was not added until PC version 1.3 and mobile should be equivalent to version 1.2.4, I ignored it and put the arena beside the ocean...
  3. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Frost Moon Difficulty

    i reckon as soon as my brother gets back home we can multiplayer it to wave 20, i can get to wave 17 solo, and 18 if I'm lucky. Ive made a tonne more additions to my arena as well, the main being a chamber that comes around the player so i can take off my ankh shield and swap it out for a higher...
  4. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Frost Moon Difficulty

    I am currently using this arena, I have since added spear and flame traps, and also an option for it to be used without the traps entirely. You are able to use it with a single player, two players, or retract both pods completely so it can be used as platforms instead.
  5. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile The Frost Moon is Glitched!

    Something like that. It's just a bug which makes progressing through waves a lot harder.
  6. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile The Frost Moon is Glitched!

    Many of you are finding trouble with getting to the final wave of the frost moon, but don't worry, it's not your fault. It's pretty much impossible. I've observed the amount of kills needed to progress to the next wave and they are much more than they should be. For example, wave 11 should...
  7. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Weird mobile happenings!

    I came across a similar pyramid today, it appears to be a chamber located away from the main one. I mistook it for a double overlapping pyramid at first, but it in fact appears to be an Easter egg of some kind.
  8. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile !!Frost Moon Wave Score!!

    Either the points per kill or the points needed to proceed to the next wave are wrong. For example, wave 11 should progress to the next wave after only one ice queen kill, however in this version the event's wave will not continue after two or even three ice queen kills. This makes getting to...
  9. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Duke Fishron Trophy

    I think then, based on the amount of people who are also unable to get one, it is indeed unobtainable as of now XD
  10. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Duke Fishron Trophy

    If anyone gets one, take a screenshot and post it, I'd like to see it in person, rather than take your word for it ;)
  11. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Duke Fishron Trophy

    Has anyone succeeded in obtaining a Duke Fishron trophy? I have slain Fishron at least 40 times with no luck. It, along with the ice queen and SANTA-NK1 trophies are all I need to complete my collection, but I simply cannot get one. Is it a bug that you others are experiencing, or am I simply...
  12. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Frost Moon Difficulty

    Is anyone else finding it particularly hard to achieve wave 20 of the frost moon? I've managed it only once, and that is with optimum gear, buffs and arena, and only managed to get a single trophy. Using the same method on the pumpkin moon yeilded wave 15 in less than 5 minutes and a vast...
  13. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

    I've managed to get all 5 rare Christmas themed drops :)
  14. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Has anyone gotten anything from fishing?? And whats the best fishing rod?

    What you catch is based on your location, your bait and your rod, which combine to make up your fishing power. Any fishing power below a certain amount will only weird bass and junk, so the key here is to improve upon this. The best craftable rod is the flesh catcher or the fisher of souls...
  15. Watsonisawesome

    Unable to use boss summons

    I've investigated this further and Discovered that te occurrence of a blood moon may have some connection, as I was able to summon a frost moon before, until a blood moon occurred, and I was unable to do so
  16. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Infinite coin duplication

    I imagine most have been reluctant to report this, as its quite beneficial to the game, but placing coins will not remove them from your inventory, essentially allowing you to place, mine and use infinite coins. On its own, certainly not game breaking, as only a select few of terraria's many...
  17. Watsonisawesome

    Unable to use boss summons

    On cloud saves, you are unable to summon bosses and events that involve a summon item. This excludes bosses summoned with items but not directly from the hotbar, for example, duke fishron. This means if you are using a cloud save to fight bosses, for example you have built an arena in the cloud...
  18. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Frost Moon Strategy

    For those of you using the bat scepter/nimbus rod method, I recommend you upgrade your inventory. For my pumpkin moon wave 15s I use both, except the addition of a rainbow gun and a magnet sphere. Fire as follows: Rainbow gun, magnet sphere, bat scepter until magnet sphere despawns or floats...
  19. Watsonisawesome

    Mobile Trouble with Truffle Worms?

    Looks like you've found the ailment to my issues. Truffle worms don't appear to spawn in underground biomes, but will spawn on surface ones. Thanks for your help! I've grinded and caught 20 already!
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