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  1. EL.Fel

    Your favorite battle item set.

    Yes: You'll do somewhere around 200% increased DPS. However, if you don't find yourself using the armor set as much (going invisible when standing still for extra dps) you may find it useful to replace the shroomite head armor with chlorophyte ranged head armor. This has the benefits of not...
  2. EL.Fel

    What is your favorite Potion?

    The Inferno potion. While perhaps not all that useful especially when compared to, say, the spelunker or ironskin potion, it's a really unique effect that is more than a stat boost.
  3. EL.Fel

    Your favorite battle item set.

    As a ranged character, I use: - Hoverboard - Lightning Boots - Ankh Shield - Sniper's Scope - Master Ninja gear I don't focus too much on dps-adding items, as I'd rather have items that help me evade incoming attacks or are otherwise useful, as I don't need that +50% damage to kill things...
  4. EL.Fel

    Hot Topic What is your favorite Weapon?

    1. I would say the Tactical Shotgun is the most useful one for me. Combine it with chlorophyte bullets, and you'll be doing somewhere from 200-300 damage with just one bullet use. It's one of the best ways to save your ammo. 2. I love using the Sniper Rifle, both in PVP and PVE. It's awesome...
  5. EL.Fel

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    Crimson. Aside from some of the points others have made such as Vampire Knives being Crimson-exclusive, in the early-game you can setup a quick AFK coin farm using a basic lava trap for some good money.
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