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  1. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader [Tutorial] Projectile Guide and Implementation: tModLoader Edition

    Check 1.4 Example mod, should still have a laser weapon example you can use. But yeah, by the time 1.4 came out nobody was writing public forum coding guides anymore, you'll either need to go to discord or learn off how other mods do it such as example mod. Atleast there's more open source mods...
  2. IDGCaptainRussia

    Deleting Vanilla Items

    Technically it's not possible to delete items since they exist as defined data inside arrays, not as an actual object. While this data could be changed, it cannot be deleted. And if it *was* an object you could delete, referencing a null value is a pretty easy way of crashing your programs lol.
  3. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    Sad Trombone... Maybe ask what he does use then
  4. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    This, much like LuiAFK, people love Chad's additions to the game and really want to keep using them. Considering TMOD didn't take action against MiningCrack porting LuiAFK I'd say go ahead. I'd say only Chad himself can really tell you to take the mod down or otherwise. And even then he'd likely...
  5. IDGCaptainRussia

    Why is he even bothering at this point if he hates the game and Relogic? This is obviously the...

    Why is he even bothering at this point if he hates the game and Relogic? This is obviously the cue that he should move on and do something else.
  6. IDGCaptainRussia

    Terraria expansion map suggestions

    You know maybe, you should consider collaborating with John Snail to improve Subworld's netcode instead of trying to one-up him. Having a ton of different, non-compatible dimension libraries floating around doesn't help the modding scene.
  7. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Mess

    lol @GoodPro712, that guy doesn't go by that name anymore, he goes by Metacinna now. Also if by "mess" you mean this OP post you did? Then yes. Edit: most people on the forums aren't really knowledgeable coders who know their way around like you seem to, your better off asking any questions you...
  8. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader SGAmod

    By me: no, I'm done with Terraria and have moved on. But it's being remade from the ground up by some other people I left the mod to, but don't expect it to be released for a long time, or to be the same as the 1.3 version.
  9. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Ascensionverse

    The project has been (mostly) discontinued in Terraria, Seraph is looking to move into game deving now instead: Relaying this here because not everyone wants to use discord:
  10. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader The JoostMod

    As I pointed out here, he seems to only be active on discord I guess we can consider the forums abandoned for the time being, if you want JOOST updates go join the discord. (I mean really, you should do this to double down if a mod is dead or not, I've found quite a few mods that died off and...
  11. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Grox The Great's Mods O' Magic Revamped

    I'm wondering if, you know since your part of Relogic now, if you'll let anyone else take over your mods for you. Seems you don't really intend to keep them alive anymore, Grealm's a cool mod and I'd be a shame to see it left behind...
  12. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    Yeah that's the key question here. Atleast in Dark Assassin's case he specifically says on his about page to not decompile, recompile, or otherwise alter his mods without his permission. Neither Chad nor LuiAFK expected their mods to live past their own time and thus made no contingency plans...
  13. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    Again, you either do it without the author's permission (1.4 Luiafk), or this mod isn't ported and remains on 1.3 only, period. This is unfortunately the problem of authors not leaving permissible source code for others to pick up incase of their leave, but others picking up their work...
  14. IDGCaptainRussia

    Beyond the Stars: A Terraria Expansion Project

    Eh I downloaded them and took a look. But in all seriousness it is nice to see some more vanilla-esc type items in the game akin to what Thorium does, you can only endure Flashy Sword Rework #1234 or Fancy Shader Thing#1337 before you get tired of seeing it and it gets old. What made modded...
  15. IDGCaptainRussia

    Good to hear, I hope you keep at it and refine your own skills to make that mod happen!

    Good to hear, I hope you keep at it and refine your own skills to make that mod happen!
  16. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Eternal Resolve - A 1.4 content mod

    At this point I don't have faith in them not nuking their mods at some point. But, it's better than nothing I guess to not go to waste
  17. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Highlander

    Forum page seems abandoned, has a 1.4 public release here:
  18. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    Chad's been gone for years, you could do what @miningcrack did with Luiafk and port it without his permission, as the TML devs don't seem to care.
  19. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Pinky's content pack

    You aren't willing to learn is your problem here Because of that, you *won't ever" be able to make a mod until you change that mentality Now, stop posting these recruitment messages in other people's mods, your being mega disrespectful to people who have gone to the effort to learn to code and...
  20. IDGCaptainRussia

    tModLoader Pinky's content pack

    Let me put it this way: Once you understand what *real* work is and how much time and effort people put into their work like @Linx145 has, THEN you can try asking, but by then you'll understand the concept of paid work like commissions.
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