Hysteria: A Journey Unknown...

Welcome to Hysteria, my first RP forum!

(Note: Check in the Rules section to see who the moderators are so there's no confusion.) Hysteria is just like other games, but with a few twists. The player can explore many areas, gather more items to update their inventory, unique boss battle mechanics, and an overall unique experience! (This RP is heavily inspired by Undertale, so be prepared!) Now, onto the lore!

Long ago, but not TOO long ago, the universes thrived. Inter dimensional transportation allowed ease of life, trading cross-universe, and peace among the many worlds. People of places in war could go to peaceful dimensions, the troubled were helped by the caring, and a realm of peace was created.

It was wonderful, and all species never saw an end to it.

Until Hysteria struck.
Trillions of people, monsters, Daleks, and other species went insane, eventually disappearing forever. Few survived, and most chose to forget the horrific time.

Following Husteria, empires collapsed, solar systems were destroyed, and universes faded to darkness. The little land left was bare and desolate, void of life.

No one knew where Hysteria came from. It couldn’t have come from life, nobody would have ended the peace. It wasn’t nature either. It was something too horrific for something so innocent to do.

However, only one thing remained after Hysteria struck. A message. Cryptic. Mysterious. Dark. Evil.

Slay IT.
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