Although you wish that your world was perfect, like many in fantasy stories, where the good guys always win, many of the previous heroes have died in vain. These people could have been your rivals, your neighbors, or even loved ones, but their deaths have motivated you enough to stand up to these beings who were forcing down your doors and demanding all of your supplies, starting wars to make life miserable, and killing off those who have enough support. It's time to end these monsters once and for all.

That was my short intro I wrote in a few minutes. I guess it's time for me to describe this RP.

Shattered Realms is based around three Dimensions that are currently in a bad state, with a rather rude few individuals trying their best to collapse the societies that reside within. You will have to be careful, as unlike most final bosses, they won't let you grind for however long you like, and they won't keep sending out the same basic enemies unless they see that someone is struggling against them. One could say that this is a more aggressive RPG type style here.

If everybody struggles, don't worry, death isn't permanent unless you want it to be, in which case one is thrown in the darkest dungeon possible with little chance of escaping. There will also be a morality system I'll put into place, which decides if you are really the ‘good guys’ or not. Have fun~!
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