SLIVER - Rivalry of Two Schools (OPEN)

Inspired by Lone Tree High School, Fire Emblem: Lost Hope and RWBY: Hunters of Atlas (and Remnant), Sliver is a School RP (with a healthy side of combat) set in a tiny, disputed slice of a struggling world. Take-up your place at your school of choice, and prove your strength and your way of living to be the best! Or, steer clear of the drama and try to finish your studies unscathed. It's your call.

Sliver is a loosely-enforced Beginner-Intermediate level RP, or what we've called a 'unifying RP'. What this means is we're hoping this RP can have a little something for everyone, and that both preferred casual and preferred high-level posters can properly interact IC, something we've sadly been missing on for over a year and that's helped towards it being a bad time for both sides.

For that, we should both be prepared to stretch ourselves a little. Most of the posts in Sliver should be at least a few brief sentences, and at most three or four paragraphs. No one-word replies that're impossible to play off; and no tedious, antisocial walls of text to read either. I don't know about all of you guys, but I'd love to see an IC like that again.


Welcome to Sliver.

...Is what I would say if you'd just got here. Or chosen to come. That isn't the case, not for any of us.

This sad strip of land, hemmed-in on both sides by lightning-stricken mountains; guarded on the south side by the treacherous, roiling seas. There came a year that the humans and people of many other races made the brutal journey. Our grandparents, and those who found grateful refuge on Sliver even if they could not remember what they had run from.


In the first generation, the people struggled to survive. Sliver's people were equals - equal in their misery. The land was hard and fruitless, the beasts without memory - creatures which emerged from every unwatched corner; taking any size and guise, disappearing as quickly as they'd came - bit at every turn of their heels. They built and defended whatever they could, and they built an academy devoted to the practice of combat called 'Lichthart'.

The second generation, able to learn and develop their skills, colonised every corner of Sliver in groups. In the North, after great hardship; they found unimaginable resources, made it the new centre of re-discovering all the technologies that'd been forgotten. Life became so much better, but not in equal measure. The northern discoveries made a small number rich beyond their wildest dreams; rich enough to found 'Pensalir', a new college for their own, a majority well-off, but in the left-behind Centre-South, life continued as poorly as ever.

Now in the third generation... our generation. Both our regions want to prove their dominance over the other, once and for all. We're only in our first-year at Lichthart or Pensalir, but we're paying attention. The capital Elysium announced that in some years, finally we'll be exploring beyond Sliver that has grown just too... small, for our ambitions. We know it's likely we'll be at the forefront of that movement. Pensalir wants to add whatever treasures are found beyond its borders to its neat, efficient little collection of interests. And Lichthart, the Centre-South... they weren't quite sure what they might do with the new discoveries, but they were sure the North couldn't be allowed to take control of them.


We might only be students, but we're the strongest generation yet. The strongest generation ever. The quickest way to power here is by taking it from others,

And we're not very good at sharing.
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