Welcome to the spriteathalon!

I'm looking for 4 aspiring young spriters to enter this ruthless competition, do you have what it takes?

Every month, I will take 4 members and give them a challenge, each time a challenge is completed the public will vote and one spriter will have to leave the competionnnnnnnn.
This will continue with increasingly difficult challenges until one spriter remains.

Each challenge will have a certain set of rules however these rules will remain concrete in each and every challenge.
-The spriter will be disqualified if they fail to meet the deadline for the sprite
-all sprites entered MUST be the spriter's OWN creation (duh)
-spriters CANNOT converse during the competition (we'll have no way of knowing but it's only fair if you don't)

-PM for entry
-PM challenge ideas for a mention
-Winners will recieve a badge for their signatures
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