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Are you interested in programming? Perhaps you would like to learn? Or maybe you wish to share your programs on TCF? Then this club is for you!

Centered around the concept of programming and design, this clan is meant for programmers of any skill level, with any language (C#, Swift, Java, etc). We will often discuss various techniques and design tips, the best coding practices, and occasionally, demo an application (Under consent of it's producer). Share snippets and full source (Via GitHub) if you like! Need tips for modding (Only tModLoader at the moment), consult here (Or the official thread for more accurate and rapid response here:

Make threads about anything you'd like, as long as it is directly related to one form of computer science or another. Please remember that this forum is intended to help people, try not to be condescending or rude! Also, this social forum is pretty much a community project, not just by me, so you ultimately get to create the content and make the forum whatever you wish!

So what are you waiting for? Join the clan and learn a thing or two!

Currently need the help of volunteers to help moderate over these
social forums! PM me with basic info (Programming knowledge,
reason why I should choose you, etc)

Looking forward to seeing all of you around (And meet new friends along the way)!
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