Terror and Madness - A Darkest Dungeon Themed Roleplay

You are on your way to a small, secluded hamlet located on the edge of a thick forest. The road is treacherous, and the carriage you're arriving in gets closer to collapsing as its creaky old wheels hit the various objects littered across this ancient path. Some of them appear to be mangled, rotting corpses, fungi taking over their bodies and turning their skin a putrid green-yellow.

The whole forest appears to be sickly. The air is heavy and the rank odor of decomposing flesh seems inescapable, even in the safety of the carriage.
No longer green and healthy, the once beautiful plants here have been degraded to spiked, shriveled thickets of thorns - overtaken by this apparent corruption.

The bumpy journey finally comes to a halt as you reach the hamlet. It's rather quaint, rather destroyed, and there are many inhabitants standing solemnly around the entrance. Everyone has a hopeless look in their eyes. Some of them look ready to die right here and right now.

Many others pour off the carriage you arrived on. It's a rather strange collection of new recruits. A masked man wielding a hook and an axe, and even a jester are among the mix of odd people.

They must be wondering the same things as you: "Why was I sent here? What is my job? Where is this place? What's with the forest?"

All your information came from a letter delivered to you by a poor messenger. The scrawlings on the paper read:
"You have been chosen to purge the corruption that spreads ever further.
A carriage will pick you up at dawn. Don't miss it.
You will receive more information upon arriving.
We look forward to your visit."
Everyone received different letters by different people. One poor soul was complaining that his was filled with religious nonsense - obviously written by some kind of madman obsessed with the light.

But you still don't have your answers. Perhaps the only way to obtain them is to seek them. So don't dawdle. Get to searching the hamlet for anyone important.

My plan here is to create an RP from something I love. I'm hoping that it will breathe some life into TCF RP, but perhaps those hopes are too high.
I just love Darkest Dungeon, and I was compelled to make a roleplay about it, as I wanted to create my own characters and scenarios.

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