Awaken, adventurer. It is time.

The Nameless Island, often referred to as "The Island," "The World," or by those who study the planes: "Gandu Mor," is a place of wonder and mystery, all manner of fantastical creatures dwell here. The Island itself is large, about 150,000 square miles in area. The Island takes place in a combination medieval and renaissance fantasy setting, augmented and extended with magick and steampunk-like evolving technology. There are many cities, villages, kingdoms, and nations on The Island, each with various customs, alliances, and beliefs and inhabited with many different species of monster, man, and spirit. What you choose to do on your adventure is your choice. Become a treasure hunter, piece together your past, start a new life, travel to across the lands, find friendship, combat terrible foes, and more.


Your adventure awaits; the story is yours to tell.
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