The Waste of Zethin

Not long after the events of The Corruption of Zethin...

Something shook the ground of Zethin and the surrounding area, leaving its inhabitants frightened. This had only ever happened before when there was an earthquake outside of the city, and that hadn’t caused much damage. But this was far more violent, and it left the people not knowing what to do or what was going on. Some fled the city, and found their path through the broken down wall blocked by some sort of... magic it seemed. The soldiers that were returning from wiping out the other city felt it all too, and it did not sit well with the group of heavily casualtied soldiers. And then the searing white light came from within the city it’s self. Any religious fanatics called it the renewal of the world by their god in their last moments, but that was the farthest thing from the truth. The government of corrupt men and woman had prodded too far in things they just didn’t understand, and they got what they deserved, and took down the rest of the world (for what they knew) with they. Only a select few were spared, and that was for being underground and other reasons. For whatever reason, the... ending, only effected those above ground, and it didn’t go very far out of the city. So while the city and surrounded area stood vaporized and wasted, the other species in hiding only knew about the shaking in the earth and only knew about the violent shaking of the earth...

And then the radiation set in. It mutated and twisted and overgrew anything it touched, turning what was once lush forests into overgrown kingdoms of nature, or the people who hadn’t retreated to below ground into unrecognizable monsters beyond what anyone could have believed at the time... and yet, this was all a part of some sick bastard’s plan. There was one man, one demented, horrible man, who had made this all happen. At some point he was exposed to the radiation that was set off, and in a large amount, more than any one of the people on the planet even knew. They died that day, and then lived... and then died and lived once more. It changed and warped them, and made them a creature of the radiation. The odd gas-like substance turned him into some sort of wraith-like being that could control beings at their own will just by entering the body. Why do you think the government did this whole thing? The radiated ghost kept the man they possessed alive through the full frontal of the blast, warping them into some horrible at the wraith’s control. They had plans, oh they had plans indeed. And those plans would be revealed to those still alive on the planet in the years to come when the radiation died off.

Ah yes, the citizens. Years and years later, the alive people came up into this new, warped world and rebuilt their civilizations best they can. It helped to that they didn’t get much of the radiation, but it was a pain to have to kill off the ex-citizens turned monsters. The water was made drinkable, plants found to be edible via trial and error, and many more things to make a Fallout-esque return to civilization... besides the underground villages, they were more or less still well-of. The ghost was angry that they were missed, although wasn’t even aware of the underground tunnels, and now planned to recreate this big ending to get the rest and then move onto bigger plans, which is known as other dimensions of course. What, you’d think that’d just keep this small-scale? I should probably explain. When the initial explosions of sorts and the man was kept alive, the body was somehow transported to some other dimension temporarily. This just made the ghost more power hungry than ever, and had the other reason to recreate the reaction: to sneak off to and take over dimension after dimension as he did here, or at least whatever his version of it was.

There was, however, one other catch. That first, initial reaction, somehow brought random people of all sorts to this planet. The warp of sorts took plenty of time, which is why they only got here now. The question, however is this: How will they get back?
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