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Welcome observer,

My name is ПYX, ive been on this platform previously under the surname Ca595 but have decided to make a new, less messy account.
Hereby i present the art ive been making:

recently ive begun working on an mod made to make use of the items which just end up laying around in chest or get thrown away and turn them into new items/weapons.
So far succesfully coded 3 swords, as i am new to code it has brought its fair share of difficulties.


Wooden Greatblade
"they dont even know what hit em."


Ancient Copper Blade
"rumoured to be poisonous."


Silver Greatblade
"famously used by knights of ancient times."

to be added:
Copper Greatblade.png
Metal blade.png
Corupted Sword.png
Electric Blade.png
Golden kingsword.png
Bone Sword.png
Light Blade.png
True Sword.png
Potion sword.png

Swords ^
Enchanted frozen bow..png
Dusk bow.png
(leavy) Dusk bow.png
Meteorite bow.png
Molten Bow.png

Thank you for your time, Have a nice day.

This is Many

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Good too! Can I use it in my mod too? If yes please cntact Me on Discord (in my profile) or in conversation.
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