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We can summon Moon Lord? YES! Thanks so much for that!

And worlds not working.. well I've got a first world from 2011 that I've spent hundreds of hours on that stopped working, I hope this fixed it! I'll have to check later.
Good evening Terrarians, is now live! Now that 1.3 is in a good place the Terraria team will be taking a much needed break while @Skiphs continues to chip away at the Mac/Linux port. Thanks again for your on going support and patience, you guys rock. <3

  • Added Celestial Sigil, a summoning item for the final boss. (craftable)

  • Buffed Phantasm a bit. (it really was bugged!)

Thank you for buffing the Phantasm! And i wont have to go trough the pillars to kill the lord ^^
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