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my favorite change from that lunar hook fix! I was wondering about that when I used it..

my least favorite change? that spike buff..because I don't like it when an enemy gets stronger, buff green slimes by 1 HP and you will be eating a stardust dragon sandwhich WITH CELL MUSTARD!! :naughty:
Hey, i have a pretty anoying bug since the last 2 updates. My game crashes after 5-10 minutes saying 'Terraria out of memory' and i lose everything i have done in this time. Fix plsss boyz. Great game tho
Well, :red:, thankfully i did moon lord enough times today to finish and polish up my Mage Expert. I guess the only reliable and proper way of slaying that beast is using mechanical minecart?

There's no fight 60 heart statues, beetle armor, ninja gear, a star veil, and a lot of chlorophyte bullets can't win.

That said, gathering 60 heart statues kinda sucks all kinds of butt. But once you've done it, you have them forever.

EDIT: A gun helps. Don't try to throw the bullets.
However it can still hit the dummy if shot at point blank range / you have a high range of dummies near each other - Phantasm's... phantasms don't even appear =P
I'll stick with the gun either way. Something more satisfying about hearing the reload sound after annihilating a wave of enemies rather than having an almost inanimate bow do nothing.
ohh great, now i can go directly to moon lord without fighting again the nebula tower.....brbrrb that thing is still giving me nightmares....
now the major question remains...what is the quality of multiplayer now?...is it back to how it was in the days or is it still a lag mess?
This update brought so many changes I was really aching for. The Celestial Sigil being a HUGE help. I'm also glad to see the Phantasm boost, even if only a little (I think it now fits exactly where it should)!

Thank you again so much for your hard work.

I'm curious, does this update happen to resolve the multiplayer issues that the coop-goers have been facing, such as the heavy delays and lag spikes?
God dammit fix the multiplayer performance im begging you... I can't host and play on servers since 1.3 update went out, because of 10-30 fps.

Edit: I had 60 fps on 1.2.x, so i don't think it's because of my computer specs
"Martian drone rarity lowered in Sky Biome (Still higher than original)"

I don't quite understand that sentence. What define the "sky" Biome, since the depth only show surface or space.
Higher than original ?, or ? Is it higher than the initial release but lower than the last version ?
Rarity lowered ? as in, being more/less rare ? or rarity lowered in depth ?

Sorry for the confusion, but there is at least 3 different way to interpret that, and I cannot understand the true meaning behind it.
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