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Sounds like there are plenty of issues with the new release? Can we expect a release in the near future? I was thinking of holding off starting playing the new version, if hotfix version is on it's way. Or is there such a version coming? I can play some other games in the meantime.
Only minor things as far as I can tell. I'm having no problems playing 1.3.1 in anyway. So don't let it stop you from playing. :)


I have the steam version but it didnt update to 1.3.1, I'm still on


Is it intended for player-placed hive blocks to no longer drop honey? Or is that related to the liquid bug?
Hmm, I can still get honey..


The puff of smoke for circuits without actual feedback loops is awkward. Makes lots of real world circuits require unnatural "delays". This spoils an otherwise awesome logic gate system. I assume it's to prevent an infinite loop. Maybe another way can fix that. Something so that only an infinite loop without flipflop in the circuit makes it puff. There are many online or installable logic circuit simulators without this issue (but not sure if terrarias pulse system is a complication). Would you consider fixing it if technically possible? Thanks!
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Some feedback;

I'm not happy about the nerfs to statue drops or the inability to farm statue critters. I understand, and even agree, with the balance. But it just leaves me feeling very underwhelmed about the new statues. :dryadsad:

Also, I don't like the Medusa's move to hardmode. If it was an artificial balance issue; then I feel whatever problems anyone had with Medusa before, will still have those problems in Hardmode. And if the problems were simply numbers based, those could have been adjusted without the removal from normal mode. Also, the nerf to the petrify attack removes a majority (if not all) of the Medusa's threat, so I'm still not sure why Medusa had to be moved to hardmode at all given that particular nerf.

It all just seems like a nerf overkill.

Additionally, the Marble biomes feel a bit empty (emptier) with the move -- leaving the Hoplite to pick up all of the slack.

That's just my feelings about it though; I wish I had the choice to exploit the new statues, and I wish Medusa was untouched. :dryadcry:


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That still isn't fixed in :(
Just reporting this in case it hasn't been yet; if you leave the world while standing on a weighted pressure plate, it will still be activated upon returning to the world, making that plate act opposite to how it should.


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@BuIlDaLiBlE, the changelog specifically lists which bugs were fixes for If its not listed, its unlikely to have been fixed at this time! :) Rest assured, that issue is logged in our system, and hasn't been forgotten about.
I understand the bugtracking system is complicated (even more when there's so much feedback), but removing 1 letter in code isn't that hard. I'm not trying to be rude, just logically thinking, dunno why didn't that get a fix straight away after it's noticed.


There have been a number of ways to get around the temple door in the past, and I am no longer sure which ones work or not
I know a way but I'll be damned if I say anything for fear they fix it. It's got more uses than just bypassing that door.


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I understand the bugtracking system is complicated (even more when there's so much feedback), but removing 1 letter in code isn't that hard. I'm not trying to be rude, just logically thinking, dunno why didn't that get a fix straight away after it's noticed.

Bug fixing is a matter of priorities. :) There are plenty of "easy" bugs to fix, but the people making the actual code changes aren't the ones who are directly collecting the bug reports, and its very easy to get derailed and distracted from important bugs being worked on by every report that pops up "at the moment". Sometimes, other, relatively minor bugs DO get fixed early, because they are related to other issues and its easier to fix multiple ones involving the same mechanics. When you have enough issues, you can't fix them all, and you have to make judgement calls!

As for whether its hard or not, I learned long ago that its rarely as simple as expected for little bugs (and sometimes, its far simpler than you might expect for big bugs). If the pressure plate isn't detecting when someone logs out, that may not be as simple as "1 letter in code". It may require making multiple, additional changes to facilitate the new pressure plates interacting with circumstances like logging out while they are activated. These changes may inadvertently impact other mechanics, which requires additional oversight and retesting. So again . . . not as simple as all that. ;)


Whilst I was exploring a cave in the forest biome, I found a explosive-detonator trap which was on top of a large deposit of gold ore. I mined through ~4 blocks of stone to get to the detonator and noticed there was no explosives anywhere. I mined the detonator using my copper pickaxe (new playthrough) and the wire didn't connect to any explosives whatsoever.

World was generated in v1.3.1.1 (Expert Large)


i'm so sorry.. =( i wrote that i couldn't start terraria via steam after update, but problem was solved by reinstalation steam.. i think the problem with steam started after updating windows =) nevermind..


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I don't think this is a bug, but a forgotten. The portal gun with a Xbox360 controller can only shoot one type of portal ?
This is just to prevent in case it would be important.

Thank, and good day!
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