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  1. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    Upgrade System by Dushy v1.4 !



    Thanks for your 550 downloads ! It makes me proud, proud to give you content to this awesome game.

    How to Use ?
    • Use "Blessed Enhancement Stone" to upgrade the item in the first of slot of your hotbar.
    • Use a Scroll of Protection before using Blessed Enhancement Stone to avoid your item being destroyed.
    • Use an "Upgrade Scroll +X" to directly upgrade your item to the desired level.
    How to Download ?

    • No download available for the moment
    • Will be downloadable from mod browser,, and from the thread

    How to support Upgrade System ?
    • Code:
      [URL=''][IMG][/IMG] [/URL]

    • Upgrade your weapon using Blessed Enhancement Stone (Loot from all ennemies at a 2.5% rate).​
    • Use Scroll of Protection to protect your items when upgrading (Buyable at the NPC).​
    • NPC who sell Upgrade Scroll (from +4 to +11), Elemental Scroll (used to reroll weapons element) and Scroll of Protection.​
    • Elemental Damages when you weapon reach +10. (Reroll element by using a Scroll of the 11 Elements).​
    • Set bonus (+30%) when all your armor (head, chestplate, legs) are at least +8.​
    • Socket System, you unlock socket by upgrading your weapon (1 Socket at +5, +8, +11).​
    • Use pearl to put pearl in the socket and give effect to your weapon (+5% LifeSteal, +5% MoveSpeed).​
    • When a upgrade fail, and your item broke, you need to repair it with a Scroll.​


    • Add the remainings elements (Ice, Water, Thunder)
    • Add Scroll to NPC depending on boss defeated
    • Balance prices
    • Add Pearl effects.
    • Add a pearl to empty current sockets.
    • Bosses (Post-moonlord) to drop Rare Scrolls of Upgrade
    • Fire (Inflicts on Fire! debuff)​
    • Water (Slow enemies) //NOT WORKING YET
    • Ice (Freeze enemies) //NOT WORKING YET
    • Void (10% LifeSteal)​
    • Spirit (5% LifeSteal and 5% ManaSteal)​
    • Aether (10% ManaSteal)​
    • Thunder (Confuse enemies) //NOT WORKING YET
    • Shadow (Inflicts ShadowFlame debuff)​
    • Toxic (Inflicts Poison debuff)​
    • Earth (Inflicts Ichor debuff)​
    • Air (Double the knockback)​
    • Version v1.4 :
    -NPC Shop now scale with game progression (Bosses downed)

    • Version v1.3 :
    -Now when your item broke, his level goes to 0.
    -Code optimisation.

    • Version v1.2 :
    -Instead of disappear, the item now broke into a unusable item (no damages/knockback infliged), and you need a "Scroll of Repair" to repair the item and make it usable again.
    -Added the "Scroll of Repair".

    • Version v1.1.1 :
    -Fixed +4 Scroll of Upgrade price (50 golds to 5 golds).

    • Version v1.1 :
    -Fixed the text bug when your item downgrade.
    -Updated some name and descriptions of items.

    • Version v1.0 :
    -Original version.
    • @Omnir for his awesome sprites !
    • @bluemagic123 for his tModLoader + ElementalAdditions mod who hleped me a lot !
    • tModLoader Terraria's Discord for the coding help and the introduction of tModLoader.
    • @RexodinoLP for the names & descriptions !

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  2. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    I'm obviously in support of this mod if I made some sprites for it (and I rarely do that XD)

    Would love to see the failure system >: D!
  3. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    Thanks again, you do so beautiful sprites, thanks for your support !
    Gonna work hard to pull a good upgrade system
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  4. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    Ik where u got the idea from...
  5. Flashkirby99

    Flashkirby99 Skeletron

    This is cool stuff, and I am most definitely not biased towards weapon mods at all. Nope.
  6. Cyanogynist

    Cyanogynist Cultist

    Shut up and take my money!
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  7. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    Daily Update :
    When you Head, your Bpdy and your Legs are at least +8, you gain 30% Bonus HP !

    I'll continue coding !
  8. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

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  9. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    I am starting to do the elemental damages when the weapon reach +10.

    Stay tuned !
  10. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    +10? why not El Shards?
    and the item requires more per upgrade level
    first enhancement: 30 El Shards
    second enhancement: 80 El Shards
    third enhancement: 110 El Shards
    btw they need to be same type, unidentified will give a random element
  11. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    I managed to print elemental damages, now time to make them apply damages/bonuses

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  12. Cheezegami

    Cheezegami Pixel Pirate

    Oh, yes! I definitively love weapon upgrade systems like this.
    The only feedback I'd have is that a difference between 3% and 40% is a bit much, maybe tune down the scale a tiny bit more on the sense between 5% minimum and 30% maximum per level, that's just my 50 cents. Still, this reminds me of all the mmo's and rpg's I've played so mad props and support from me.

    Also, since you replace your weapons very often on Terraria and keep weapon variety and progression in stand maybe it's an idea to be able to "break down" some of your equipment upgrades and have a chance to get some of the materials used back.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  13. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    I'll update the prices, modify some sprites and add recipe then i'll release a version of the mod.

    But I need a spriter.. :(
  14. Smackydafrog

    Smackydafrog Terrarian

    I need this mod in my life. I'll give you my... ummm... my wife's best friends dog?
  15. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    I'll now add some rare pearl to set into your item to improve your weapon with bonues (Like lifesteal etc..)

  16. セフィロス

    セフィロス Skeletron Prime

    Aslong u dont make everything to "OP" add as much as u want.
  17. rel00p

    rel00p Terrarian

    On first glance, it looks like leveling up your equipment will make the game far too easy. There has to be a difficulty overhaul in order for level +10 items to remain balanced.
  18. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    It's very difficult to reach +11, you'll need hours of farming or extrem luck to get that.

    Daily Update : Currently Updating this mod to the new version of tModLoader !
  19. Dushy

    Dushy Terrarian

    The mod is now available to the new version of tModLoader ( on the ModBrowser !
    Check it out guys !

    Feel free to report bugs and suggest content for the next updates !

    PS : I'll make a new thread in the other section.
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  20. Cheezegami

    Cheezegami Pixel Pirate

    I believe mods will move your thread to the released section if you ask them.