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1.3.4 is LIVE!

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Just my casual two cents to this discussion, don't want to get too dreadfully involved since I haven't even gotten to play the event yet but...I feel like it's perfectly fine that this particular event changes the Terraria mechanics up. After all, it's from a different game and that's the point--it's essentially a love letter to DD2 in Terraria's world. Plus, you have to go specifically very out of your way to start said event, so it's utterly optional--you don't even have to wake up the tavernkeep, and he won't move in.

Loki sniped me here, but I essentially agree with what he said. He actually made all the points I was going to make and got it posted before I finished that last paragraph xD

I guess all I have to say is that it plays like a different game because it's from a different game, and that homage is meant to be the charm of it, just like the Terraria crafting elements in DD2's Terraria map are meant to be a homage to it by playing differently.

I don't know, it's just my opinion.

(Though it would be cool to have more use for sentry-style stuff around our bases and whatnot--I'm no good with wiring, so just being able to place stuff that could soften up enemies a bit would be really helpful.)


These are actually some really good ideas! It would balance out sentries even more than they currently are! Also, the other sentries in game are the Rainbow Crystal Staff, Staff of the Frost Hydra, and the Lunar Portal staff!
Just grab some hunter potions and go wild!
was debating on just eating the world with my friend tell we find him.


I wasn't saying you, or any of the team, had "gotten an ego, etc..." - that's why I prefaced it by saying that the following statements in the post were not directed at the Terraria team, but more in the responder's direction, trying to lay out what I've seen before that really turned me off of other games. This was in the hopes of proving I'm not complaining just to see my post count increase, but rather to fully explain my viewpoint so that there is hopefully no misunderstanding or assumption as to my disposition on the matter at hand. You peeps have always done a great job continually adding new expansions to Terraria long after it was announced Re-Digit had left for greener pastures!

My posts now are post-successful crystal defense, so they are observations based on my frustration from lack of information or explanation of the restrictions and rules inherent in the event. A lot of stuff has been introduced in the last few months / year, but for the life of me, I have no idea how to handle most of the stuff added in with the "logic gates" update and after! Is it possible to get a better explanation of what's being added (like how it is used and functions) before, or at, patch release so we can know how to use it from the get-go?

Since I don't play DD2, I can't comment on the "Terraria" map you speak of, nor the dryad, which have been put into the game. I hope they did the Terrarian end of things up right! :)


These are actually some really good ideas! It would balance out sentries even more than they currently are! Also, the other sentries in game are the Rainbow Crystal Staff, Staff of the Frost Hydra, and the Lunar Portal staff!
Behold the power of ADHD! ;)

I thought about those ideas a bit more, and here's something to chew on:

- Craftable Sentries - make them out of drops, blocks, and materials you can find in different biomes. I can't count how many chests I have filled with stuff I have no current use for... it would also further encourage farming / mining / gathering perhaps?

Balance: They are indestructible, but on a limited-life timer (disposable / one-shot use, then destroyed). Cheap to produce from existing "stuff". No / high limit to number on-screen and active.

- Magically Summoned Sentries - Much like the Spider Queen or the others you quoted.

Balance: They are either indestructible and on a timer, or destructible with theoretical infinite longevity as long as their health lasts (no countdown timer). High mana cost to summon, or restriction on number of concurrent sentries much like minions or the DD2-style sentries added to the game.

- Reusable Statue Sentries - Akin to the statues currently available, these could be wired to activate / deactivate only when desired, or potentially autonomous continuous function until fully drained.

Balance: They are indestructible, but have a "battery" style of charge which drains as they function. They could be crafted with rare items, or be rare drops / loot in chests, maybe? Perhaps a new "battery recharge" item could be implemented, adding an extra piece of strategy and resource management, as well as differentiating them from the lower-level "craftable" sentries?


Even though the arguing seems to be over, I'll still drop my 2 cents on it.
The way this event plays out is actually pretty smart and simple
1) Build a flat area for the crystal without traps at all, or just with a few spiky balls for an extra edge. Somehow, traps seem to be more effective against the player, rather than the Old One's Army, and flat area is just a really comfortable space for fighting/placing defences.
2) The weapons of Terra Blade tier seem to be still quite effective against Tier 3 invasion even at expert. Even if you can't beat Betsy, 6 waves done still reward you with 40 medals at singleplayer, and Tier 2 invasion is easy.
3) The 5 medals Tavernkeep gives you at the start are to buy a Sentry Rod. Even though Sentry Rods are weak, they (and later DD2 Sentries) don't actually have a summon limit when used during this invasion, and only limited by Etherian Mana. It's still worth using those just to get an edge.
...Just some tips for anyone still for some reason wondering how to approach this event.


I do not know if it relates to this update
Take the Minecart and when you are at the diagonal Minecart Track A line like an image appears(Also in the opposite direction)


Any plans for future updates similar to this one? I could imagine having a goblin castle event. Spawning a castle with goblins manning turrets and lobbing grenades. Goal is to clear em out of the castle and fight the goblin leader. (goblin tinker's dad of course) would be fresh and fun.

On another note. I've noticed enemies going thru blocks with 1 gap in them. Had a umbrella slime drop into a tunnel with a 1 block roof and 1 open spot. Then zombies and other enemies occasionally did the same elsewhere.


Dungeon Spirit
I've noticed an inconsistency with the Lightning Aura weapons.
Despite their damage being listed on the Wiki as 4, 11, and 33 (and the game showing similar numbers), their listed damage values in the game are much higher, being 12, 33, and 102. Odd bug, unless I'm doing something wrong.


Just wanna add that I think this is a splendid update. Especially when taking into account that it's self contained and has to cater to another IP.

That said, Sentries being more functional outside the event would be rad. It adds an entirely new way to play.

Seeing as the devs are crazily generous with new content, I hope we'll see more sentries-centric stuff in the future.


This is the first time I have ever had any issues with content delivered to the game, so yes, you are targeting posts with dissenting opinions.
I've not named anyone though, so I wonder why you feel that my post was directed at you.

Ever notice how every phrase that starts with "I'm not a [negatively connotated label here], but...", other examples being "I'm not a racist, but..." or "I'm not a misogynist, but..."? They all mean one thing: You are indeed one, and you're trying to convince yourself (and everyone else) you aren't.
I was actually going to take effort to reply to every bit of your post, but this bit makes me think you're hugely offended by me for some reason. I also read several assumptions about me which I think are uncalled for, so instead of 'defending' myself against those I'm just going to say: Chill out, thanks. :)


Skeletron Prime
Here is ideas If shield blocking for other weapons will become a thing:
Gilded Shield:
2 defence.
After perfect block also adds Midas debuff for melee weapon for 20 seconds.
Craft:Wood,iron and gold dust.
Mirror Shield.
4 defence.
Reflects projectiles upon perfect block.
Craft:mirror accessory(from medusa) + cobalt shield.
Enchanced buckler.
High chance of blocking projectiles.(only when holding ranged weapon)
Small chance of getting knocked back without damage.(melee only)
Craft:titanium/adamantite bars + wood.
Hope you liked my ideas :)
Hey @ManaUser, I just checked a world I literally generated last night in, and quickly found several Jungle Shrines. :)

It applies to everything, not just during the DD2 event. :)

Hi Pixels, could you provide any more information? Such as if you were in a single player world or on multiplayer? When you say "the waves won't spawn", what does that mean exactly? Does the event start, but no portals appear? Do the portals appear, but nothing comes through them?
The event starts, but no portals appear.
Shooting people's concerns down just because the update content is free or optional is somewhat missing the point.

You can't please everyone no matter how hard you try. Developers should be able to disagree with an opinion and not cater to every criticism. The fact a player doesn't have to take part is a valid argument. When you go to an ice cream shop and they offer a free chocolate scoop, you don't have to eat that scoop.

@wrr377 call me a fanboy but I love the new content. I'm glad you can't "cheat" through the event by building and blocking off their paths. You have to strategically use your turrets while focus firing with your weapons. Banners are kind of a cheap way of beating these invasions anyway. I've always thought that even though I use them. I feel like if they do give a buff you should have to beat the invasion first anyway.

This makes me really excited for otherworld. I hope they refine it and make it better. I hope otherworld isn't all about turret defense but I hope it does play a good role in it.


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The event arena does not have to be flat...
Belive me or not, but it works perfectly on this one.
There's a 'dome' over the crystal to block suicide bombers, and the ball traps are offline.


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Considering how big a role Tower Defending will play in T:OW, i think it's beautifull that this update brings us something similar, as to give us a semblance of an idea of what T:OW is going to feel like, and wether it's "our kind of game"


To any of the devs: Something has me wondering: In Dungeon Defenders II the Dryad is seen wielding the Meowmere. But why the Meowmere of all weapons?
It's based off an internet meme, while a weapon like the Terrablade is much more iconic to Terraria. It has also been in the game for ages while the Meowmere just came lookin'.
@Leinfors: Is this something you'd know?


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Staff member
To any of the devs: Something has me wondering: In Dungeon Defenders II the Dryad is seen wielding the Meowmere. But why the Meowmere of all weapons?
It's based off an internet meme, while a weapon like the Terrablade is much more iconic to Terraria. It has also been in the game for ages while the Meowmere just came lookin'.
@Leinfors: Is this something you'd know?

Actually, you are right. Terra Blade is pretty iconic.

And that's why Terra Blade is also in Dungeon Defenders 2, along with a number of other iconic weapons from the game. :)

Almost all DD2 characters use their own weapons, but the Dryad is one of only two who share weapons. In this case, she shares swords with the Squire. Thus, there are two Terraria import swords in DD2 (and 1 imported weapon for every other character as well). I know that the DD2 devs were very big fans of the Meowmere, and may have thought that it would be more exciting (and definitely more recognizable) to Terraria fans than the Terra Blade. But in my own head cannon, the Meowmere is the Squire's weapon (he's rather silly in some ways) and the Terra Blade is the Dryad's weapon. They are just interchangeable. ;)
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