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PC [] Terraria Inventory Editor

Discussion in 'Released' started by Shoot, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Kratos

    Kratos Terrarian

    I think so. It's possible I'm not I suppose. Looking at the title screen it says at the bottom left. Describe to me step by step what you do when using that editor in order to give yourself an item. I click your link, I press load player and then I open inventory. Then rummage around for the item I want through the various filters. then save player because saving inventory doesn't seem to do anything since there is no tsr file to replace to begin with when i look
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  2. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    After you add items to your inventory you indeed need to save the player, not save the inventory. This player file will NOT be saved over your current player file. You have to look where your internet browser saved it, then move the file to your Terraria players folder.
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  3. Macy *:・゚

    Macy *:・゚ Terrarian

    Hey there! When I open the file for my character a message pops up and says "This version of the editor was optimized for It may not fuction properly with other versions of Terraria. Careful!" Then I click okay and it still wont let me edit my character. Help!
  4. Poofless

    Poofless Terrarian

  5. John tha noob

    John tha noob Terrarian

    it does not have support for D:
  6. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    Finally got around to cleaning up the code base enough where I'm minimally comfortable sharing. You can find it on github under ChbShoot/tinvedit
    Made the bug reporting and update checking a much less pain in the :red: so it should be more functional and stable now.
    The website is also now hosted on Amazon AWS as well as the binaries so download speeds should be much better for y'all.
    Lastly, the editor is now packaged as an installer for organizational purposes

    v7: Added support for v1.3.5.3

    Download (u.chbshoot.me)
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  7. Rain the Liar

    Rain the Liar Terrarian

    Whenever I try and launch the game it says "Please launch the game from your Steam client." I know this is pretty old but what do I do?
  8. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    That doesn't have anything to do with this topic. If you have technical issues with the game you should create a new thread for it in the appropriate category.
  9. omegapsychosis

    omegapsychosis Terrarian

    If you are taking suggetions for this utility I would love to see a feature added where you can save a buff loadout, that way you can apply your favourite buffs with a single click instead of having to manually redo them everytime, which can be tedious.

    Thanks for such a wonderful utility!
  10. labo

    labo Terrarian

    Hey, I have one question. When i load my char i get three question marks at the end of the inventory. is this a bug or intended?
  11. x_KKbearhug_x

    x_KKbearhug_x Terrarian

    it just wont let me select anything
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    Sorry but I think your latest version is a virus/malware. First red flag: an installer for one simple executable that you've used for years? No. Second red flag: ran it thru MSE and malwarebytes with no flags, but upon running, freezes my system to no task manager and no ctrl+alt+delete. Nice :red:ing try, asshat. Don't use this mod anymore, guys.

    EDIT: Upon investigating, this also uninstalled my Terraria. :red: you too, Shoot.
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  12. raghead

    raghead Terrarian

    Can PLEASE somebody upload this to Mega???? i have pretty ad net and chrome isnt helping with 4 kbps, so kindly whoever is reading this please upload it to mega and reply
  13. i'm so confused I've downloaded the app successfully but i can't get it to actually work, i can't make or import a character into the app, pls help.
  14. Essa20

    Essa20 Terrarian

    Yeah i have the same problem
  15. grzybek337

    grzybek337 Terrarian

    when i go to page it writes the host is offline and that s why i can ' t downland it
  16. ShadowGlobe

    ShadowGlobe Skeletron Prime

    when i click the link to the download it says that the website is a bad gateway? Can someone tell me how to download it? i'm using a Mac, i've used this tool on windows before and it worked though.
  17. Cyrox

    Cyrox Terrarian

    Is it just me or is the link broken? Untitled.png
  18. VesperX

    VesperX Terrarian

    Word. I've been trying the link every other day for the past week and the same error shows up every time. @Shoot
  19. Vashnik von Shinra

    Vashnik von Shinra Steampunker

    The website is down for everyone. One of the few reasons may be that the hosting was never renewed or the server has remained offline (if self-hosting). According to a whois query, the domain has not expired yet, which further supports the idea that the hosting was never renewed or at the very least the server has been offline and was never turned back on.