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PC [] Terraria Inventory Editor

Discussion in 'Released' started by Shoot, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. zKrieg

    zKrieg Official Terrarian

    It appears to be unstable and unusable. It crashes every time I load up a character with an item the program hasn't been patched to support.

    Are there plans for an update to support It's been out for months. I wonder if the program has been abandoned.
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  2. Corona 661

    Corona 661 Terrarian

    Is there a way to mod terraria without a computer?
  3. jarvabe1127

    jarvabe1127 Terrarian

    I Can't even get the Editor to download on my computer, the download page loads for ever and doesn't respond... amd then when it does nothing pops up.
  4. For 1.3, could you make it a in-game editor? A lot easier :3
  5. Pokenar

    Pokenar Official Terrarian

    Console releases (PS3, 360, VITA), and mobile releases can't be modded. most games on such platforms can't be.
  6. Vashnik von Shinra

    Vashnik von Shinra Steampunker

    Short answer: No.

    Ensure your pop-up blocker didn't block the save file dialog. You can usually see if your browser blocked a popup by looking in the address bar.

    Easier for you, yes. Easier to make, not exactly. You haven't coded a program before, have you? It's a bit more difficult to make than you think. More so if you have to include tAPI and know how to work with tAPI on top of C#. Tools have more freedom than mods. I'm not sure an in-game editor exists.

    That's not entirely true. All mods would require being published as DLC by Re-Logic and signed by Sony (PS3, PS4, VITA) or Microsoft (Xbox 360, Xbox 1) before being pushed to the console's store. A DLC is essentially a modification. Will Terraria mods be added to consoles? Not likely.
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  7. Lime Nor

    Lime Nor Terrarian

    i downloaded it but it wont start and i cant delete it....... what is going on???
  8. Blithen

    Blithen Terrarian

    Hey, I was having the same problem, apparently it has to do with microsoft security essentials trying to make sure it's not malware.
    All you have to do is open MSE, go to Settings, then excluded files and locations. Then add the TerrariaInvEdit to the excluded list.
    Hope this helps! Cheers.
  9. "The Bass" You mean the AXE, Or something else?
    Ontop of that, I don't even REMOTLEY have those items in the first place, whatever you're talking about.

    (then again I could just empty my character's inv and check)
  10. Vashnik von Shinra

    Vashnik von Shinra Steampunker

    We're talking about items that break the inventory editor, a 3rd party tool not created by Re-Logic. Items that were missed in an update to the editor or the list wasn't updated at all to include the new set of items introduced in Terraria For example, I received Golden Fishing Rod in Terraria. When I opened up my player save file that contained the item, the inventory editor threw an error. Upon removing said item and placing it into a world chest (since the chest is saved to the world map, not the player save) via in-game the inventory editor was usable once again. Adding the item into the player inventory in-game and attempting to open the file in the inventory editor would make the editor throw an error when it reached the item in the inventory. The list would stop displaying items up to that point and would not actually display the item causing the error (understandable, since it's missing and the editor doesn't know how to handle the information it was given). Seeing how you don't know what we're talking about, you clearly haven't reached the point where you've found an item in Terraria that the inventory editor did not yet support or you haven't taken a peek at the Terraria Wiki (here) and compared your inventory items to those on the Wiki and those listed in the inventory to find out that there are items missing from the inventory, then attempted to remove said missing items in-game and trying again to see if it was the culprit. We're talking about "quality assurance" steps, man. Do you even use the inventory editor? If your answer is yes, then are you even receiving an error from the editor?

    If your answer to the question "are using an inventory editor" is no, then I fail to see why you're even posting in this thread. This is obviously of no concern to you, since it shouldn't even apply to you at all because this isn't a game-related problem. I don't mean to sound rude, just really confused why your first post is in a thread about an inventory editor tool and you have no idea what Ar7ificial was talking about, and the information I provided that rose up to his conclusion that he too was having a problem because an item he found in-game was not supported by the editor.
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  11. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    I've been quite busy the past innumerable months and have not had a chance to go over these posts. I wrote a crappy scraper to grab the item data from the game but by this point I think it has done me more harm than good. I have noticed there are quite a bit of items missing or perhaps with wrong identification numbers so after going through this list I have found a few errors.

    I've learned a thing or two since I last looked at this project and have rewritten my data scraper, so we shouldn't see errors like this any more.

    The editor is missing:
    1. Confetti Gun, ID 1000
    2. Life Hair Dye, ID 1977
    3. Mana Hair Dye, ID 1978
    4. Depth Hair Dye, ID 1979
    5. Money Hair Dye, ID 1980
    6. Time Hair Dye, ID 1981
    7. Team Hair Dye, ID 1982
    8. Biome Hair Dye, ID 1983
    9. Party Hair Dye, ID 1984
    10. Speed Hair Dye, ID 1985
    11. Bird, ID 2015
    12. Blue Jay, ID 2016
    13. Cardinal, ID 2017
    14. Bunny, ID 2018
    15. Penguin, ID 2205
    16. Bass, ID 2290
    17. ....
    The list does go on for quite a bit.

    I've recompiled the editor with the fixed item list and have published a new update.

    Fixing the item searching is not something I can thoroughly test and diagnose without another machine because of the speed of my computer, maybe it's the reason I haven't noticed the input lag

    Anyway, here is v5.8 with the added items, a cleaner way of disposing characters when the editor errors out, and a small error the search had when typing invalid characters.

    Download (u.chbshoot.me)

    Thank you guys for your patience and collaboration, I will delve deeper into the search feature to see if I can find ways to optimize it
  12. Moonie

    Moonie Terrarian

    Shoot, help! I just d/l'ed this about 4 days ago but accidentally deleted it from my system today. And now this!!!!
    Restricted Content
    This file is no longer available. For additional information contact Dropbox Support.

    Bring it baaaaaaacccccck please! The best inventory editor for Terraria can't go missing!
  13. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    No matter how much I upgrade my account on Dropbox the bandwidth limits for sharing always seem to be reached and my links get banned.
    I've updated the link on:

    but just incase the site I've uploaded the executable is here:

    I will find a better way to sort out my file sharing because Dropbox is starting to be cumbersome

    Thanks for your patience guys,
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  14. Moonie

    Moonie Terrarian

    Hi Shoot,

    I received your email (I'm Erin) and had no trouble with the link provided. I was able to download and now I can go back to building my master creations (haha yeah right). Thanks so much for your very fast response to this near disaster! :p And thank you also for your great editor!
  15. Vashnik von Shinra

    Vashnik von Shinra Steampunker

    @Shoot Since the program is technically (and legally) yours, have you thought about using Mega as a backup file sharing host? Your editor should be safe from being taken down since it doesn't violate their Terms of Service at all in any way. They also don't impose an archaic, arbitrary bandwidth amount. Sure, if there's congestion then some bandwidth control takes places and the most intensive downloads are put into transfer queues, but it's not permanent and clears up when congestion eases.
  16. Cheeseboy157

    Cheeseboy157 Spazmatism

    when i try to download it. it says "Failed - Network Error"
    what do i do?
  17. Leowyn Havaru

    Leowyn Havaru Terrarian

    I love how on here this gets tons of positive review (I think it looks really nice) but then on Terrariaonline.com or somesuch just about everyone on the forum was a giant douche. Huh. I've been looking for something that will be easy to boot up when I need it, and this is the first I've found. Thanks for making this, cant wait for updates!

    ~Leowyn V Havaru
  18. Sage

    Sage Terrarian

    I don't understand how to download this, could someone help? Thanks :)
  19. Kool Kaneki

    Kool Kaneki Terrarian

    I increase my Max HP, Save, Double check on the client and it says it's 1000, but, when I go into game, it doesn't work, it goes back to 500, please help?
  20. YellowAfterlife

    YellowAfterlife Official Terrarian

    "Vanilla" Terraria does not allow to increase maximum health past 500 no matter what you do with character files - the limit is set within the game code.