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PC [] Terraria Inventory Editor

Discussion in 'Released' started by Shoot, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Cylek

    Cylek Steampunker

  2. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Terrarian

    Nettleburst isn't coded correctly. I get errors trying to put it into my inventory.
  3. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian


    :/ maybe it's another bug that's causing this

    PM me here or on TO forums and we'll get to the bottom of this :naughty:

    PM me here or e-mail me ( shoot [at] chbshoot.me)
  4. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Terrarian

    It's working now. No idea what the problem was. Other than the time-consuming nature of the editor that makes me really miss the simplicity of Atamos's version, I'm happy with yours. :)
  5. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    Fixed the following error that would appear on character load
    Fixed the Save-As button not functioning as it should

    I have not yet been able to find the source of the Windows 8.1 error

    Please be sure that you download all 8.66 MB and as always, backup your player files before tinkering with them through any editors, tools, etc.
    Download: http://u.chbshoot.me/d/0/56

    If you're experiencing any difficulty downloading this or run into any errors or bugs, please feel free to e-mail me or tweet me (I get these on my phone and can reply much quicker)
  6. Ellthan

    Ellthan Terrarian

    Just downloaded your 6.1 update.
    The result?

    Everytime I open it windows freeze and I can't delete it or move it.

    11/10 would virus again


    5 minutes after I asked to delete it finally got it.

    12/10 chemisty

    would delayed reaction again
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2015
  7. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    I'm honored you think I would even know how to make a virus and hide it from 50+ world-class antivirus programs.


    Feel free to scan it yourself
  8. Gr3ysc413

    Gr3ysc413 Terrarian

    Can someone explain why I cannot find my characters plr file, and when ever I save it turns into (Player Name).plr.bak? I can't upload anything to it.
    EDIT: It also adds a .bak whenever I save. so currently it's Solaris.plr.bak.bak.bak.bak.
  9. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian


    I know it creates a single backup file when it saves but it shouldn't be going in on the .bak
    If there is no .plr, then rename the most recent to Solaris.plr

    Try that and if I may ask, what save button did you use that caused it to bug out?
  10. Gr3ysc413

    Gr3ysc413 Terrarian

    I don't know, I did upload it to cloud, and with that I went to add ranged items, but the .plr wasn't there, so I used the .bak . Then I tried to save as Solaris.plr, but when I went back it was still not there... So I don't know.
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    I also have just tried to rename it, still doesn't work.
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    Let me add, if there is any bugs with cloud saves (Which I'm guessing there is), if I disable cloud saves, will it turn to normal?
  11. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    There isn't a bug with cloud saves, it's just Terraria is the ONLY thing that can access the saves on the cloud.

    Move the character off the cloud and then you'll be able to edit it with editors
  12. Gr3ysc413

    Gr3ysc413 Terrarian

    I had tried that before you said that, it now works, thanks for the help!
  13. Milky13240

    Milky13240 Official Terrarian

    Value of 19950 is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between "minimum".
    Any help with this error?
    It comes up as soon as I Launch the program. First time i tried the program it worked fine, one day later, error on loading character. What can i do?
  14. Ellthan

    Ellthan Terrarian

    Actually my computer told me it might contain a virus. I know it was full of :red: because I use the program and trust it and I was of course joking, but it did crash windows and refused to delete itself until 5-10 minutes would have passed.
  15. Cylek

    Cylek Steampunker

    By the way the fact that you can't find a PLR file may mean the character is on the cloud, and in order to modify it, needs to be taken off. Another note, if it is on the cloud, you should take it off, as cloud is causing many issues with crashing both Terraria and Steam.
  16. reshals42

    reshals42 Terrarian

    Great job and thanks for sharing this with the community!

    Any chance of a future update getting a easy way to import/export a set of buffs? It can get tedious manually adding a bunch of the buffs onto your character :) Or im just lazy
  17. Gr3ysc413

    Gr3ysc413 Terrarian

    I already had this fixed, but yes, that was the problem.
  18. [TDW] Matt

    [TDW] Matt Terrarian

    I have an issue with loading players, when I try to open any of them it says "Only for Terarria Sorry!"

    I even tried creating a new character and I still get the same message.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    **never mind, stupid me forgot to update the game from :[
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015
  19. boop123

    boop123 Terrarian

    lol downloaded this program.

    Couldn't even run it, could not delete. Couldn't even rename, couldn't even right click properties.
    Tried to delete the folder and nothing. Crashed when renaming.

    Had to download unlocker to delete it.
  20. Chimaires

    Chimaires Terrarian

    I got some weird bug, everytime i edit a character. My map on my world resets, so i have to explore everything again to see it! it is really annoying.