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PC [] Terraria Inventory Editor

Discussion in 'Released' started by Shoot, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. The Moon Lord

    The Moon Lord Terrarian

    How do you choose your character for the editor?
  2. InfinitySnail

    InfinitySnail Plantera

    This isn't really a "bug", but more of an unintended consequence of any editor. It resets the map data of your character each time.
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  3. AmericanTrailMix

    AmericanTrailMix Plantera

    I wanted to use this to help me build a map I'm working on, but it isn't updated for
  4. Krasunir

    Krasunir The Destroyer

    Will this be updated for
  5. Tyty

    Tyty Terrarian

    I think no new items have been introduced with the new update.
  6. Krasunir

    Krasunir The Destroyer

    Celestial Sigil.
  7. Mad Bobert

    Mad Bobert Terrarian

    Decided to try and use this to restore some stuff my brother lost stuff due his unfortunate PC crash but when downloading (the second time cause I missed it the first time) I saw Norton was deleting it because of a "WS.Reputation.1"
  8. InfinitySnail

    InfinitySnail Plantera

    Norton tends to overreact to programs it doesn't normally see. Add an exception for it and use the program as per normal.
  9. Mad Bobert

    Mad Bobert Terrarian

    Ah awsome, I had used it before (the last time my brother broke his laptop) but just that feeling in my head making me paranoid
  10. bagman817

    bagman817 Terrarian

    Awesome mod. Went back to my old 1.2.0 world and discovered it didn't spawn a Lizhard Altar. Was able to add it to my inventory and carry on. Many thanks!
  11. XGAM4R

    XGAM4R Terrarian

    Is this VAC-Bannable?
  12. Azurite

    Azurite Terrarian

    Nioice I like it, AND it lets me get any item i want in terraria 1.3!!! :~: Crying of happiness!!!
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    although it may not respond when i look for an item for like 3 seconds...
  13. Jorvalt

    Jorvalt Terrarian

    Celestial Sigil is missing from the items list for some reason.
  14. TheWitheredSlime

    TheWitheredSlime Official Terrarian

    It says that there are no players in my Player folder... T_T
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    Ugh... :mad:
  15. sirati97

    sirati97 Terrarian

    WS.Reputation.1 just means that this file is not very popular, and norton dont like unpopular files
  16. ✌ ZaKu ✌

    ✌ ZaKu ✌ Skeletron Prime

    Link to download don't work :(
    Please give a new link to download.
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  17. Squishydew

    Squishydew Terrarian

    The link appears to be broken.
  18. jerrycraft2000

    jerrycraft2000 Terrarian

    It is broken...
  19. ✌ ZaKu ✌

    ✌ ZaKu ✌ Skeletron Prime

    Can someone give a new download link?
  20. Krasunir

    Krasunir The Destroyer

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