1.3.6 Background Preview

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No the player wearing sunglasses.
And this looks really cool and I can't wait to see the rest backgrounds. Great job guys even it's just small additional details.
Set sail sailors ! There is land far away ! The tresor will not escape us and the richess of the new land will come to us like the rain that fall on the ground, arrrr !
These lands will be our new home, a new home of adventure that gives us the opportunity to expand our visions of the world, arr !

Being serious, that new background look amazing ! That said, my bottle of hype is already full, so I'll need to buy another one. Thankfully, it's doesn't cost a lot, it's cost only hype, so it's good that I produce more with that ;)

I see 1.3.6 coming soon, and I'm very hyped for that, continue the good work !

Note for the background - 4.6 / 5 - Idea & art is good. Greatly represent the sea.
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I would love to be able to build, upgrade, and customize a boat, being able to travel to new islands for a large an infinite world, so you don't have to make alternate worlds and switch between them. I even made a suggestion about it! Perhaps in a later update, or Terraria 2.
omg the update I've been waiting for! gimme gimme gimme!

What would be nice is the ability to chose them at world creation too :) :)

<3 <3 <3

P.S. I think the corruption background needs an update the most...
so eh.... how many backgrounds in total? do any ad any interactivity? (hey thats a good idea) and is there one for each biome?
I hope we get this update during the summer, its only fitting with such a beautiful, tropical background! Can't wait to see more! Those blocks on the car interest me though, I have a feeling they might be new :). However, even if they aren't, the car build is still very nice! I hope we can get these new backgrounds in some way in our older worlds. A background switching object would be awesome! Also, being able to change the type of moon (between the three variants), the underground / hell backgrounds, tree types, etc would be awesome! Just being able to have options would be great! Anyways, great spoiler, looks like we'll be getting this update soon! (hopefully)
More visual variety is always nice. Any plans to make terrain generation based on which backgrounds generate in a world?

the background is generated because of the terrain and not the opossite. per example put a lot of snow or ice blok in any biome and the background will change to snow...
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