1.3.6 Background Preview

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My favorite biome, as it was the first evil biome I had on my first ever play through in terraria, and now, each biome is having equal amounts of love:pinky:`;)


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You sure?

Hey, stranger things have happened. That would be a neat little addition to the Crimson, if worldgen could work with it, considering the entrance hill clashes enough as it is....


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I always thought that old crimson backgrond is epic and cool, but compare to that massive skeleton I changed my mind...


The skeleton made me think of underground but there's a possibility that it could be for Surface Crimson
There are skeleton in the current background too and it's in surface layer.

You just didn't see a lot of trees on the background or what? Obviously it's for a surface.


I'm not denying the fact that the background could be for the surface but I'm waiting until Re Logic confirms where this background can be seen in game.
It can only be the surface as there is light coming from the background.

Edit: Surprised that nobody's talking about the new connection (I think) between crimson grass and crimstone.


I noticed, on screenshot in the dirt blocks are some kind of eyeballs merged in. I guess, now dirt blocks has new appearance depended in which corrupted biome they are

But, it's maybe another trick, that developer made and i'm fooled, like with Shadowscale armor on the previous spoiler. Also, this Crimtane armor looks strange. It was Yoraizor's stuff again?


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Happy Friday Terrarians!

I can't think of a better way to start the weekend than sharing a new background with all of you! We don't have a release date yet, but the team is working hard to bring you 1.3.6 soon :) Check it out and let us know what you think below!

oh my god IT IS AWESOME!!! I'm not creeped out, I think it is so, so cool and all the details are just amazing! Good job!
No one really understood why I liked crimson more than corruption haha


No one gonna point out the new look for the flesh blocks ( I think that's that it is tho, cant be too sure)

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