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PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

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I would like it so every player you make has to re-do all the achievements kind of like Minecraft in a way. I think it would be good so there is some replay-ability ( not that there isn't in Terraria) I know this isn't an achievement list but still think it would be good.

Doctor Sphoo


1. "Dominator" defeat every non-event boss

2. "Commitment" Open a biome-themed chest

3. "Mayor" Get every NPC in the game

4. "Re-Re-Re-Re-Respawn" Die 5 times

5. "This is going to be hard.." Defeat the wall of flesh

6. "WIZARDRY" Defeat Duke Fishron with a magic-weapon

7. "TANKER" Defeat Duke Fishron with a melee-weapon

8. "ROBIN HOOD" Defeat Duke Fishron with a ranged-weapon

8.5. "MASTER CONJURER" Defeat Duke Fishron with a summoner-weapon

9. "Mr.Clean" Cleanse the world of Crimson and Hallow

10. "Alchemist" Create every potion in the game at least once.

11. "Achievement Hunter" Complete ten achievements

12. "AWAY WITH YOU" Destroy a Demon Altar

13. "Exterminator" Win all events

14. "Fishprentice" Do all the angler quests

15. "Bargain" Buy something from every npc (Discluding Angler)

16. "Dragon-Slayer" Kill the Wyvern.
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"Hall of Fame" : Display ALL the armors in the game in your home with mannequins.
"Art Expert" : Get all the statues at least once.


"BALLS OF STEEL": Survive an entire day while a Skeletron Prime head is chasing you and defeat it the next night, in hardcore
"Better than God": Survive two entire days and nights while one of each Skeletron Prime, Skeletron and Dungeon Guardian heads are following you, the next day defeat all the bosses that can be summoned in the day at the same time while still dodging the same heads, the next night defeat all the bosses that can be summoned at night at the same time while still dodging the heads, and the next day defeat the heads, all in hardcore, and all with no armor and a copper shortsword
"Extremely Unlucky": Fall down a floating island, but a monster was swimming in the pool you were trying to land in, the monster knocks you out of the pool before you are able to land in the water and you take fall damage and die
"Extremely Unlucky 2": Both a boss and you are below 20 HP, you miss with a projectile that deals more than 20 damage and the boss kills you
"Exremely Lucky": Same as above but this time the projectile doesn't miss and the boss dies
"Extremely Lucky 2": Fall down a floating island, and the fall damage takes you down to 1 HP, you survive just barely
"Extremely Unlucky 3": You're below 20 HP, you dodge a projectile but right after doing so you run into the monster that fired it and die
"Extremely Lucky 3": You're below 20 HP, a falling star comes down and kills the boss you were fighting


You're a terrible person - Kill X non-hostile mob
You're a monster - Kill X non-hostile mobs
Genocide - Kill X non-hostile mobs
X = the desired amount
Genie: Ride a Flying Carpet
Eye Beat It: Defeat The Eye of Cthulu
Terrarian: Beat 3. Bosses
Ultra Champion: Enter Hardmode
Mecha Man: Beat All Mechanical Bosses
Alien Extermitor: Beat Martian Madness
Eclipse Hunter: Defeat 75 Solar Eclipse Monsters
The Undefeatable Champion of Terraria: Beat the Lunar Boss.


Pixel Pirate
-You had one job!:
Let all your current NPCs (at least 7) die.
-Long way to go
Travel half of the map with Turtle Mount.
-This game is too hard!
Meet Dungeon Guardian during the first day of a new world.


What's that smell? : Obtain a Fart in a Jar
One down, Many to go! : Kill your first enemy
He was just being fluffy! : Kill a Bunny
Oh dear.. : Die 1 time
Your a wizard! : Obtain a magic weapon
Revenge! : Kill the monster that killed you.
Is it you Arthur? : Obtain Excalibur


Maybe some Ideas are:
Merry Christmas!- Reached final wave in the Frost moon event.
This is Halloween- Reached Final wave in the Pumpkin Moon.
5 Stars- Get every NPC to move in with you (Including Santa)
It has begun...- Beat the Wall of Flesh and unlock Hard mode.
Weed Wacker- Beat Plantera.
We need a bigger boat...- Beat Duke Fishron.
Every Kids Dream- Make a tree house! (Requirements: In Living wood tree. Needs at least 2 NPCs)
Archaeologist-Beat Golem
Foreign Goods- Buy 10 items from the Traveling merchant (Katana, Gi, ETC)
Dungeon Crawler- Successfully opened every chest in the Dungeon (Excluding Biome Chests)
Time Waster- Unlock every Biome Chest.
Hardcore- Beat Duke Fishron in Hardcore mode
A man choses...- Miss (Or skip) one of the Anglers quests.
A slave obeys- Do 50 Angler quests, unlocking the Golden Rod.
Master Hunter- Collect every Trophy in the game (Excluding fishing rewards)
Cosplay!- Collect one complete Vanity set (Excluding the Presents and goodie bags, because that would be easy)
Invaders- Reach Final wave of Martian Madness.
Addict- Drink 50 Potions (Excluding Health or Mana)
Evil Never dies- Let corruption/Crimson take over 25% of the world.
Maxed Out- Maxed out both Health and Mana.
Knight of Nights- Killed 15 paladins
KILL IT!- Defeat 150 Spiders (any Spider)
Friend to All- Collect 10 Pets
I'll think of some more =)
"You've officially beaten this game" - Kill the Ice Queen by damaging it ONLY with platinum coins from a coin gun.
"Pulverized femur" - Fall continuously from the absolute top of the world to the absolute bottom of the world and take maximum fall damage.
"How does this thing work?" - Kill yourself with a Rod of Discord from the Chaos State debuff.
"Guys, did I break gravity?" - Within the cavern layer, dig a tunnel through the entire world so nothing is supporting the top half. (Liquids passing through it are fine)
"Quench the fires" - Bring water into hell from above and turn a certain amount of lava into obsidian.
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'Cenx levels of dedication' - Do everything suggested as an achievement on the 1.3 achievement suggestions thread.
How about no? D: You need to be either lvl asian or lvl Yrimir or even asian Yrimir to do some suggestions...
Gullible: "You should be ashamed of yourself" (Wear a piece of Dev Armor, or Drink Red Potion)

Can I have your autograph? : Be on the same server a Dev is on (You cant unlock it by joining a dev's game, only unlock if a dev joins, or you join a server and surprisingly a dev is on)
Generally good suggestions, but this two I would rather not see as achievements. First: why there would be achievement for trying to cheat? That's not an accomplishment. Second: I'm afraid that after years it can be impossible to get, like now achievement "I'm the real Garry" from Garry's Mod... :(
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