PC 1.3 Changelog

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guess it will be necessarry to create a new world, unless the new biomes will come with hardmode?

If you want Underground Desert, Marble and Granite, the revamped Underground Cabins, the new mini-biomes, abandoned mine tracks and (possibly) the new backgrounds, you will have to create a new world. So I'd say it's worth it.
Ohhhhhh.... my...... This..... IS AMAZING!
We can finally craft those damn Steampunk Wings!
And the new items, the events..... This is definitely the best update, amazing work, really awesome.
On the wiki it said that in expert mode the dev items would be available. Does that mean that the devs could be bosses or enemies?
saw achievement list @ steam... to be hones I am disappointed... was waiting for something more.... there was so many great ideas in achievement suggestions...
Why youtubers are allowed to play 1 day before other people? How their money is better than our money? Disrespectful for fans that waited so long for it. They should begin playing same hour as other players. Scandal.
My best guess is to get the more popular streamers with the patch before everyone else to give those who watch the streamers an actual look into what is to come, and build up more towards the patch, but I can see why you're upset with this, however the streamers only get this one day in advance, so it could be much worse, and say, the streamers get this weeks in advance. That, would be unfair.
Even popularity does not give them right to play faster than people who paid. I'm just pissed off because of double standards everywhere and treating 1 group better than another.
Even popularity does not give them right to play faster than people who paid.
Here is something else that is good to consider;
For one, they paid as well, so sure they should have to wait like we have to.
But here is the big thing; Due to their popularity with streams and on youtube, these individuals brought a lot of people into Terraria, and thus made Relogic more money by giving the game a larger player base.
So I'll just take a shot in the dark and say this is get the hype train going even more, and also as a way to repay these youtubers for attracting a fair amount of people to Terraria.
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