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PC 1.3 Changelog

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Redigit, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Raize Wormwood

    Raize Wormwood Terrarian

    Hmm. I wonder why we would need his hat.
  2. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    All of the awesome! I need to somehow stop salivating before the release.....
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  3. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    Yay all the hype train! GET ON IT OR I EAT YOUR SOUL! Ok? NOW GO ON TO 1.3
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    MLG PALUTENA Terrarian

    A few days is way too long to wait. What will I do in the meantime? I sure as heck won't be sleeping that's for sure.

    1.2 just seems OKAY now compared to this and the things I've seen in the trailer.
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  5. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    "super kawaii! Super cute in japanese" oh wait... These are not the hyped fans you are looking for
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  6. GamerChiq

    GamerChiq Skeletron Prime

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  7. Meh

    Meh Terrarian

    Best change in all of 1.3 you can remove everything else. (jk please don't)
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  8. Treesmasher

    Treesmasher The Destroyer

    This update is looking to be the best one yet!
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  9. Jay Is Gay

    Jay Is Gay Plantera

    I don't think so, Cenx said the final boss hasn't even been revealed yet! `:naughty:
  10. Jeear

    Jeear Terrarian

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  11. Mr_Krojo

    Mr_Krojo Steampunker

    __ __
    /' `\
    Y. .Y
    _______ \`. .'/
    .-/__|_]_] :"/:""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""|'
    ,-'__________[];/_;____________`:happy:_________T G V____|
    (_> ,-------. ,-------. |
    `-._____.'(_)`='(_)\_7___7___7___7__7_.'(_)`='(_)\_/ hjw
  12. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    Mod Edit: I know you meant to have fun, but lets be nice . . . toying with people's excitement is no fun!

    The Final boss Cenit HAD BEEN LEAKED!!!
    <joke link removed>
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  13. Jakly

    Jakly Terrarian

    Why would you do something so mean!?
    You have redeemed yourselves.
  14. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    Very funny! LOL
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  15. 14ercooper

    14ercooper Steampunker

    Time to hibernate(somehow) until the release!
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  16. JoanaBeatz

    JoanaBeatz Terrarian

    Can't wait to play it!
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  17. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    Trolled! In russian is said you been trolled have a nice day!
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  18. Reactorcore

    Reactorcore Terrarian

    So Expert mode is a High Risk - High Reward kind of deal.

    I can totally get behind that! :passionate:
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  19. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

  20. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    I Do it for the LOLZ!
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