PC 1.3 Changelog

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Redigit, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Lonaiguy

    Lonaiguy Terrarian

    First off Everything added is AMAZING! but......MULTIPLAYER IN STEAM ISN'T WORKING :( I can' join my friends game , and if he invites me an I click join it just pops up a cute little message saying "playing terraria: online" Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for the great work on the game though, still one of my all time favs!
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    you go to host & Play just like before and it sets it up, and then once in settings go to invite and it should let you invite friends. Only problem is one I do that and my friends, who have terraria running , click JOIN it doesn't let them in ...So if you figure it out let me know haha
  2. WisteriaLynn

    WisteriaLynn Terrarian

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  3. Lonaiguy

    Lonaiguy Terrarian

    Did you get it to work??
  4. d_Song

    d_Song Terrarian

    Well I am using steam, but the whole syncing with the cloud and transferring data doesn't seem to be automatic. Is there any way to sync everything?
  5. Cerebrum123

    Cerebrum123 Terrarian

    You have to do it with each character and world. Go into the game, go to the character menu, and in each there is a button that says "synch to steam cloud" the same on the world menu. Click those, and you should be good.
  6. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Hey guys. When we have our first set of fixes, we will be posting them in this changelog thread. Please check here - and in this thread's OP for fixes as they come.

    Definitely a thread to bookmark!

    First round coming soon. :)
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  7. MadCast: Zanmaros

    MadCast: Zanmaros Terrarian

    Question concerning the many posts I saw about the Mac support I saw coming out for Terraria with this patch... Is it here?
  8. Cerebrum123

    Cerebrum123 Terrarian

    No. Neither is the Linux support. Given what I've seen, it's supposed to be sometime in July.
  9. Lukaku1717

    Lukaku1717 Terrarian

    when it comes out the update to android 1.3
  10. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Hot off the presses guys - first round of fixes (also added to the OP)

    • Multicore lighting will now be disabled for everyone, although you may reenable it in the settings.
    • Fixed issue with bubbles and reversed gravity.
    • Fixed several crashes.
    • "Star Power" and "Get A Life" achievements will no longer be granted upon entering a world.
    • Fixed an issue with black squares appearing on backgrounds when using retro lighting.
    • Capture mode will now disable itself if your computer cannot handle it.
    • Fixed a stacking issue with wires.
    • Made the "Rock Bottom" achievement slightly easier to get.
    • Various Balance tweaks
    • You will now be able to enter the password every time when entering or creating a server.
    • Many issues with the dedicated server and its configurations have been resolved.
    • Fixed an issue where users would be unable to invite eachother when in "Invite Only" mode.
    • IMPORTANT: Due to some changes in this hotfix, multiplayer will not be compatible between and previous versions.
    • New Dedicated Server Software can be downloaded from any of the previous links or by clicking HERE
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  11. Koval92

    Koval92 Terrarian

    Better fix :red: fps since 1.3 launch and game crashing after 3 seconds.
  12. Trimerion

    Trimerion Terrarian

    @Loki could you please link a download just for the hotfixes/ patches? instead of having to re-download the entire game each time? or is that not possible with the gog/steam versions being seperate?
  13. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @Koval92, make sure you try out the deactivated multi-core lighting, it may well have been related to that issue. It may also help to try out the new hotfix before getting angry about what it did or did not address.
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  14. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I don't believe this is possible, Steam and GOG have their own methods of updating. Sorry. At least Terraria is a relatively small download (compared to other modern games).
  15. Trimerion

    Trimerion Terrarian

  16. Th3_Mobil3_T3rrian

    Th3_Mobil3_T3rrian Skeletron Prime

    Sorry I lied, my dad didn't get me terraria tonight
  17. ArcanineArcade

    ArcanineArcade Terrarian

    :joy:Yes I can finally stop spelling in caps :joy:
  18. SluvE

    SluvE Official Terrarian

    Thanks for the quick hotfix but, unfortunate for me, the game still crashes for me under Windows XP when I spawn into the world.

    (Yes, I know XP isn't a safe OS anymore. My laptop can't handle newer Windowses well.)

    Edit: I replied to a XP crash thread.
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  19. Koval92

    Koval92 Terrarian

    I deactivated everything and game keeps behaving terribly. If game like don't starve works perfectly, you don't need to be an expert to know, that problem is withing terraria, not my computer. FPS tragic, crash 3 sec after entering the world, must restart computer with a button cause it stops reacting. Just like others i have Windows XP.
  20. Crossxfire54

    Crossxfire54 Terrarian

    OK I'm confused here. I thought there would be new liquid animations, but I'm only seeing the old 1.2 ones
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