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Overall I'm liking expert so far. There's some good things and some bad things about it though. I had to abandon the very first 1.3 world I generated as I spawned on a pile of ice slimes in the snow biome and was stuck in a death loop.

I've finally got what looks to be a somewhat decent medium world now though. It has a lot of deserts, and a triple crimson covering the right side of the map, separated by desert on both sides. The downside is the lack of sky islands. There's only 2 as far as I can tell, and they're both useless troll lakes. I fished one for over an hour straight earlier with a sitting duck's pole + worms/fireflies and got nothing all that useful other than wooden and iron crates that I'm saving for hardmode so I don't have to mine for all the hardmode ores without already having full adamantite/titanium armor. Less having to deal with those terrible enemies while undergeared is always nice.

Unfortunately I may have to abandon it for a small one though because its getting the lag spike of death bug that freezes the game for several seconds every so often. No amount of messing with settings, including turning off multicore lighting and all other settings to minimum fixes it. All the small worlds I generated while messing around seem unaffected. Oddly enough CPU usage drops to zero when the freezing happens, so I fear its something screwed up with threading or GPU work being delayed. Not sure yet.

I've only beaten EoC at this point on my current world. I started off by rushing cactus armor and a cactus sword and building some houses for NPCs. I spent the first night killing everything I could find to get enough gold for the merchant to spawn. Once he spawned, I grabbed a bug net and spent the next day and night collecting massive amounts of bait. I then slowly worked my way to an ocean to get a reaver shark and sawtooth shark. It took forever to get to the ocean as I was repeatedly getting mauled by everything. Once I got there though, it didn't take long to get the shark tools.

I used that to get enough fossil for full fossil armor, since that was faster than mining for a ton of gold/platinum. I don't even know which one this world has as I still haven't found either ore.

After that, I infiltrated the crimson and broke 2 hearts to get metors to spawn. Mining those new massive metors was crazy. I died at least half a dozen times just mining the first one out of the snow biome, and a lot more on the second which fell in a desert. I used that to make meteor armor and a space gun to look for sky islands. I found nothing but two useless sky lakes in the entire world. I was disappointed as that means no starfury so I could find caves and ores a bit easier.

I figured I'd give the EoC a shot at this point. I only had 140hp and no decent melee weapon other than the shark tools. I built a 300-block long platform across the top of my housing complex and lined it with campfires. I died on the first attempt from fall damage when I wasn't paying attention and ran off the edge of the bridge and fell into a hole. I killed it the second time just by running back and forth along the bridge and shooting with the space gun. Once it hit its crazy phase, I waited to switch directions until it stopped the crazy fast charging. It was an easy win.

Now I'm stuck on the BoC. It just teleports on top of me and 2-shots me instead of teleporting to a random spot like I remember it doing in the past. I'd be set if I could just get enough tissue samples for crimson armor, but I haven't managed to get a single one yet.

A couple things I've noticed so far:

- Either oregen is nerfed or I'm just very unlucky. I've hardly found any ore other than copper, and what little I have found is in veins of less than a dozen blocks. I haven't seen gold or platinum at all yet in my current world even down closer to the underworld. Almost all of the ore I have other than a good amount of the copper came from running fossil through an extractinator. I see a lot less silt and slush compared to what I saw in 1.2.4 as well.

- There seem to be no vast cave systems anymore. The biggest cave system I've found in any world so far is the underground desert. Everything else is just dud caves that are either one little hole or short tunnels that go nowhere. This has been the same in more than 3 dozen worlds I've looked around in with my old 1.2.4 character.

- Enemies definitely seem slightly more aggressive. They still get dumb and get caught below overhangs a lot, but I've noticed subtle differences with them. Flying or fast enemies slowly gain ground on me even when using weapons that have decent ability to keep enemies at bay. I can't even count how many times antlions and crimson enemies charged right through my katana and sawtooth shark like they aren't even there and killed me in like 3-4 hits.

Stuff I've found:

I like the new stats accessories a lot. Its nice knowing what's nearby and some of those various stats all the time.

That cthulhu shield is both good and bad. Its working great for quick dodges and taking out smaller enemies like slimes, but I find myself dashing right off into holes a lot when I need to do more precise movements. The doublt-tap window seems a bit long.
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I don't get the problems people are having with Skeletron. He was pretty alright for me, and I was too stupid to remember I had the flight of Frostspark boots to utilise.

Wall of Flesh felt very similar to normal mode, albeit a little more intense. And, instead of having 350/400health, I would have 100-200.

I am noting that a lot of people here seem to be killing these bosses with gear above what the bosses are designed for (Space gun vs EoC, Molten Fury/Phoenix blaster for Queen Bee). Can't really blame you, as progression in Pre-HM is really easy to break with the Reaver Shark. And even without the Reaver Shark, the Jungle and Dungeon are technically optional content, as a Nightmare/Crimtane Pickaxe can mine hellstone for the top Pre-HM tier gear.

There seem to be no vast cave systems anymore.

I've experienced entirely the opposite. Very quickly ran into 3 separate minecart tracks when I started on my Hellivator.
So far I've killed the Eye and Brain of Cthulhu, Queen Bee and Skeletron, the hardest fight so far was with Skeletron...

key items to kill him: slimy saddle (to avoid skeletron's spinning attack), Horse Shoe (to negate fall damage from double jump), Sandstorm in a Bottle (to get double jump) other accesories with defense bonus, Bee's Knees with Hive Pack, basic buffs

it is weird that it's easier to get molten armor than beating skeletron...

IMO expert mode is fun, I feel like the first days playing terraria were everthing killed me, but I really don't like the fact that the only way to defeat bosses is through ranged attacks, so far for me melee in expert mode is buried and it's sad because I really want to try those yo-yos, I hope hardmode will be diferent

Melee has never been good against bosses in pre-hardmode. Although I will say melee helps a lot with regular enemies that guns and etc have trouble killing. I'm sure that in hardmode things will go better since you can get the spears against Destroyer and then Light Disc everything.

I don't get the problems people are having with Skeletron. He was pretty alright for me, and I was too stupid to remember I had the flight of Frostspark boots to utilise.

Wall of Flesh felt very similar to normal mode, albeit a little more intense. And, instead of having 350/400health, I would have 100-200.

I am noting that a lot of people here seem to be killing these bosses with gear above what the bosses are designed for (Space gun vs EoC, Molten Fury/Phoenix blaster for Queen Bee). Can't really blame you, as progression in Pre-HM is really easy to break with the Reaver Shark. And even without the Reaver Shark, the Jungle and Dungeon are technically optional content, as a Nightmare/Crimtane Pickaxe can mine hellstone for the top Pre-HM tier gear.

I don't see the toughness of Skeletron either. I died to him a lot, but I died to other bosses a lot too. Some of the other bosses I died to because of horrible arenas, but still.
I had much more trouble with the Queen Bee. With Molten Armor, top-tier prehardmode accessories (not reforged) and Water Bolt/Hellwing Bow the Queen Bee beat me 2 out of the 4 times I fought her because of the bees that are so hard to see and the practically invisible stingers she throws at you.
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I'm enjoying it. Once you get past the first few nights, it becomes clear that the bosses are where the biggest changes really are. Here's my thoughts on them:

Generally speaking: Build arenas. Use campfires and heart lanterns at the very least; bring in whatever buff potions you can (featherfall is surprisingly awesome until you get wings, really helps for dodging) - and explosives, if they'll be useful for the boss in question. Get very good gear, accept that you'll probably die (unless you're coming back to one of the optional bosses way later), pick your gear with the boss in mind, put your dodging hat on, and you should be able to do okay. Oh, and, uh, if you get Crimson, duck into a corruption world at some point (unless you're specifically trying to keep yourself to one world) and grab the expert-mode drop from the Eater of Worlds. It's very good.

King Slime: Never actually fought this guy before. Beat him on the first try with a basic arena; even got the slimy saddle, though I've been dramatically underusing it.

EoC: Woah. Really wake up call here. I did beat him on my second try, though nurse-cheese was involved, and a better arena/gear would've helped. Gotta have a nice long path, and if you're gonna turn around, do it right after he charges.

Brain of Cthulhu: Not too bad once I remembered to bring in grenades and got the crimson rod; of course, after the EoC, I got pretty much the best gear I could before trying to fight him - 400 health, gold armor. Did not expect the crazy shenanigans he gave me when he was almost dead, though.

Queen Bee: I actually beat her on my first real try (accidentally summoned her when I was at ~50 health with other enemies in the hive; needless to say, that didn't go well); it was a long fight, but I didn't find it particularly difficult. That said, I did summon her at the surface rather than trying to fight her in a hive. No real arena other than a moderately long flat surface and campfire+heart lantern.

Skeletron: Another big wake-up call. Got frustrated at this one night after several fails in a row, but then came back the next day and beat it first try. You've really gotta be on point with your dodging skills here - spectre boots are key. I'll be honest, I totally did move the nurse right next to the dungeon so I could mirror-heal-resume fight, which I ended up doing a couple of times. Wouldn't blame anyone for choosing to get molten armor before trying this guy. Mostly used the bee gun and minishark.

Wall of Flesh: Seemed a lot like normal mode, just with some more health. Built a longer hellpath than in normal mode and things got a bit hairy at the very end, but ultimately it wasn't too bad. Did his tentacles always respawn? Not that it mattered much to me since I used a piercing weapon. Something that was fun was that after my first fail, the stars and hearts from his minions were still on my path, with made it easier. (6th accessory slot woo! Though it's kinda lame you can't use it outside Expert mode.)

Destroyer: Got serious with buffs and gear - full titanium (caster), wings, nimbus rod, all that jazz. He didn't seem that different on Expert mode. However, what made this guy not too bad was actually the new life drain spell - it's great against him as it has a solid AoE and easily kills his laser spheres. Just have to watch out for your mana.

Skeletron Prime: Okay, totally cheesed him by setting up pressure-plated teleporters on either side of my arena and using the nimbus rod + meteor staff (btw, love this thing - great new spell, and so easy to get!) to rain death on him while he went back and forth. Took almost all night, but I didn't use any buffs other than food, and had no real danger of dying.
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All right then. I just killed the Eye of Cthulhu on my second try. I must say I really enjoyed the "crazy mode " it went once it was near dead. I had platinum armor, some buffs, 280 health and about 700 shuriken. I ran back and forth while spamming shuriken. It was a long battle but definitely worth it. At least Expert mode has improved this boss in a good way.

Next I'll attempt King Slime and the Eater of Worlds. I wonder how they'll go. (I have fought the King Slime already. It was my first time encountering it and I tried to bury myself below blocks to protect myself. Needless to say, my tactic didn't end well. That annoyance instakilled me with its super-über annihilation move. :eek:)
It's rough! I've managed to take out the Cthulu pieces, have max health and a full suit of Meteorite + gun... but progress has ground to a bit of a halt. Jungle is PAIN. I probably could ignore it since I'm at max health, but I want to try to collect more accessories to build more... things before I move on.

I have died SO MUCH in this run. x_x
So far the only bosses I've beaten are EoC and King Slime (from the Slime Rain event) I'm working on the Eater of Worlds now. I've heard horror stories about Expert Mode Skeletron so I'll probably have to get even more preparation to handle it (Getting Molten Gear after beating Eater of Worlds)

I beat EoC with the Minishark and having a fairly long arena with 5 levels of platforms. I got 400 hp before fighting it from exploring various areas because I failed to beat it several times before.

For the King Slime I used the same arena I used to beat EoC and it made the fight much easier, using a combo of the Minishark, Ruby Staff, and Thorn Chakram.

Found several new "information" accessories, one being the radar from a surface chest, and the other being the Metal Detector from the Nymph. The book that allows you to harvest vine rope is also very fun to have.

There really isn't anything I dislike about Expert Mode right now, I enjoy that all normal enemies have their stats multiplied by 2, that the bosses I'm used to fighting are much harder now, also that it is easier to get common and rare drops from all enemies, not to mention the unique boss items. It feels like I'm just starting to play Terraria again, when zombies and slimes are able to massacre new players. Health scaling for bosses in multiplayer will keep multiplayer challenging no matter how many players enter. I saw in a video that had 10+ people playing, that EoC had ~29000hp which is pretty crazy and awesome!

And I'm having a lot of fun, having to upgrade and change my tactics, building a new base out of some of the new materials available.
We've beaten EoC and BoC so far. We had a go at Skeletron but suffered a crushing defeat. My cries of 'but we don't have an arena' we're brushed off. Better preparation should get us through that fight. The EoC beat us the first two attempts but once we'd gathered enough potion ingredients we just buffed up and that made the fight a lot easier. BoC was reeeally easy for us to be honest. A decent arena and some buffs is always the way forward.

I like the treasure bags you get from the bosses. Having the royal slime has made working on the surface and mining a bit easier as I'm not constantly fending off slimes. In the beginning getting taken out in 2 hits by a green slime was frustrating but we got used to being more careful fairly quickly.
I know this all too well. I begged my friends for us to make an arena before facing Skeletron, but their cries of "YOLO!" were deafening to my ears. They at least compromised and let us make a room for a bed, but no more.

We didn't get crushed, but something weird happened. There was three of us(other friends were too low to face him atm) and one of us died in the air. Skeletron followed the direction upwards towards where he died and just disappeared. Night had just started too. It was really odd.

We wouldn't have won, regardless.
Beat all bosses in pre-hardmode and ready to fight Wally.

I'm finding the mobs easy enough but struggling with the bosses. I think it's because I'm more of a thinker than a doer. The mobs can be outsmarted, their AI can be abused, and if you're ever in a real cluster :red: you can often just grapple to the nearest ceiling.

The bosses however don't require your brain but your reflexes, there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, they're pure bullet time, and if you're slow like cow as I am then you're in for a real treat. Most of them have readable patterns though so they can be figured out but I struggled with Skeletron because his AI is "move deadly body parts towards player at rapid pace". A nice big arena is the way to do him.

Some general tips for those who are struggling in the early game:

- The Reaver Shark will make your life a lot easier, fish it out of the ocean as soon as you can
- The Slime Mount is the new Molotovs - abuse at will ;)
- Molotovs are still effective against EoW
- Get into the Underground Desert biome asap with your Reaver
- Well Fed buff with camplanterns and regen potions make a huge difference. If you're in Crimsom armour with those buffs, EM pre-hardmode is a cakewalk
- The Underworld isn't that hard to cheese early on, hide in the buildings and mine the Hellstone
- There is a piece of furniture in the dungeon that you can click on and get 2 summons. Take it wherever you go and abuse it

Good luck and Godspeed in your mission my fellow champions!
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I know this all too well. I begged my friends for us to make an arena before facing Skeletron, but their cries of "YOLO!" were deafening to my ears. They at least compromised and let us make a room for a bed, but no more.

We didn't get crushed, but something weird happened. There was three of us(other friends were too low to face him atm) and one of us died in the air. Skeletron followed the direction upwards towards where he died and just disappeared. Night had just started too. It was really odd.

We wouldn't have won, regardless.

We have beaten Skelly on one of our servers now (We are running two due to different people being available at different times and for additional resource collecting) so we know we can do it, but it ain't an easy fight.
I've been playing through Expert with 4 other friends, and I have to say, an Eye of Cthulhu with 12000 health is terrifying, we couldn't even kill that for quite some time, We managed to Kill King slime fairly easily but just keeping on our feet. The Eye wasn't so bad when we actually had some firepower. I found the Brain to be the easiest boss so far, considering it's expert stage isn't very hard to deal with. The Queen Bee can be hard to fight when in the hive, though it becomes so much easier when out in the open.

Skeletron was the fifth boss we've killed, and that was literally by sheer luck. For any of those who don't know yet, the slime mount(Dropped by King Slime) can be used to jump on enemies to damage them, essentially negating all melee damage from below you. Due to time running out, Skeletron's head(we spent the night destroying those damn hands) flew away, however because of the insane jump high on the slime mount, I jumped up and the head hit me, pulling me up into the sky with it as it flew off. I had managed to trap Skeletron in the skybox as my slime spazzed out as it rapidly jumped up and down, eventually killing him.
They've said that will be patched. I think the slime is keeping the goomba stomp but they're going to nerf it somehow because people immediately found ways to cheese the Dungeon Guardian with it.
It needs a cooldown for damage (like 1 second) and passthrough - that would prevent it from stun locking stuff.
Might be better to have it that if you hit something on the way up, like another block, you take some damage too. I don't want to see the functionality of that mount nerfed too badly, but that will prevent cheesing against the ceiling with it.
Some far I've played with 1-3 other people and we've been taking it slow. We've just beaten the Wall of Flesh today and have gotten into some early Hardmode stuff. We've fought every boss except for the Eater of Worlds, since we have a Crimson world, beforehand.

This can obviously be said for all of the bosses: Build an arena with at least a Campfire (Heart Lanterns and Honey also help). Take the time to make lots of buff potions. Regeneration, Swiftness and Ironskin potions can be made or found very easily and can make a significant impact in a fight, especially in Expert Mode where defense matters a lot more. There's no excuse not to use these in all of your boss fights. When you can get your hands on them, Endurance, Wrath and Lifeforce Potions will help a ton.

Eye of Cthulhu: All 4 of us fought him for the first time. I believe we all had around 180 HP and had varying armor sets ranging from Tin to Silver. 3 of us, including me, had Hermes Boots, which are strongly recommended for outrunning his charges. Otherwise, our accessories varied a lot. We had a 2/3s screen-long platform with 4 layers. Only the guy who didn't have Hermes died. I was our melee guy and my only weapon with some range was a Rally, so I didn't do too much damage and primarily tanked for the other guys.

King Slime: After all of the other guys had quit for the night, a Slime Rain started so I had to fight this one solo. I was away from the house when he spawned so I didn't even have an arena or any potions. He shouldn't be too much trouble if you keep your distance, but The Shield of Cthulhu helped for getting out of the way for when he closed the distance suddenly. At this point I had upgraded to an Artery.

Brain of Cthulhu: We actually failed on our first try because 2 of the 3 of us got stunlocked into a corner and knocked to low health early in the fight. From there it was a battle of attrition which we ultimately lost. However, we hunted for health after that, and 2 of us came back and killed him after a tough fight. Honestly his 1st phase is the more troubling one as the Creepers are a lot more aggressive and the debuffs can really get you knocked around. Once he got down to his second phase it was a cinch.

Queen Bee: Alright, it's story time.

We failed our first 2 attempts at this. The first time it was me and one other person, and the second it was me and another person. The second time we could have probably killed her hadn't there been some server lag that made dodging her charges a challenge for me.

For our third attempt, it's important to note that everyone else was off, I had topped off my health, had made it to the Underworld and farmed some Hellstone gear and had started dual-classing melee and summons. So I had full crimson armor, 400 HP, an Imp Staff, a Hurtful Fiery Greatsword and an Unpleasant Amazon. I believe I had Spectre Boots, Shield of Cthulhu, Blizzard in a Bottle, Water Walking Boots and another accessory I can't remember at the moment, all reforged with plus defense (I think two were Warding, one was Armored and two were Guarding), because I had come into some money earlier on in the playthrough I think through some Extractnator shenanigans.

So I was going to fight her at this wide-open space near the entrance of the cave we use to enter the jungle. I was fighting some Man Eaters when an Imp broke the larva while shooting at some hornets. Luckily I had the buffs I was going to use on me, but I had to fight the Bee in a hive that was wide enough, but was too small that I couldn't build an arena with more than 2 layers of platforms without going into the honey or bumping my head into the ceiling. There was also that I had to build an arena while I was fighting, which sounds easier than it looks. It's only through some miracle that I managed to kill her, using the Blizzard to dodge her charges and the greatsword to dispatch her bees. I don't really know what to do for the stingers. They aren't really too visible so I didn't even know where to dodge to half of the time, but moving back and forth rapidly seemed to allow me to dodge most of the stingers. Not all, but most.

Also, take an occasional dip in honey for that nice regen boost. It really helps to counteract the poison from the stingers.

Skeletron: There was a lot of death, but we did manage to kill him on our first attempt with 3 people (the 4th was gone for a couple of days, still is). Shield of Cthulhu + Hermes Boots is REQUIRED for this guy. It made dodging his spin attack so much easier. For those that haven't attempted him yet, focus on his hands. His head will have stupid defense while his hands are still alive, to the point where that greatsword wasn't even doing much damage. When one of his hands dies, he'll starting shooting skulls at you. They do home, but they're not too difficult to dodge early on. With both of his hands are down, he'll shoot them faster and they'll curve harder. This is where the deaths starting rolling in. However, one of us was able to stay alive at all times long enough to finish him off.

Wall of Flesh: This guy is ridiculous. I'd say that he's worse than Skeletron. He moves a lot faster than in Normal mode so you need a lot more prep otherwise you just fall into lava or get stuck on a building, he obviously does a lot more damage and has a lot more health and his Hungry REGENERATE. I could literally do nothing without being swarmed by them. Needless to say, we failed our first attempt, and on the second, I ended up having to break class roles and use a Hellwing Bow so I could do SOMETHING.

Obviously you should build a bridge or have something that will allow you to stand on lava. You'll have to rely greatly on your mobility otherwise. Also, piercing weapons will do you well in this fight. The other two used Molten Furies with Jester Arrows, with one of them occasionally filling him with Demon Scythes. Make sure to have every buff you think will help. We even resorted to throwing some Dynamite we had lying around at him at the start to just do some damage without putting ourselves at risk.
There are so many changes in expert mode that I just view as trolling the player... I appreciate the challenge, but mostly I feel like expert mode (on a new character) is Terraria minus the fun.

My current axe to grind are the Lava Slimes dropping lava again. Why? Why not just make them a stronger enemy? Getting lava on everything is just frustrating.
That's the point, people. Expert Mode is meant as a personal challenge. The game takes off the training wheels and shows you what it's really like, what true difficulty really means. I don't see that often in modern games. Am I frustrated? Yes. Do I think it's BS? Hell no. This is expert mode. It's for Terraria experts seeking a challenge even Hardcore Hardmode doesn't pose.
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