Mobile 1.3! How to get ready?


omg omg i'm like so excited for 1.3 but there are a few things in wondering. So first off WHEN EXACTLY IS IT COMING OUT. sorry, i'm just not a patient person, please forgive me *sobs* *cries*. secondly, if i defeated the golem before the update , will th cultists spawn or do i need to defeat it againnot that its a problem*sobs loudly* *cries loudly* ? thirdly what will be different?? because if ive been hoarding soul of night for nothing*wails* not to be rude or anythingg *screams* okay well my man question i what do you guys think that I should do to prepaire? not that all of you are guys* shrieks* so please respond in comments i really appreciate it *breaks all windows in house with voice*
I'm kind of curious myself. I ran into a Reddit conversation that mentioned it might be late 2017, but the emphasis was on the console versions.

I realize that Terraria was originally developed on the Desktop, but I'm curious about demographics these days. I'd argue that over the next few years mobile device sales will be outperforming desktop and console sales by a landslide. Even the phone interface is sweeeet! So I suspect some fundamental changes will be coming along that will facilitate a shift in development.

Personally, I would even pay for the 1.3 upgrade as an add-on or a completely new app. In my guestimation, mobile development will be much more sustainable in the future if it isn't there already. I would argue too that Steam will meet it's peak revenue over the next year and a half unless it doesn't start distributing games through Steam Mobile -- which would allow for user-made add-ons even on the iOS platform because all installed apps would be parked inside the Steam Mobile application.
I got a few goblin battle standard for the goblin summoner, some pirate maps for the new drops/flying dutchman, making a new solar eclipse AFK grinder, getting a place set up to find martian probes, and setting up a moon lord boss arena.
Well, I am farming Tattered Clothes and Spooky Woods for the goblin battle standards, I want to see that goblin summoner in person, and I got an afk farm for pirate maps when I need them, for the Flying Dutchman, I also got most drops from Golem, butchered that big guy for about 10 times.

I am also grinding for biome keys (main goal being Vampire knives and Staff of the Frost Hydra).

I also killed Fishrons to get all their drops, took me 4 victories to get 'em all.

And now, I wait, for the crimson key molds to drop, and the 1.3 to arrive.

(I am so ecstatic for Solar Eruption, Daybreak, Meowmere, and Star Wrath and the fight between Moon Lord and I!)
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