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Official 1.3 Launch Feedback Thread

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They can add all those dyes, but not a single drop of paint. There's my criticism. The dyes are good, but we need more paint colors. Especially a darker brown.
Otherwise, yeah. 1.3 is generally good.
I think pre-hard mode is excellent in expert mode. The only thing i was dissapointed with that the mechanical bosses werent given some new attacks but i love the update and the game itself. I hope you will keep developing the game and have a nice time doing it :)

Frain Breeze

I have to say, I've gotten rather tired of the last few patches constantly upping the endgame difficulty. You added Expert Mode for the elite crowd, stop stomping on everyone else already. The pumpkin/frost moon events, duke fishron, and now the lunar events are ridiculous and make the entire concept of defense seem like a joke, with how many things can knock huge chunks of your life bar off without even trying. And the wall-hacking. I'm absolutely sick of how many monsters can teleport, shoot through walls, or just straight-up ghost through everything to reach you now.

This isn't a matter of refusing to "git gud" either. I die very rarely in this game, and consider myself "doing badly" if I use even one potion. For me, it just isn't fun to push everything to the limit. Some challenge is fine, but this has gotten ridiculous lately. When overcoming an extremely hard boss, some people get a rush of excitement. But me? I just say "Good riddance".



The Expert mode is awesome ! It's a real challenge ! Bosses are much more powerful and i like it :) ! And the Expert stuff is just great !
Terraria is a perfect game to me. And his developers are amazing ! You are the best !
Sorry for my bad english ^^ I'm french.


After thoroughly playing 1.3, I have found that I don't exactly like the update. My favorite additions to the update were the new inventory mechanics and the Expert Mode world type. A personal highlight are the new Granite and Marble biomes.

However, as with anything, there are downsides. A major disappointment for me is the lack of items and additions in Pre-Hardmode. I expected more Pre-Hardmode additions, whether it be mobs, bosses, or just more items, I was underwhelmed.

The past few updates have been centered on Hardmode, particularly endgame. In my opinion, we have had WAY more than enough additions to that stage in the game. I also don't like the balancing of the endgame weapons. In PvP, the new weapons are ridiculous. A SDMG can shred anything in an unimathat reseginable amount of time!

The new weapons also completely destroy the need of the already overpowered 1.2 weapons. The 1.1 and 1.0 weapons hardly exist. I also don't like the whole Terra-Blade situation. The Terra-Blade, one of the best weapons in 1.2, has now been denoted by the Meowmere. A sword that shoots bouncing projectiles that resemble Nyan Cats. The Terra-Blade is called that for a reason.

I like how rarely used weapons have been buffed. But a player with those weapons can't stand a chance against a player with the new stuff.

I like the Martian Madness event, the Slime Rain Event, and the enhanced Pirate and Goblin Invasions. The Celestial Event is fine, but some of the mobs are a little ridiculous. I don't like the two new main bosses in the new update.

The Lunatic Cultist is too small and has too much health for it's size too be called a boss, at least for me. TheMoon Lord. The final boss of Terraria. Better than a giant flying fish with wings and eats mushroom worms. My main problem is the texture and it's abilities.

The texture doesn't fit in with the other bosses. Too many pixels in my opinion. His abilities are okay, just not the debuff that he gives you. Plasyers spend their time getting armor and weapons so that they could use them, right? Spectre Armor (Hood) and Vampire Knives are now useless against this boss. Hours otjast could have been spent on better things, gone.

1.3 is okay, defeniently the worst of the updates post-1.0. Don't get me wrong, I love many things about the update, I just don't think that it is nearly as good as 1.1 or 1.2.
Haven't been too far into 1.3 but it is all pretty wonderful.

As to the reason I haven't gotten far into it is I spend most of my time building towns. This is my one irking thing that I've been meaning to stress but never did.
Can we ever improve the Town NPC AI. I keep building these wonderful elaborate buildings only to find that my townies keep getting stuck in one room since they don't have the power to navigate properly to where they want to go and who they want to see. Even worse if I ever do make it in a way that they can get out there are occasions where they can't quite manage to get back in since they can't find the proper "entrance"

As hilarious as it is to find my mechanic stuck in the angler's washroom I don't want her to stay there! I really enjoy seeing a lively town that works properly even while I am still around. (I know they teleport home when I leave at night, that's not the point!)

Also would love to see more interactions with the environmental objects that we place around, all the bookshelves and sinks are pretty but nobody cares they're there. Glad they use chairs now but...
Will the Angler ever actually fish?
How about the Arms Dealer cleaning his flintlock?
The Party Girl throws confetti at me which gets me chuckling and screaming 'Woo!" every time but will she ever throw a party that the other NPCs attend?
Does the Demolitionist ever have an "accident" while working on something?
Does that Nurse ever bother healing the other injured NPCs around?
Will the Dryad tend to the trees and flowers? Maybe help them grow taller and fuller. (I love her spell thing, thats awesome)
How about the Witch Doctor performing rituals of summoning or otherwise?
Even some NPC specific decor that they use to do certain things. Like a medicine cabinet for the Nurse or a canvas for the Painter.

Can they also stay in their "home" but still interact with their environment at night. Or even sleep if I deem them worthy of a bed? So far they just kinda stand there awkwardly unless attacked. I kinda feel back for them.

Other than my bidding for NPC updates I love everything else. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to future updates!
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Is there any way to make the expert mode treasure bags glow? I think i missed out one one because it was in a wall the other day.


So much hatred for the Nebula Floater. All the other expert mode Nebula tower enemies are manageable, but this one's just a :red:.



After Playing through Expert mode, the things I really don't like is the astronomical damage end game enemies do, even with the solar armor, I still get hit for 16 damage from a slime. A SLIME. But the pillars are insane to try and defeat, especially the solar pillar. I don't want to try hardcore expert mode because I don't think it's possible, and would just end up being rage inducing.

The sroller, at least to me, is completely op. The fact that it doesn't just block attacks from damaging it, but rebounds them to damage the player, while it's flying at you to drop on top of your head, I really find that to be unfair. There are very few (one? the star wrath?) end game swords that don't have some kind of beam effect that the sroller can rebound at you, and I don't really like getting hit for 360 damage from my own meowmere. That really makes me rage at this game. But it doesn't just stop there, the solar enemies have such high knockback resistance that you get surrounded quickly. You can't fly away because the crawltipedes are floating over head waiting to do 200+ damage every half second. Selenians can charge you without getting stopped, and do over 100 damage, corties fly through blocks and do over 100 damage (all with the solar armor mind you). I understand it's supposed to be difficult and challenging, but I'm finding that the most efficient way to beat the solar pillar is to hang close the edge of it's influence, have a few enemies spawn, kill them, wait to heal, repeat. And that isn't fun to me, just "grindy". I would like it better it they were affected (effected?) by knockback more, AND THAT STUPID ATTACK REFLECTION from the sroller was nerfed to half damage or completely removed.

This is really the only problem I have with the 1.3 update. I love the new biomes (although they are really common) and the challenges they bring. I find all the end game sets to be really cool, each one of them having some really cool set buffs. The minecarts are so useful for getting around the world cheaper than hooking up teleporters. I love the dynamics fishing and the new potions from fish.

The expert mode items are really cool, although the last few are underwhelming. I mean, you finally beat the moon lord, which a task in it of itself is momentous, but you open up the treasure bag and you get... an item that has greater limitation than a potion? The gravitation potion at least allows you to change gravity in mid air, instead of having to stand on some surface. The moon lord drops the best loot in the game, but the gravity globe is a real let down, cause I can just go farm up a bunch of gravitation potions and get the same effect without taking up an accessory slot. The shiny stone is useful but it only applies when completely still (unlike what the tool tip says), which isn't useful if you can't run away completely. The spore sack? I didn't even try it because it didn't look good enough to replace other accessories.

Things that would have been really cool to have as drops from the last three bosses would be things like, a drop from plantera that spawns those hungry eater things from it's second mode, and get a few of those. Or, have something that increases life regen while when close to light, like a plant. Or add a hp buff, like 50-100 more hp while using that item. I haven't really thought about what the golem could drop, maybe something that allows you to do a explosion when you hit the ground after a jump. For the moon lord, I would have loved an item at combined with wings, or was just a separate accessory that allowed unlimited flight with wings. Or something like an item that boosts all stats by 20% (you've beaten the game, you should be the most powerful thing in the land).

But at the end of the day, it's the game that I've logged the most hours on in the past year, so thank you for continuing to put out awesome content. I'm looking forward to terraria otherworld and 2 and whatever the devs can cook up for the next patch!
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