Tool [1.3] Omnitool, world creation, mapping, backups and more.


Current version : 18.5.1, for Terraria and older on Windows and Linux.
(Probably Mac too, but nobody I know can test it.)

-makes world backups on launch
-maps worlds on launch
-render worlds with 16x16 textures for each block, in a live window or as a website.
-contains world generators: Planetoids & Terra, Worldify, Flatworld and PVP Dungeon Arena
-update notification
-launching of other tools (tedit, terrafirma)
-works with GameLauncher GUI
-plugin system for extensions


1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png omnitool ubuntu.png world render.pngworldinteraction.png


Just to make sure: It's a tool, not a mod.


-Download a recent release from here: Github Releases
-Install & Run
-[optional] drag & drop a tedit exe file onto omnitool.exe, to access tedit from within omnitool
-[optional] drag & drop a terrafirma exe file onto omnitool.exe, to access terrafirma from within omnitool
- report issues

Available Languages:

-Portuguese (BR)

More detailed info in the Language thread: Link
Want to help? Infos in the Translation Readme.

More plugins to add features to Omnitool can be found here.
You can also check out the documentation to make your own.


or Steam Wishlist
Also on Patreon

The making of Omnitool

Source code and links on Omnitool's Github page.

Credits for Omnitool:
-7UR7L3: testing and ideas
-Ijwu: translation overseer, testing, ideas & skins (Oasis, Underworld, Overworld)
-Berserker66(me): programming, testing, bundling, setup, ....
-translation credits in translation thread: Link

Language used is Python 3.4
Makes use of these modules:
-Phil's Game Utilities
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One of my next goals is to implement tApi support - it'd be helpful to have a few world saves from that.
Basically a couple worlds from different people who use different mods, so I can test a wide spread of input data.
So in order to help, post or PM some world files, please.

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Thank you!
Listing the mods is not needed, the world file contains that information.

Is there even any way yet to map a tapi world, outside the ingame map?

Not that I've found so far since Tapi isn't really compatible with programs wriiten with vanila sadly, I've tried Tedit and Terramap with both failing to read the files.


tapi support will take a while longer, it's on the roadmap for Release 18.
Release 17.1 has entered internal testing (thanks 7UR7L3 for still testing for me after years!) and that will bring: many tweaks to planetoids - more ores, start-seeded chlorophyl and some other changes, most of which aimed to make hardmode in planetoids not a total pain.
Also, the main menu now recognizes world files beeing added and removed, where applicable then adds new worlds and maps them automatically. No more restarting needed, finally.
Lastly WorldRender, the Terrafirma-alike mini tool now has a minimap with which you can jump to anywhere in the world.

On that note, I don't have anyone with the time to intricately test the planetoids changes, my testing is limited to seeing how the world turns out, but not actually playing it. So I'm looking for a volunteer there. If interested please contact me (a coop play may be possible as those are faster than playing alone).
To find out actual struggles and document them, a "let's play" format may be useful.


Omnitool V17.1 Released!

  • Planetoids improvements:
    • Added Mobility items to chests
    • increased Hell height (less awkward WoF fights)
    • more ores (and chlorophyte)
    • more goodies in spawn planetoid
  • improved main gui layout
  • updated itemdatabase
  • Omnitool main GUI will now reflect changes to the world folder near-realtime and map new worlds automatically
  • worldrender start abort works now
  • Filepath input bar for image -> world works now
Version 17.2 will be focused on adding 1.2 Content to Planetoids and some UI improvements.
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One thing I noticed was there all seeds but shiverthorn in the starting chest, but those are also probably the easiest seeds to get once you find a snow planetoid.


You're right, completely forgot about that aspect.

Turns out shiverthorn will have to wait anyway -
It says on the wiki
that Shiverthorn is ID 82 - that is actually silver chestplate though. Also ID 82 would be far too low for such a recent item.

I'm also already way behind with my time schedule so that'll be dropped.

In general though, the 1.2 content is almost done, got all the new items, bees, spider nests, Lizhards, etc.
What is left is finally having locked chests and the 1.2 Biome Chests - although some difficulty will be taken out of that, as you can find the key molds in chests and dont have to farm forever for them. (not the keys themselves though - as that would allow you to open them pre hardmode)

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Just took a peek at the item values and it turns out shiverthorn seeds are item #2357, strange how they are labeled #82 in the wiki


Omnitool V17.2 Released!

  • planetoids revamp
  • updated old links
  • updated gamelauncher 3 support
  • added a progressbar to planetoids world gen
  • settings changes don't require a restart (except theme)
In a little more detail for planetoids, this means all the new content, like bees, biome chests, lizhards, new accessoires, spiders etc.
As well as some old features finally implemented, such as locked chests.
Lastly, many tweaks regarding planet sizes, amounts and loot.

Keep in mind that Terra is not updated for the new content at this point.
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This is the most interesting tool I've seen for Terraria. Amazing work Berserker66! :) I've been testing the latest release for awhile and wanted to get a bit used to its functionality before posting anything about it. The Planetoids are amazing, but I haven't tried the Dungeon Arenas yet. I've mainly been experimenting with the Image to World feature, as I find this to be the most incredible part of this program. I started off using an unedited 24bit PNG image with many colors in it to see what it would look like, realizing that the resolution of the image would be the size of the map (should've read instructions more carefully first lol).
I've only tried the RGB setting so far, but I plan to try the other sometime soon.
I'm using the 64bit version of Omnitool by the way. Upon opening it, I noticed that it couldn't find my Terraria path. So I looked here again and created a path.txt file to my GOG Terraria directory. I also noticed more issues errors upon opening Omnitool.
It says:
SplashWarning: No module named 'PIL'
Could not register to Game Launcher 3. Maybe it just isn't installed. Exception:
File "", line 939, in run
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\user\\Docume
nts\\My Games\\Terraria\\Game Launcher\\omnitool.gli3'

Not sure what all of that means, but the program still seems to run with no problems.
Anyway, I recently used a world image from one of the fresh worlds I created from Terraria (large- 8400, 2400), which Omnitool found in my maps folder. I used that image for a new map of the exact same size but edited with some cool pictures at the top (and its a 24bit PNG of course) but the tiles in the newly generated map (which took an hour or two to create) were VERY jacked up, even the one's that weren't added in there or modified. All of the sky in the new map was made of snow for some reason, and everything else was distorted or ruined (trees entirely made of wood blocks instead, cheats and pots turned into ores and whatnot). I did use the RGB setting for this map, so I'm not certain yet of what could change if I used the weighted HSV setting. I'm actually not sure about how to go about using the weighted HSV setting. Anyway, I'll upload the generated map and PNG's I used if you'd like to take a look.
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