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tModLoader [1.3] Replace Furnitures Mod


This mod allows you to replace furnitures with another of the same type, it still needs further development,
because there's furniture types missing, but so far, it works (at least with vanilla furnitures).

You can see the mod in use here:

You can download the mod here or on the Mod Browser:
Github - https://github.com/nakano15/replacefurnituremod/releases

Before you ask, I will not be making a 1.4 version of this mod for now.

I don't know if this will work well with multiplayer.

I recommend you to get the 1.4 tile swap mod aswell to use with this.
Now you don't have an excuse to not reform your house.

Enjoy :)


New update is out:
Added support to Sinks, Workbenches, Tombstones, Signs, Pianos and Anvils.
Tinkerers Workbench is now recognized as a table, and can replace tables when placed on top of one.
Try not to uglify your house with this, though.
Disabled chest replacement due to bugs.
For the same reason, Dressers can't be manually replaced too.
There is a issue related to chests and how the mod operates, which is causing either the replacement to not work, or
the replacement to actually work, but give you not only the furniture replaced, but also an extra copy of the furniture you tried to place.

Due to that issue, not only I had to disable chest replacement, but also not allow dresser replacement for now.

I will study some time how I'll make that work, since replacing chest internal position temporarily isn't working.

Anyways, enjoy the new array of furnitures that can be replaced in your house.

Have fun :)
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