PC [1.3] TerrariaPatcher (plugins and more!) - works with tModLoader now!

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    Table of Contents:



    • Tested and working with Terraria (and tModLoader v0.10.0.1) but it most likely works for later versions too!
    • Requires .NET Framework 4.5!
    • This patcher will permanently modify the Terraria.exe to your preferences. The patcher will ask if you'd like to back up the original Terraria.exe, you should do this so you can restore it at a future time if you don't wish to use your modifications anymore. If you don't do this, you can use Steam to reinstall a clean copy of Terraria.
    • Do not try to patch Terraria.exe twice.. Unintended results may occur. Always patch a fresh copy of Terraria.exe or tModLoader's Terraria.exe.
    • Getting Steam achievements for the Angler will not work if you try to remove the per day limit. (Not sure but its possible this is because Steam has its own set of internal rules configured for each achievement. My guess is that one of the rules is that you cannot gain a progress on that achievement in the same day. There is no way around this.)
    • When patching you should always hit yes to this:
    This will copy Terraria.exe to Terraria.exe.bak.​

    • Later on when you want to patch your exe differently (maybe turning on some features) you don't have to do any file system management (no messing with backup files). You simple patch again and if it sees a Terraria.exe.bak it will ask you:
    This will overwrite your Terraria.exe (patched) with the Terraria.exe.bak (original) before attempting any patching.​

    • If you patch your Terraria.exe and forget to make a backup you can always get back the original by opening Steam and using this button:

    • Terraria updates to new version via Steam. Oh no! All your mods are gone, what will you do?!
      • Launch TerrariaPatcher.
      • Patch the new Terraria.exe and hit NO to the message asking if you want to restore the old backup. YOUR OLD BACKUP IS AN OLD TERRARIA, WHY WOULD YOU RESTORE IT?!
      • Profit?!

    • Q: Does this support Mac/Linux?
    • A: No and it never will.
    • Q: When I run Terraria via Steam after patching I get a message that says "Please launch the game from your Steam client" or something similar.
    • A: Run Steam with administrator privileges then run Terraria via that elevated instance.
    • Q: While patching or on Terraria startup I get a message saying the file is in use or access is denied.
    • A:
      • Don't run the patcher inside your Terraria folder. Run it from your Downloads folder or something.
      • Check that you are running the patcher with administrator privileges.
      • Make sure Terraria is closed when you are patching.
    • Q: My anti-virus is removing TerrariaPatcher and/or my patched Terraria.exe. Why does my anti-virus think your tool is malicious?
    • A: If you think about it, the intent of the program is somewhat malicious.
      • Your anti-virus is correctly identifying that your patched Terraria.exe has dynamic code compilation (used for plugins) and is suspicious.
      • Your anti-virus is also correctly identifying that the TerrariaPatcher itself has code to modify other executables (Terraria.exe). This is a behavior used by many malicious viruses/worms.
      • If you have doubts about using TerrariaPatcher for fear of it being a virus, just remember the entire project and all plugins are open source and can be inspected by anyone.
    Plugin Notes:
    • To use the plugin functionality you must check the box in the patcher:

    • Then after you patch your Terraria, you should see a Plugins folder and PluginLoader.dll in your Terraria installation folder as seen in (1) and (2) here:

    • Feel free to add/contribute your own plugins! It is simple and easy to add new plugins. If your plugin is cool I can add it to the existing ones I am distributing.
    • After running Terraria you will see a Plugins.ini in your Terraria folder as seen in (3). This will contain any configuration relating to the plugins you have.
    • Use this link for key codes in your Plugins.ini: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.xna.framework.input.keys.aspx
    • Default chat commands:
      • /plugins (displays the names of each plugin you have loaded)
    • Hotkey bindings:
      • Add the following to your Plugins.ini file:
      • This example binds the CTRL+K hotkey to the command /usetime 0
      • Hotkey ordering does not matter (eg. Control,K vs. K,Control)
      • Hotkey modifiers are case-insensitive.
      • Valid hotkey modifiers are 'Control', 'Shift' and 'Alt'.
      • Or use the Bind plugin to manage hotkey bindings.
    Reveal Plugin Notes:
    • Press the hotkey (default L) while you have the map on fullscreen to reveal the entire map and temporarily store your old map. When you press the hotkey again the plugin will restore your old map. So this plugin is a great way to just quickly glimpse at the whole map to see where certain biomes are when you are first starting out.
    • WARNING: May corrupt your map, make backups of your map before using. I'm investigating this issue.
    Teleport Plugin Notes:
    • Press the teleport hotkey (default F) to teleport your player to the cursor location.
    • While you have the map on fullscreen you can right click anywhere on the map to instantly teleport there.
    • Chat commands:
      • /teleport plantera
      • /teleport strangeplant
      • /teleport help
    Time Plugin Notes:
    • Press the night hotkey (default comma) to set the game time to midnight (12:00 AM).
    • Press the night hotkey (default comma) + CTRL to set the game time to dusk (7:30 PM)
    • Press the day hotkey (default period) to set the game time to afternoon (12:00 PM).
    • Press the day hotkey (default period) + CTRL to set the game time to dawn (4:30 AM).
    • Chat commands:
      • /time dawn
      • /time noon
      • /time midnight
      • /time dusk
      • /time help
    Weather Plugin Notes:
    • Press the rain hotkey (default semicolon) to toggle rain.
    • Press the slime rain hotkey (default quote) to toggle slime rain.
    UseTime Plugin Notes:
    • Add this plugin to your Plugins folder, run the game once to get your Plugins.ini to update with a [UseTime] category, close the game, then edit the values in Plugins.ini to your preferences.
    • Setting MaxPickSpeed to true makes Picks/Drills/Hammers/Axes have use time of 1.
    • Setting MaxTileSpeed to true makes placing blocks/wire have use time of 1.
    • Setting MaxWallSpeed to true makes placing walls have use time of 1.
    • Setting MaxReachRange to true allows you to reach very far when trying to mine/place blocks/etc.
    • Setting MaxItemPickupRange to true allows you to pick up items from very far away.
    • If you have the ItemConfig plugin installed, your /autoreuse and /usetime changes will persist after restarting Terraria.
    • Chat commands:
      • /autoreuse
      • /usetime num
      • /usetime (Changes usetime back to original)
      • /range (Toggles block reach and item pickup range enhancement)
    • Chat command examples:
      • /autoreuse
      • /usetime 0
      • /usetime
      • /range
    InfiniteLifeSteal Plugin Notes:
    • Allows you to get insane lifesteal while using Spectre Armor or Vampiric Knives.
    BuffRates Plugin Notes:
    • Add this plugin to your Plugins folder, run the game once to get your Plugins.ini to update with a [Buffs] category, close the game, then edit the values in Plugins.ini to your preferences. By default there is no modification. You must manually change the values if you want any improvements to these buffs.
    • Supports Archery, Rage, Wrath, Magic Power, Endurance, Ice Barrier.
    NPC Plugin Notes:
    • Press the hotkey (default N) to toggle NPC spawns.
    • Press the increase hotkey (default +, not on numpad) to increase spawn rate.
    • Press the increase hotkey (default +, not on numpad) + CTRL to increase spawn limit.
    • Press the decrease hotkey (default -, not on numpad) to decrease spawn rate.
    • Press the decrease hotkey (default -, not on numpad) + CTRL to decrease spawn limit.
    • Chat commands:
      • /npc id [count]
      • /npc name [count]
      • /npc cnpc (Toggles NPC spawn at cursor position)
      • /npc help
    • Chat command examples:
      • /npc 21
      • /npc 21 20
      • /npc skeleton 20
    • Names and IDs are taken from here: http://pastebin.com/vAvMaMPt
    HomingBullets Plugin Notes:
    • Adds homing capabilities to all projectiles of aiStyle of 1 (bullets / some arrows). Please test this out and give feedback!
    MoreAccessorySlots (by ruffi123456789) Plugin Notes:
    • Add this plugin to your Plugins folder, run the game once to get your Plugins.ini to update with a [MoreAccessorySlots] category, close the game, then edit the values in Plugins.ini to your preferences.
    • Set Force = true if you want to enable this mod at all times (even when you haven't used a Demon Heart in expert mode).
    • Set Count to the number of extra slots you want. Normally the Demon Heart only gives you 1 but this mod will allow you to receive 2 instead.
    ItemSpawner (by ruffi12345789) Plugin Notes:
    • Hold down CTRL then type in the item code you want to spawn using the numpad, then release CTRL to have the item spawned. You can find item codes by searching for items on the wiki.
    • Chat commands:
      • /item id [count]
      • /item name [count]
      • /item help
    • Chat command examples:
      • /item 123
      • /item 85 5
      • /item ChlorophyteBullet 200
    • Names and IDs are taken from here: http://pastebin.com/BN6bR2tE
    Respawn (by ruffi12345789) Plugin Notes:
    • Allows you to set custom respawn timer for your player. Default is 0 seconds so that you instantly respawn.
    Infinite Flight (by Zeromaru) Plugin Notes:
    • Toggle infinite flight with rocket boots, magic carpet or wings using the default hotkey I.
    God Mode (by Zeromaru) Plugin Notes:
    • Cycle through 3 modes (Off, Demi-God, and God) with the default hotkey G or cycle backwards with SHIFT+G.
    • Demi-god mode will not allow you to die, but you can still get hurt.
    • God mode attempts to keep full health, prevents fall damage, drowning, and keeps you immune to all debuffs.
    Minions Plugin Notes:
    • Allows you to set custom max # of minions for your player. Default is 100.
    Turrets Plugin Notes:
    • Allows you to set custom max # of turrets for your player. Default is 100.
    CoinGun Plugin Notes:
    • Add this plugin to your Plugins folder, run the game once to get your Plugins.ini to update with a [CoinGunModifications] category, close the game, then edit the values in Plugins.ini to your preferences.
    • Setting *CoinEnemyTracking to true makes your coins act like Chlorophyte Bullets (tracking enemies).
    • Setting *CoinDamage to a value modifies the damage your coins will do.
    ItemReplication Plugin Notes:
    • Hold the ReplicateKey (default is R), right-clicking on any item in your inventory will duplicate the item instead of splitting the stack like normal.
    Events Plugin Notes:
    • Trigger Meteor with NumPad0
    • Toggle Blood Moon with NumPad1
    • Toggle Goblin Army with NumPad2
    • Toggle Frost Legion with NumPad3
    • Toggle Pirate Invasion with NumPad4
    • Toggle Solar Eclipse with NumPad5
    • Toggle Pumpkin Moon with NumPad6
    • Toggle Frost Moon with NumPad7
    • Toggle Martian Madness with NumPad8
    • Toggle Lunar Apocalypse with NumPad9
    • Toggle Moon Lord with Add (near numpad) (skips Lunar Apocalypse)
    SkipSplash Plugin Notes:
    • Skips the initial splash screen when loading the game.
    Full Bright Plugin Notes:
    • Toggle full bright using the default hotkey Y.
    InventoryEnhancements Plugin Notes:
    • Patch with TerrariaPatcher v1.2.0.4 or later.
    • Go to the Inventory Enhancements page (http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/26520/). Download the "Inventory Enhancements (TP)" attachment and the Configurator attachment.
    • Copy Configurator.exe to your Terraria game folder.
    • Copy InventoryEnhancements folder into your Plugins folder.
    • This is what it should look like:
    Season Plugin Notes:
    • Turns on christmas or halloween modes permanently until you toggle them off again with a command. The values are stored in Plugins.ini so that they persist.
    • Chat commands:
      • /season none
      • /season xmas
      • /season halloween
      • /season help
    ShopSellsScalingPotions (by Erasel) Plugin Notes:
    • The Merchant will now sell you potions that scale with your health and mana.
    InfiniteSundial Plugin Notes:
    • Allows you to use the sundial over and over without waiting for the cooldown.
    ChestSearch (by GTR) Plugin Notes:
    • Adds a new button when you open your inventory to allow you to search nearby chests for a keyword.
    LoadoutSwap (by GTR) Plugin Notes:
    • Adds a new button when you open your inventory to allow you to quickly swap your armor/accessories with the vanity ones on top.
    DropRates (by Blah) Plugin Notes:
    • Press the decrease hotkey (default is O) to lower the item drop rate.
    • Press the increase hotkey (default is P) to increase the item drop rate.
    • Press the rare-drops-only hotkey (default is Right CTRL) to toggle the plugin only affecting rare-drops instead of all drops.
    • Drop rate can go from 0 to 20. 0 will give you no drops. 20 will give you 20x the drops you would normally get.
    BuffImmunity Plugin Notes:
    • Add this plugin to your Plugins folder, run the game once to get your Plugins.ini to update with a [BuffImmunity] category, close the game, then edit the values in Plugins.ini to your preferences.
    • Buff IDs can be the names or IDs taken from http://pastebin.com/S4RxpkUq
    • Adds permanent immunity to the buffs you specify.
    Flashlight (by MrBlueSL) Plugin Notes:
    • Press the hotkey (default is U) to toggle a small light on your cursor.
    PortableCraftingGuide Plugin Notes:
    • Press the hotkey (default is C) to open the crafting guide anywhere, without needing the Guide NPC.
    EnhancedCellPhone Plugin Notes:
    • While holding the Cell Phone, right-click to change modes between Home, LeftOcean, RightOcean, Hell, Random. Then use left-click to activate.
    • WARNING: Careful when using Hell mode, it might and probably will put you in lava.
    ItemPrefix Plugin Notes:
    • Chat commands:
      • /prefix name
      • /prefix id
      • /prefix keep (toggles flag that determines whether item stats are kept and added to when applying a new prefix)
      • /prefix help
    • Chat command examples:
      • /prefix mythical
      • /prefix 0 (use this to reset your item to have no prefix)
    • Prefix IDs can be the names or IDs taken from http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Prefix_IDs
    • Changes the currently held or selected item to have the given prefix.
    Bind Plugin Notes:
    • Chat commands:
      • /bind modifiers,hotkey command
      • /unbind modifiers,hotkey
      • /listbinds
    • Chat command examples:
      • /bind Control,T /time dusk -- sets time to dusk
      • /unbind Control,T
      • /bind Control,Shift,K /usetime -- reset usetime of item
    SavePosition Plugin Notes:
    • Your position on each world will be persisted after exiting the game. So now you can be put right back into your underground expedition after re-loading your character.
    ItemConfig (by YellowAfterlife) Plugin Notes:

    If you want TerrariaPatcher v1.2.0.33 (compatible with tModLoader v0.9.0.0 & Terraria v1.3.4.3), go here: https://github.com/dougbenham/Terra...70c65f4eb84ddb61/TerrariaPatcher.zip?raw=true

    Plugin Repositories:
    Source code for those interested:


    v1.2.0.36: Updated to work with tModLoader v0.10.0.1.
    v1.2.0.35: Updated for Terraria v1.3.5.3.
    v1.2.0.34: Update for Terraria v1.3.5.1.
    v1.2.0.33: Added Large Address Aware patch.
    v1.2.0.32: Improved plugin loader.
    v1.2.0.31: Added Functional Social Slots patch.
    v1.2.0.30: Fixed visual bug.
    v1.2.0.29: Updated to work with tModLoader v0.9.0.0.
    v1.2.0.28: Fixed item prefix patch for real!
    v1.2.0.27: Fixed item prefix patch.
    Added Turrets plugin.​
    v1.2.0.26: Updated for Terraria v1.3.4.3.
    v1.2.0.25: Added InventoryEnhancements to distribution.
    v1.2.0.24: Added code to bypass github caching for updates.
    v1.2.0.23: Updated for Terraria v1.3.4.1.
    v1.2.0.22: Updated for Terraria v1.3.3.
    v1.2.0.21: Updated for Terraria v1.3.1.
    v1.2.0.20: Changed admin checks to warnings instead of halting.
    v1.2.0.19: Attempt to fix administrator warning.
    v1.2.0.18: Fixed bug with checking when files are locked.
    v1.2.0.17: Added many different warnings about running as admin, files being in use, and files missing.
    Added Terraria.exe.config to help people who don't have .NET Framework 4.5 installed.
    Fixed infamous tile/wall issue when using UseTime plugin with Builder potion or items like Architect Gizmo Pack.
    Fixed ItemConfig & UseTime plugin to work better together.​
    v1.2.0.16: Added autoupdate.
    Fixed using hotkeys while game is paused (PortableCraftingGuide, ChestSearch, etc).
    Fixed Season plugin, works on load now.
    Added minisharkron to HomingBullets plugin exclusions.​
    v1.2.0.15: Added SavePosition plugin.
    Added ItemConfig plugin.
    Updated /usetime and /autoreuse commands to persist changes if you have ItemConfig plugin installed.​
    v1.2.0.14: Added '/prefix keep' command to ItemPrefix plugin.
    Fixed '/usetime' command to preserve autoreuse/favorite status when resetting item.
    Fixed modifier hotkey issue.
    Fixed PortableCraftingGuide plugin to properly read inventory key.
    Fixed EnhancedCellPhone plugin with better right-click interception.​
    v1.2.0.13: Added Bind plugin.
    Added 2nd proc of Luminite Arrows to HomingPlugins plugin exclusions.
    Fixed PortableCraftingGuide to use inventory key set in Terraria config.
    Fixed /usetime command to preserve item prefix when reseting usetime.​
    v1.2.0.12: Added filter for persistent buffs on UI.
    Sorted persistent buffs alphabetically.
    Added sync feature to Copy Plugins window, to help delete plugins you deselected.
    Added ItemPrefix plugin.
    Added customizable timer to Respawn plugin.
    Moved Demi-God mod to the GodMode plugin.
    Renamed EnhancedPDA plugin to EnhancedCellPhone.
    Added meteors to HomingBullets plugin exclusions.​
    v1.2.0.11: Added command '/usetime' to reset to original value.
    Fixed hotkey-support for using just CTRL / ALT / SHIFT as a hotkey.​
    v1.2.0.10: Added BuffImmunity plugin.
    Added Flashlight plugin.
    Added PortableCraftingGuide plugin.
    Added EnhancedPDA plugin.
    Added Electrosphere Launcher to HomingBullets plugin exclusions.
    Updated DropRates plugin with Rare-only drop rate toggle.
    Added plugin support for IPluginPlaySound.​
    v1.2.0.9: Fixed Newtonsoft.Json.dll extraction issue with Terraria
    v1.2.0.8: Added DropRates plugin.
    v1.2.0.7: Added Season plugin.
    Added ShopSellsScalingPotions plugin.
    Added InfiniteSundial plugin.
    Added ChestSearch plugin.
    Added LoadoutSwap plugin.
    Added administrator privileges warning when patching.
    Added new 'spawn at cursor' command for NPC plugin.
    Added /range command to UseTime plugin.
    Added /plugins command to loader.
    Added new hotkey-command bindings. Check plugin notes.
    Added new Shared folder for shared plugin source code.
    Added plugin support for IPluginInitialize, IPluginDrawInventory, IPluginUpdateTime.
    Fixed bug with plugin support for Newtonsoft.Json.dll.​
    v1.2.0.6: Added plugin support for IPluginNPCLoot.
    Fixed NPC plugin to work when spawning negative IDs (special slimes).​
    v1.2.0.5: Added plugin support for IPluginPlayerQuickBuff.
    v1.2.0.4: Changed blocks/walls/wires to use usetime 1 instead of 0.
    Added plugin support for Newtonsoft.Json.dll.​
    v1.2.0.3: Added plugin support for IPluginChestSetupShop.
    v1.2.0.2: Moved Full Bright to a plugin with toggleable key.
    Added '/teleport plantera' and '/teleport strangeplant' commands to teleport plugin. Removed teleport plantera hotkey.
    Changed Teleport plugin method.
    Changed UseTime plugin to use 0 instead of 1 for picks/drills/axes/blocks/walls/wires.
    Added Builder buff / UseTime plugin warning.
    Reverted Reveal plugin changes.. Causing memory issues.
    Added ability to load plugins from subfolders with group compilation (allows for larger plugins).
    Added plugin support for IPluginPlayerGetItem.​
    v1.2.0.1: Added SkipSplash plugin.
    Fixed UseTime (autoreuse) command bug.
    Fixed Respawn plugin.
    Fixed GodMode plugin to use statLifeMax2 instead of statLifeMax.
    Fixed Reveal plugin to use UpdateLighting instead of Update method.
    Changed Teleport plugin to use friendly teleport method.​
    v1.2.0.0: Updated for Terraria
    Added IPluginChatCommand.
    Added command functionality to ItemSpawner, NPC, Time, and UseTime plugins.
    Various bug fixes.​
    v1.1.0.12: Changed UseTime to use [UseTime] category in Plugins.ini.
    Added Actuators to UseTime plugin.
    Added many warnings to patcher.
    Added dialog to copy plugins over to Terraria folder after done patching.​
    v1.1.0.11: Added GodMode plugin.
    Added InfiniteFlight.
    Moved Coin Gun to a plugin.
    Moved Max Tile Speed, Max Wall Speed, Max Pick Speed, Max Reach Range and Max Item Pickup Range to UseTime plugin.
    Updated UseTime plugin to work for Wrench, Green Wrench, Blue Wrench, and Wire Cutter.
    Fixed HomingBullets plugin for when you have Pygmy or Twin minions.
    Fixed NPC plugin, specifically spawn rate modification.
    Fixed BuffRates plugin, specifically rage.
    Various performance improvements.​
    v1.1.0.10: Fixed another plugin hotkey bug.
    v1.1.0.9: Added thread link & update warning on main UI of patcher.
    Fixed plugin hotkey bug.​
    v1.1.0.8: Fixed ItemSpawner to spawn items on yourself instead of player 1.
    Fixed MoreAccessorySlots plugin.
    Fixed Weather plugin.
    Moved spawn rate/limit to NPC plugin and allows dynamic adjustment of the values.
    Added endurance buff and ice barrier (from Frozen Turtle Shell) to BuffRates plugin.
    Added Minions plugin.
    Added Respawn plugin.​
    v1.1.0.7: Converted Item Replication to a plugin.
    Updated IPluginPlayerUpdate signature.
    Added IPluginUpdate.​
    v1.1.0.6: Added MoreAccessorySlots plugin.
    Added ItemSpawner plugin.
    Updated plugin hotkeys to only work when chat/chest edit/sign edit windows are closed.
    Updated Events plugin Moon Lord to use separate hotkey instead of CTRL modifier so that ItemSpawner doesn't conflict.
    Fixed bugs in HomingBullets plugin.
    Fixed typo in BuffRates plugin.
    Fixed permanent buffs mod to only give the user the buffs instead of all players.​
    v1.1.0.5: Added BuffRates plugin (archery, magic, wrath, rage).
    Converted 'Infinite Healing' into a plugin called InfiniteLifeSteal.
    Added teleport to cursor functionality to Teleport plugin.​
    v1.1.0.4: Added Weather plugin.
    Added Events plugin.
    Added HomingBullets plugin.
    Updated plugin-functionality with better hotkey support.​
    v1.1.0.3: Fixed bug with angler quest limit mod.
    v1.1.0.2: Added NPC plugin.
    v1.1.0.1: Fix for languages that use commas instead of periods in their decimal format.
    v1.1.0.0: Added config save/load functionality (all UI changes are persistent now).
    Added plugin functionality.
    Added Reveal plugin.
    Added Teleport plugin.
    Added UseTime plugin.
    Added Time plugin.​
    v1.0.4.2: Fixed 'Remove Mana Costs' for channeled items.
    v1.0.4.1: Added 'Full Bright'.
    Updated 'Inventory Item Replication' by Ryan.
    Changed UI to be more horizontal and is now resizable.
    Fixed mutual exclusivity of wings/cloud jump checkboxes.​
    v1.0.4.0: Updated to work with Terraria v1.3.0.2.
    Removed tUnlocker since dev items are allowed now.
    Added 'Max Tile Placement Speed'.
    Added 'Max Wall Placement Speed'.
    Added 'Max Pick Speed'.
    Added 'Max Reach Range'.
    Added 'Max Item Pickup Range'.
    Added 'Max Crafting Range'.​
    v1.0.3.6: Changed 'Infinite Split Stacks' to 'Inventory Item Replication (R + Right-click)'.
    v1.0.3.5: Added 'Infinite Cloud Jumps', 'Remove 2 hearts/second healing limit', 'Vampiric Knives Healing Rate', and 'Spectre Armor Healing Rate'.
    v1.0.3.4: Added accessory preference for 'Always Roll Best Prefixes'.
    v1.0.3.3: Added 'Always Roll Best Prefixes'.
    v1.0.3.2: Added 'Infinite Ammo' by Ryan S.
    v1.0.3.1: Added 'Infinite Split Stacks' by Ryan S.
    v1.0.3.0: Added 'Remove Drowning', 'Demigod Mode', 'One Hit Kill'.
    Set defaults to my personal preferences.​
    v1.0.2.2: Disabled 'Thorns Buff' since it was causing issues.
    Increased the 'Persistent Buffs' limit to 22 since that is the actual limit in Terraria now.
    Added 'Remove Angler Quest Limit Per Day'.
    Fixed some other small issues as well.​
    v1.0.2.1: Updated to match the 1.2.4 buffs.
    v1.0.2.0: Updated to work with Terraria v1.2.4.
    Added 'Display Time', 'Remove Potion Sickness Debuff', 'Remove Mana Costs', 'Permanent Red Wings', 'Coin Gun Modifications'.​
    v1.0.1.3: Updated to work with Terraria v1.2.3.1 and its new buffs (Ammo Box, etc).
    Removed InventoryManager since you can use the Gameiki Mod to add this functionality.​
    v1.0.1.2: Updated InventoryManager to 2.0.4
    Added 'Magic Power Buff' damage rate modification.
    Added 'Thorns Buff' damage rate modification.​
    v1.0.1.1: Small fix to detect newer InventoryManager.dll and copy it over for the user.
    v1.0.1.0: Updated 'Spawn rate for Demon Voodoo' to work with
    Updated InventoryManager to 2.0.2.
    Added 'Remove Rod of Discord Buff'.​
    v1.0.0.0: Initial release.
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  2. RaalRaal

    RaalRaal Terrarian

    Hey, I can't get the item spawner to work, and under the INI settings it has the keys J+Numpad, I tried that too and it also didn't work.
  3. Transcend

    Transcend Terrarian

    Thanks, not sure how this one got by me. I'll have an update in a couple mins.

    v1.1.0.10: Fixed another plugin hotkey bug.
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  4. Th3R34Lx7jman7x

    Th3R34Lx7jman7x Terrarian

    just an issue i got whenever i patched my first character was no longer playable it was there but i couldnt click the option to play possible bug?
  5. RaalRaal

    RaalRaal Terrarian

    I got massive frame drops, don't know what happened but had to alt+f4 to fix it :/
  6. Transcend

    Transcend Terrarian

    Do you use any minions?
  7. RaalRaal

    RaalRaal Terrarian

    No, I just was building a house, and when I walked out of it, it just went ham. It was impossible to even move my mouse cursor. It was raining if that helps.
  8. NotARainbow

    NotARainbow Terrarian

    can you add a crafting plugin to show all items
  9. [Nine] ISKOX

    [Nine] ISKOX Terrarian

    Terraria.exe is stuck on launch/stuck being a backround process on v1.1.0.10
  10. Stereox

    Stereox Plantera

    I cant go to the link. It says "Appliance Error".

    EDIT: Got it work from TO.
  11. Transcend

    Transcend Terrarian

    Ah yes. It is because of the smart cursor mode. You have a large block placement range. So once you walk out of your enclosed area, the smart cursor will be checking a wide area of tiles due to the way it works. Please just turn off smart cursor mode or simple switch away from the tile item you were holding.
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  12. Tyty

    Tyty Terrarian

    This is great. Works perfect for me. Thanks for all your work. :joy:
  13. RushOfCold

    RushOfCold Spazmatism

    You are my savior.
  14. KitsonFoxfire

    KitsonFoxfire Terrarian

    I can't play terraria anymore! All I get is "please launch the game from the steam client" I've tried restoring the back up, validating files, clean install. Still getting that message.........
  15. KitsonFoxfire

    KitsonFoxfire Terrarian

    *Sighs* I got it fixed.......had to reinstall steam but yea.... terraria is working again
  16. Transcend

    Transcend Terrarian

    Read the main post, particularly the section on plugins. Reading saves lives.

    v1.1.0.11: Added GodMode plugin.
    Added InfiniteFlight.
    Moved Coin Gun to a plugin.
    Moved Max Tile Speed, Max Wall Speed, Max Pick Speed, Max Reach Range and Max Item Pickup Range to UseTime plugin.
    Updated UseTime plugin to work for Wrench, Green Wrench, Blue Wrench, and Wire Cutter.
    Fixed HomingBullets plugin for when you have Pygmy or Twin minions.
    Fixed NPC plugin, specifically spawn rate modification.
    Fixed BuffRates plugin, specifically rage.
    Various performance improvements.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2015
  17. NotARainbow

    NotARainbow Terrarian

    can you make the itemspawning give maxstack of an item you are spawning, also could you possibly add a noclip script and crafting
  18. octium

    octium Terrarian

    When the [107] Builder is added to persistent buffs, any items like blocks/torches/etc I select on my action bar rapidly countdown until they are no longer in my inventory.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2015
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  19. Nyimsava Ahat

    Nyimsava Ahat Terrarian

    Can you add a boss spawner??????
  20. LegendOfBroki

    LegendOfBroki Terrarian

    Thanks for this! BTW, where can I find more plugins?
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