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PC [1.3] TerrariaPatcher (plugins and more!) - works with tModLoader now!


I need help I just started using the updated patched after not playing for a couple of years and I got this message.
Edit: Just to clarify I have verified my files, reinstalled the game and Terraria Patcher and received the same message.


Is there a way to add items to the ItemConfig?
So, you go to the terraria main file, where there’s the terraria.exe, at the top, search for a file called “ItemConfig.ini”, open it (I use notepad++ if I remember to open it), if there’s no item ID’s, normally, in the plugin file, the “ItemConfig.cs”, open it (with notepad++), and then you’ll see how it’s work, what and how it’s supposed to be placed


So, I can't get it too work, I had it working a year ago but I cleaned up my PC and I think the final update for Terraria is incompatible. Whenever I try to update it, it gives me an error saying it failed to check for updates. It says "System.Net.Webexception: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.


He'll get to it when he gets to it; there's no rush, especially since further fixes etc. are going to be made, and he'd have to update it again and again till they slow down.
For now, manually enabling the journey tool-set via a CE table works fine for non-journey worlds, and even if it's limited it works.


Why people nonstop spam to make him comeback, he’s maybe taking a break, please guy don’t spam him, he will release the update when he want to, I’m sure he haven’t abandoned the mod, so please be patient!
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