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    Well you could try this. Got to Documents>My Games>Terraria>ModLoader>Mods. You should find something called CalamityMod.tmod. Delete that file, and then run Tmod Terraria again.
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    The closest thing I could find was 'ModCompile" saw a couple things titled with 'windows' I deleted them (which was probably a bad choice). I tried launching Terraria up again but it still freezes at initiating calamity mod [fonts/HPBarFont.xnb]

    Im on a mac if that makes any difference.
    I think I'll head over to the Calamity download page and see if this has happened to any other people.
    Thank you for the help though. I really appreciate it.
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    Ah. If you're on a mac I have no clue how to help. Try the Discord servers for Calamity and possibly TMod. Maybe other people have had a similar problem and can get back to you quicker.
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    Because modbrowser always fails to download mods for some reason
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    I was using the tmodloader and I wanted to go to full screen and the game crashed then I tried to restart it multiple times and got a message that said "unable to create graphics device" so then I went to the configs and change full screen to false still no luck. does anyone know how to fix this? (note: I've looked at many tutorials and none helped)
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    public override void PostSetupContent()
                Main.itemTexture[ItemID.CobaltSword] = GetTexture( "Items/Vanilla/CobaltSword" );
                Main.itemTexture[ItemID.CobaltDrill] = GetTexture( "Items/Vanilla/CobaltDrill" );
                Main.projectileTexture[ProjectileID.CobaltDrill] = GetTexture( "Projectiles/Vanilla/CobaltDrill" );
                Main.itemTexture[ItemID.CobaltChainsaw] = GetTexture( "Items/Vanilla/CobaltChainsaw" );
                Main.projectileTexture[ProjectileID.CobaltChainsaw] = GetTexture( "Projectiles/Vanilla/CobaltChainsaw" );
    Any ideas why it replaces textures for drills/chainsaws (projectiles) only after the respective drill/saw have been used by the player and then mod have been reloaded.
    (this is the only custom code for vanilla drill projectiles I have)


    nvm, looked in the source and found that I need to set:
    Main.projectileLoaded[ItemID.CobaltChainsaw] = true;
    (it got overriden right before drawing)
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    I bet their gonna make an update like if you got the mods off your character and the new mods on, you click on that ! thing and then it says Turn mods on. Would've been a cool thing if they did add it! :D
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    If this should be posted on another forum, please tell me. I'm trying to play with the NEWEST version of Calamity, as well as Tremor, Thorium, kRPG, and Spirit. When I try to load any world, it gives me this error:

    Index was outside the bounds of the array.
    at Terraria.ModLoader.GlobalItem.Instance(Item item)
    at Terraria.ModLoader.ItemLoader.UpdateEquip(Item item, Player player)
    at Terraria.Player.VanillaUpdateEquip(Item item)
    at Terraria.Player.UpdateEquips(Int32 i)
    at Terraria.Player.Update(Int32 i)
    at Terraria.WorldGen.do_playWorldCallBack(Object threadContext)
    at Terraria.WorldGen.playWorldCallBack(Object threadContext)

    Please note that none of my worlds were loaded with the version of calamity that expanded the world. I went from a very old version straight to the newest.
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    This may sound weird, but try clicking and holding on the background sun before it gets to this step and keep holding it until the mods load. It worked for me and honestly I have no idea why.
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    i have a question that is even weirder

    what if you click and hold the moon instead?
  14. onContentStop

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    it deletes system32
    same thing as the sun.
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    cool, it's actually sad that there is no other easter eggs in menu