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Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

when i use tutorials
what happens when i need to unzip the ziped file i get is i dont get a zipped file i get a pile of :red: mixed with hell to make my life even more miserable filled with only :red:ing demons and the amount i want to die


Tmodloader wont load but normal game does. Tried literally EVERYTHING

System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'libc': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.Platforms.DetourNativeLibcPlatform.mprotect(IntPtr start, IntPtr len, MmapProts prot)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.Platforms.DetourNativeLibcPlatform.SetMemPerms(IntPtr start, UInt64 len, MmapProts prot)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.Platforms.DetourNativeLibcPlatform.MakeWritable(IntPtr src, UInt32 size)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.Platforms.DetourRuntimeILPlatform._HookSelftest(MethodInfo from, MethodInfo to)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.Platforms.DetourRuntimeILPlatform..ctor()
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.DetourHelper.get_Runtime()
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.DetourHelper.Pin[T](T method)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.Hook..ctor(MethodBase from, MethodInfo to, Object target, HookConfig& config)
at Terraria.ModLoader.Core.LoggingHooks.PrettifyStackTraceSources()
at Terraria.ModLoader.Logging.Init()
at Terraria.Program.LaunchGame(String[] args, Boolean monoArgs)

[email protected]@eT

Eye of Cthulhu
I want to install the new version. How do I do this? Also, I have installed a few mods but for some odd reason they don't show up in my mod list. These include multiple mods by hamstar to be specific.


Sometimes, when I reload mods, most of them have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to them in the mods list, saying they didn't fully unload. For some reason I'm experiencing crashes along with this (before I even go in a world). I'm not sure but I think it happens after I update mods from the mod browser. Reloading mods again just changes which ones are glitched, therefore not solving the problem.
Reporting a strange issue: If I have Tmodloader Terraria running and I open my internet browser, and vice versa, they both lag out and sometimes crash each other after a period of time, which makes looking at mod wikis for things I forgot a tedious and risky task. I am using the 64bit patch if that helps find a cause.


I have this problem where whenever I go to download a mod from the mod browser it will start the download but then the download bar never goes above zero. I have been able to download mods manually and putting them in the mod folder but I'm not sure what to do when it comes to updating the games. I'm afraid that if I delete the mod I'm going to update to re-download the updated version it will mess up the items that the mod has. I play on Linux btw.
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estou tendo problemas ao abrir o Terraria e este erro é o que está aparecendo


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Love this mod, the weapons, equipables, mobs and bosses are all distinct and unique, with a lot of thought put into each item. They didn't do what so many other Mod Authors do, that is,"Just add another autoswing sword except bigger and flammier and more damage than vanilla". The mod's content is fresh, not a re-skin of old ideas that already exist.

The Nail melee weapon is by far my favorite weapon from any modpack I can think of. That weapon feels like what all Melee Swords should be. It makes Melee Class more engaging than just hold down M1 until bad ting is gone. That weapon alone turned one of my most dreaded playstyles into something special.

Really appreciate the guys behind this mod, thanks.


So ive had an issue recently. installed it. done it a million times before. but now the mod browser wont go online. ill come back later. but i know its not an internet issue. ive done tests and all that jargon. if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. hope everyones staying safe
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