Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

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  1. Yung Lego Lord

    Yung Lego Lord Terrarian

    I'm having an issue with tmod loader where my game crashes at random or crashes on save and quit in both multiplayer and single player. I know its an issue with the mod loader or the mods im using (Calamity Mod). Not sure why im having this issue as the game ran perfectly before this week. I've updated the mod loader and reinstalled multiple times (wiped all data related to the mod loader and game). The game only crashes when Im running any mods.
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  2. JoJoBaginzu

    JoJoBaginzu Terrarian

    Is Start-TmodLoader-steam-friends not up to date yet? 'cause i updated my tmod to, but the server is still at
  3. Courtesyflame40

    Courtesyflame40 Terrarian

    Why do my files come out as a winrar...its a problem for me cuz I don't have a credit card...
  4. EpixTurkey

    EpixTurkey Terrarian

    I have no clue on how to update tmodloader. I'm currently on v0.10.1.1 and I figured it's time for an update. Can anyone give me steps or a video to update it?
  5. Solo-Ion

    Solo-Ion Dungeon Spirit

    The process for updating is the same as the process for installing it the first time, only you'll be overwriting the old files this time.
  6. DraganLevaunt

    DraganLevaunt Terrarian

    I heard somewhere that there is a search function in the mod finder, but if there is I dont know where it is or how to fine/ get it
  7. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Just start typing.

  8. Kyler_Hughes_55

    Kyler_Hughes_55 Terrarian


    no idea what this means, please help
  9. DraganLevaunt

    DraganLevaunt Terrarian

    this deserves a face palm... I use google and thats why xD
  10. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    You didn't install all the files. You should have a ModCompile folder in your steam install folder with tModLoaderMac.exe and other files in it.
  11. ProjectET

    ProjectET Skeletron Prime

    when your in the mod browser you will see a bar at the top right of the menu just type in a name of a mod and it will search for it.
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    you dont need to pay for winrar at all even if the trial ends, you still have access to it or you can just download 7zip.
  12. Salaro

    Salaro Terrarian

    Hiya, so I'm new to a lot of this coding stuff. I've spent a few months studying the basic code and C# and I'm comfortable with making items and things like that. But I'm having difficulties on a piece of my boss's AI. I'm trying to figure out how to make him invincible until you kill all of his minions. A lot like the Brain of Cthulhu
  13. Kyler_Hughes_55

    Kyler_Hughes_55 Terrarian


    hi this is kyler again, um I ran into some trouble getting this mod to load in can someone please tell me why, thank you :)
  14. OTR

    OTR Steampunker

    does anyone know how i could put the breathing rod effect on a chest plate?
  15. EpixTurkey

    EpixTurkey Terrarian

    Okay, I made the mistake of not making an extra Terraria file to play normal Terraria in case I wanted to join servers because I got kicked instantly due to having tmodloader (I was hoping having all the mods deactivated would work but no). How would I duplicate Terraria, but without the tmodloader?
  16. Lord Cthulhu

    Lord Cthulhu Terrarian

    Quick question. Is it actually possible to lose any of your worlds or characters by downloading any update?

    I don't honestly really know why i'm that worried about losing my stuff :merchantindifferent:
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  17. MorningStar

    MorningStar Terrarian

    This should work fine, just put it in the class of your chestplate

    public override void UpdateArmorSet(Player player)
    player.breathMax = enter breath value here;
  18. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    You can use steam to "verify game integrity" to get the vanilla exe back. Google it.
  19. ProjectET

    ProjectET Skeletron Prime

    there are a bit of issues with this code, for example with the item price you put (gold: 1) that is invalid and will produce an error, the correct way to do it is
    item.value = int;
    the value must be an integer. For example a value of 10000 should set the value to 1 gold
    the second problem is
    what it is meant to be is
    the reason why it didn't work is because of the fact that 'setResult' is the output of what you want crafted. You also forgot curly brackets to close the namespace, class and Addrecipes.
  20. sangrento

    sangrento Skeletron Prime

    Does anyone know what cause a bug were dropped items float? this is really annoying since my conveyor belts become useless when farming %:sigh:
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