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**REPORTED** Multi Desync SOLVED Case


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Issue: Enemies hitboxes and sprites are desynced from each other after update
which breaks combat on server, especially with fast moving and teleporting enemies.

Solution: Changing "MultiplayerNPCSmoothingRange" options value in config.json to 0.

What should be done (IMO):

- This option should be introduced to players better so they are aware of its existance.
- This option should be accesible from the game and not only available in config.json file.

Longer version:

Me and my friend were playing on rented standalone server since release of the update.
We were having fun and enjoying new content until update happened.
I was mainy focused on building towns for npc so I did not notice difference but my friend farmed
golem for ranger accesory and spirits in dungeon for spectre bars.

He experienced golems head and
arms flying across entire screen. His chlorophyte bullets were aiming on air instead of golems hands or
teleporting wizards in dungeon and becouse of that bullets were dealing no damage.

Later we managed to kill Lunatic Cultist and started Lunar Event and then I experienced that bug in its full "glory".
Bug was most visible with Nebula Floaters. When they appeared they acted normally for a while but then they started
shooting from locations they were not in thus making their shots almost undodgeable.

We then were sure that it is really big bug and waited a day for update with fix.
Day later everything was still the same. So I checked the changelog and that "MultiplayerNPCSmoothingRange"
looked suspicious to me so I found "config.json" file and disabled it.

After I and my friend did that we were again able to play the game and enjoy it.
I believe that change/bug ruined combat for more people and I think it could be enraging enough to make them quit,
as the source of this problem is not very clear.

I think that there should be done some actions to spread awareness about this problem to Terraria community,
and players that don't read forums and/or changelogs.


Quality Assurance
Staff member
Thanks for the feedback! As we do hotfixes, a lot of new mechanics/settings have to be implemented config-only due to time constraints. Once things have settled down, we can implement them into the main menu properly.

As for the issues relating to smoothing specifically, we are looking into them! Thanks!

Terra M Welch

Duke Fishron
No wonder bosses have been weird for me and my friend, it was really noticable when we fought queen bee.

For steam-ran servers where can I find this config? That's the only way I've been able to host.


@Leinfors Ok thanks for claryfying things with setting being config only. It was super weird to me when this setting affects gameplay that much.

@Terra M Welch This config is local, clientside, on windows it is in Documents > My games > Terraria > config.json.
You can check Terraria Gamepedia for different systems.
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