Standalone [] Terraria Leveled RPG mod


Terraria Leveled is a mod of Terraria with just leveling added, that's it. And to add optional textures to various UI elements to keep things different.

I will not be adding classes, races, or quests! If you want that, go play N Terraria.

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This mod does not work in the "GOG" version. Only the "Steam" version will work!

This is not a tModLoader mod!

Current Terraria Version: / Leveled Version / Unleveled Version 11 (

Yes, there is multiplayer support!

This mod is to add leveling while keeping as close to a vanilla experience possible.

Exp can be earned in four ways: Mining ores/gems, killing creatures, Fishing, and completing a fishing quest.

This mod uses a different folder for save data!

It's in the same location but named Terraria Leveled.
World/Character data is compatible with the original.

Worlds loaded from Vanilla or Editors WILL NOT have Experience for ores.

If you want to import a save from the original game, simply copy the character file from "documents/my games/terraria/players/" to "my games/terraria leveled/players/"

Always make sure you have a backup of the original saves/worlds if importing from the original game!
Version 11 (12/24/16):

Updated to

Added new health styles.

Version 9.1.1 (10/25/15):

Fixed damage fonts.

Fixed KH2 Healthbar extra bars to shrink at 18 bars instead of 25.

Fixed Heart Style 2 animation.

Version 9.1 (9/25/15):

Updated to

Fixes In-game achievements.

Implemented Zone names back in when changing areas. (Note: if there's new biomes in 1.3, I haven't added them yet.)

Adjusted the position of the KH2 style enemy HP bar for when you have the player KH style healthbar on.

Version 9 (8/5/2015):

Updated to
Version (8/10/2020):
*Fixed crashes regarding missing files

Version 1.1.1 (8/9/2020):
*Reimplemented all the interface features of "Unleveled" back in to Leveled. Settings are accessed in the ingame settings menu in the 'interface' section. You can move interface elements by holding ALT+SHIFT
*Fixed high scaling of damage on NPC projectiles. Some will do very low damage due to the way these deal damage. Report them if you find any, I'll try to see if I can fix them.
*Adjusted NPC stat scaling by level to be overall lower. Should offer much better scaling at lower levels and not be as brutal.
*Adjusted the damage formula. Defense is more effective now.
*Fixed Broken Armor not reducing defense.
*Fixed Empress of Light level.
*Gave a few more 1.4 enemies levels. Still missing some, if you encounter one let me know.

*Moved Leveled's content to a singular location. (.../Content/Leveled)

Version (7/24/2020):
Fixed fancy and classic heart and star UI meter styles
Fixed desert biome popup not working

Version 1.1 (Starting new versioning) (7/16/20):
*Standalone update for terraria 1.4!
*NPC level and experience data shows up in the bestiary.
*Completely removed Agility.
*The Wizard now offers stat reset services. Price is the same as it was to reset with the Medallion.
*Mana Shield now only absorbs damage up to half your maximum mana, but also only absorbs half the damage taken instead of all of it. It now auto regenerates every minute to restore absorption power.
*Barrier was nerfed to absorb a maximum of 15% max HP instead of 25%, and adds 0.75% of magic damage dealt to the shield rather than 1%.

Version 11.1 (Old versioning style from here down) (4/12/17):
Added EXP values to fishing that didn't have any. Such as Bombfish, Biome Crates, etc.
Slightly nerfed NPC/Enemy HP at levels 22 and higher.
Added an autopause option to the Stat Flower.
Added an option where the inventory toggle key closes stat windows.
Possibly fixed Celestial Tower EXP.
Some text fixes.
Added an error message at you heart location if there's a probleim with the hud not showing up.
Possibly fixed an issue where most of the interface disappears when there's an error with the HUD.

Version 11.0.4 (02/28/17):
Fixed Duke Fishron's damage and defense. Again. Hopefully.
Fixed Clown Bombs.

Version 11.0.3 (02/19/17):
Fixed speed issues with some weapons.
Fixed Duke Fishron's damage and defense in second phase.

Version 11.0.2 (02/09/17):
Additional attempts to reduce memory usage.

Version 11.0.1 (02/08/17):
Attempted to reduce the number of crashes caused by "Out of Memory" exceptions in large worlds.

Magic Cuffs restore mana based on damage BEFORE defense now.

Fixed Critical worlds.

Version 11 (02/7/17):
Updated to Terraria

The stat system for players has changed drastically. There is no more specialization at character creation, and players can now basically choose the stats they want, as they level up.

RNG(Ranged) changed to DEX(Dexterity), MAG(Magic) changed to INT(Intelligence), SUM(Summon) changed to SPR(Spirit), THR(Throw) changed to AGI(Agility).

New stat system introduced. It is called the "Stat Flower." This chart is to enhance the existing stat system for players who want to customize their stats, instead of it being pre-determined.
You can use status points to level up the 6 stat trees to power up your stats in that specific tree. Each level up in that stat tree, you'll gain either a new ability, or a bonus stat boost.
These are the 6 stat trees: Physique(STR), Fortitude(VIT), Aptitude(DEX), Finesse(AGI), Attunement(INT), Enhancement(SPR).

Renamed "Base Defense" to "Armor".

Reduced base Armor from 7 to 5.

Completely overhauled the ability list.

MaxAP and Abilities are only gained through the stat chart now.

Completely changed the damage formula. It's a lot closer to Vanilla now, but not exactly the same.

Completely changed the stat attack, HP, and defense formulas for enemies and players.

Base MP reduced to 6, from 20. (30% of Vanilla Terraria)

Base HP reduced to 15, from 18. (75% of Vanilla Terraria)

Base stats reduced from 6 to 2.

Several new abilities.

Magic cuffs now restore mana based on how many hearts in damage you take. For example, 1 heart of damage equals 20 mana restored.

The MP Rage ability restores mana based on how many hearts in damage you take, but half as effective as magic cuffs. Example: 1 heart damage = 10 mana restored.

Backups for leveled data now happens.

There's a new health bar style in the mod settings: Health Bar 3.

Changed the style of the character select menu to where it shows a heart and star count a little better.

The defense stat triggers for events such as EoC spawn, or Slime Rain are now associated with the Equip Armor stat instead of Defense. This makes it exactly like vanilla.

Town NPC levels now scale with according to your world progression.

Balanced fall damage.

Fixed Nebula Floater damage.

The Wizard can now offer stat resets. For a hefty price.

Fixed errors related to leveling up with the gore off.

Gave the KH style health bar a makeover. It has multiple sizes now and is much more smooth.

Changed some of the zone titles and removed the pre-hard level text when in hard mode. Rain isn't it's own biome now.

Added an "Underground" and "Desert Underground title. "Cavern" appears when you're in the cavern level now.

Added a new party window style.

The "Scan" ability functions differently now. It now affects the vanilla health bars, and will allow you to see a target's Lv., Atk, and Def when moused over.

You can now see boss levels if you're 10 levels over the boss.

Cleaned up the Mod Settings menu.

Added new settings for specific health bar styles.

Added a volume setting for low HP.

Added a low HP sound style setting.

Removed the setting to turn off low HP, as you can just mute it now.

Desert Fossil, Enchanted Shrine, Coin Sacks, and Gem Stashes give EXP now.

Buffed Shroomite Armor set. Helm DEX bonus 12 > 15. Stealth DEX bonus 15 > 20.

Spectral Hood now retains it's vanilla effect rather than reducing INT by 45.

The following enemies had level changes:
King Slime Lv.30 > Lv.20
Hellbat Lv.41 > Lv.42
Floaty Gross Lv.62 > Lv.55
Crimslime Lv.56 > Lv.50
Crimson Axe Lv.63 > Lv.56
Ichor Sticker Lv.59 > Lv.53
Pigron Lv.61 > Lv.55
Herpling Lv.58 > Lv.53
Ice Elemental Lv.55 > Lv.50
Swamp Thing Lv.73 > Lv.60
Black Recluse Lv.61 > Lv.57
Frankenstein Lv.74 > Lv.61
Vampire Lv.75 > Lv.62
Eyezor Lv.76 > Lv.63
Reaper Lv.75 > Lv.68
Butcher Lv.76 > Lv.73
Creature from the Deep Lv.74 > Lv.71
Nailhead Lv.77 > Lv.74
Fritz Lv.71 > Lv.61
Psycho Lv.74 > Lv.71
Deadly Sphere Lv.73 > Lv.70
Dr. Man Fly Lv.73 > Lv.72
The Possessed Lv.75 > Lv.61
Mothron Lv.77 > Lv.75
Mothron Egg Lv.74 > Lv.71
Baby Mothron Lv.75 > Lv.72
Wolf Lv.56 > Lv.52
Ice Tortoise Lv.60 > Lv.55
Toxic Sludge Lv.49 > Lv.46
Possessed Armor Lv.47 > Lv.48
Illuminant Slime Lv.59 > Lv.52
Illuminant Bat Lv.60 > Lv.53
Gastropod Lv.56 > Lv.51
Slimer Lv.56 > Lv.51
Chaos Elemental Lv.61 > Lv.55
Skeleton Archer Lv.52 > Lv.50
Clown Lv.55 > Lv.50
Werewolf Lv.50 > Lv.47
Green Jellyfish Lv.51 > Lv.48
Angler Fish Lv.52 > Lv.49
Clinger Lv.61 > Lv.54
Seeker Lv.59 > Lv.52
Digger Lv.54 > Lv.49
Corruptor Lv.57 > Lv.51
Giant Bat Lv.51 > Lv.45
Wyvern Lv.70 > Lv.65
Unicorn Lv.57 > Lv.53
Enchanted Sword Lv.63 > Lv.56
Cursed Hammer Lv.63 > Lv.56
Wraith Lv.46 > Lv.50
Corrupt Slime Lv.55 > Lv.50
Light Mummy Lv.56 > Lv. 53
Dark Mummy Lv.55 > Lv.53
Mummy Lv.53 > Lv.50
Armored Skeleton Lv.53 > Lv.50
Pixie Lv.55 > Lv.51
Armored Viking Lv.59 > Lv.54
Icy Merman Lv.58 > Lv.53
Pirate Deckhand Lv.71 > Lv.59
Pirate Corsair Lv.74 > Lv.62
Pirate Deadeye Lv.72 > Lv.60
Pirate Crossbower Lv.73 > Lv.61
Pirate Captain Lv.75 > Lv.63
Parrot Lv.74 > Lv.60
Flying Dutchman Lv.76 > Lv.65
Blood Jelly Lv.57 > Lv.51
Ice Golem Lv. 58 > Lv.55
Angry Nimbus Lv.52 > Lv.50
Fungo Fish Lv.54 > Lv. 53
Hoppin' Jack Lv.56 > Lv.50
Ghost Lv.50 > Lv.48
Goblin Summoner & Shadowflame Apparition Lv.62 > Lv.60
Dune Splicer Lv.52 > Lv.50
Ghoul Lv.52 > Lv.51
Vile Ghoul Lv.57 > Lv.54
Tainted Ghoul Lv.58 > Lv.54
Dreamer Ghoul Lv.59 > Lv.54
Lamia Lv.54/60 > Lv.53/55
Desert Spirit Lv.62 > Lv.56
Sand Elemental Lv.61 > Lv.55
Sand Shark Lv.55 > Lv.53
Bone Biter & Flesh Reaver & Crystal Thresher Lv.60 > Lv.55

Version 10.6.4 (5/15/16):
Added SSC Support to TShock.

Minor bug fixes I forgot to list.

Version 10.6.3 (4/27/16):
Fixed an issue with enemy health bars appearing in multiplayer when enemies are damaged by anything but a player.

Fixed an issue where the pink party doesn't have shared EXP.

Fixed an issue where EXP share would double depending on how many players there are.

Fixed banner buff damage in multiplayer.

Fixed insanely rapid damage recieved when stoned.

Fixed an issue where some bosses would disappear when struck in multiplayer.

Version 10.6.2 (4/23/16):
Fixed an issue with linking items in chat not showing any of the new prefixes other than Dextrious.

Fixed an issue when disabling natural life regen, but still regenerating when you have 8+ hearts.

Version 10.6.1 (4/21/16):
Adjusted Angler Quest EXP payouts. Most of them should give more, or appropreate amounts.

Added an indicator on the player select menu where a "-" appears on your heart or star counts when you have natural regen for them disabled.

Adjusted fall damage.

Added bonus 25% EXP gain from banner buffs.

Version 10.6 (4/21/16):
Added Metroid Prime style health bar.

Added a slightly modified style for the KH Health Bar. This one is based off your base HP gained through levels instead of heart count for the length of your HP bar.

Added a little detail to the KH health bar. When you're damaged, the bar shakes.

Reduced Moon Lord's attack power a bit.

Fixed Exposed Gems, Gem Caves, and Ore Deposits with explosive traps. They now give EXP.

Fixed a TShock issue where players could infinitely mine EXP from an ore that's in the spawn area and TShock protects the spawn.

Added 15 new accessory prefixes.

Reduced reforging costs for accessories to 59%. Down from 65%.

Changed when summons kill an enemy without you manually hitting it, you gain 10% of the regular EXP instand of none.

Fixed an issue where ammo specific stat boosts do nothing. Such as Shroomite armor, or Magic Quiver.

Fixed an issue in the server where the launch commands -ip, -port, and -config don't work without the TShock plugin.

Fixed an issue where Nebula Damage would not give stats for THR and SUM.

Fixed no damage scaling for fall damage.

Fixed a scaling issue with banner buffs.

Version 10.5 (4/3/16):
Reduced universal damage by about 7%. This effects both players and enemies.

Reduced damage calculation by about 6% at 16 base damage, and about 33% at 125. This effects both players and enemies.

Added text for Base Defense value when moused over your defense stat.

Changed the way Defense is calculated with Base Defense to the same way weapon damage is calculated. Ex: at 7+83 base defense and 90 Vit, you had about 1113 defense. This new calculation brings that down to 716 or so. So this prevents extremely high defense values end game.

Fixed heart type 2 loss/gain speed.

Fixed an issue with glowing hearts not working in Critical Mode.

Stardust dragon no longer taps an enemy for EXP.

Fixed damage scaling for Stardust Dragon Staff, Last Prism, and Charged Blaster Cannon.

Raised the EXP gained from the Lunar Pillars, Moon Lord, and the Lunatic Cultist by over 600%.

Updated TShock/ServerAPI to the latest Git. Improves/Fixes server stuff.

Version 10.4 (1/6/16):
Fixed a defense issue for NPCs.

Maximized DEF and ATK for day time Skeletron/Prime and Dungeon guardian to guarantee only 1 damage and one shot players.

Fixed a multiplayer issue where if you take over 20,000 damage, you get booted.

Max damage dealt to players changed to 20,000.

Slightly changed the damage calculation formula. This change is so small, that it probably won't be noticable. It's only noticable for base damage values over 5000. (Ex: Dungeon Guardian)

Version 10.3 (1/3/16):
Attempt to fix a crash in multiplayer when players obtain an ability far away from you. Also attempted to fix other various crashes related to Abilities.

Fixed a minor glitch where if you lowered your EXP rate in multiplayer, and defeat a boss it'll say you gained minus EXP.

Added a feature for players doing a Level 1 run where they start out with various abilities and get increased AP and also gain status points from defeating a boss the first time.

Fixed Duke Fishron's Sharknado.

Updated the server api and the TShock plugin to TShock version Most notable thing is that it fixes bombs.

Version 10.2 (12/28/15):
Fixed an issue in multiplayer where anyone in the pink party would break EXP gain.

Fixed Vortex Beater and Phantasm damage.

Version 10.1 (12/20/15):
Fixed an issue where enemies go to level 100 in multiplayer when Moon Lord is downed when in Expert Mode.

Added a very special ability for people who down Moon Lord at level 1 in Expert or Critical mode.

Version 10 (12/17/15):
Updated to

Raised max level to 100. From 80.

Raised max starting health back to 5 hearts.

Added a new world difficulty mode: Critical Mode. Note: This mode is INSANE. Expert mode, plus 50% reduced Max HP(Doesn't effect the player save file), 30% more damage taken(after defense), 25% increase in damage dealt(after defense), and 25% increase in EXP gain.

Added new feature, Passive Abilities. There are currently 52 abilities.

Adjusted the position of the invasion progress bar.

Added player head to KH health bar.

Increased the damage cap from 9999 to 99999.

Reforging costs are reduced by 35% instead of 25% now.

Added a new health bar for players.

Added two new stats. [SUM][Summon], and [THR][Throw].

Set base defense for players to 7, and increased base defense for enemies by 7.

NPCs now have the same stat base as players that improve thier attack and defense and share the same formula. (STR and VIT).

NPC HP has been revamped.

Stats gradually get more effective the higher the value. E.G. 8 STR can increase damage by 7.0024% each point. 60 STR can increase damage by 7.0180% per point. This is actually very effective and will be noticable.

Armor Penetration increases damage by it's value. Pretty much useless at higher levels(40+) until I can figure out a better formula for it.

Shrunk KH2 enemy HP bar by 40%.

Fixed Spectre Hood set and Vampire Knives to not heal on critters.

Spectre/Vampire healing can now only heal up to a maximum of 8% of the user's MaxHP.

Fixed the max rate life stealing/healing.

Fixed Necro set to give Ranged instead of Magic.

Necro Breastplate gives +3 Ranged instead of +2.

Meteor Suit gives +3 Magic instead of +2.

Reduced Frost Helmet stats from +14 to +13.

Chanced Spectre Hood stat reduction from -35 to -45.

Raised stat gain from Wrath Potion by 1.

Magic cuffs now restores mana by: Damage / MaxHP * 250. So basically, if you take damage equal to your MaxHP, you'll restore 250 mana.

Rebalanced most non-ranged weapon ranged damage. E.g.: Starfury, Pumpkin Sword

Town NPCs and critters no longer get scaled stats in multiplayer.

Changed Jungle Bat level to 14. Down from 33.

Changed Snacher level to 18. Down from 35.

Changed Vulture level to 9. Down from 13

Changed Jungle Slime level to 11. Down from 32.

Expert/Critical mode makes it while in Hardmode, enemies that are below level 40 are now level 40. If Plantera is defeated, this goes to 50. (60 for Golem, 70 for Cultist, Critical Only: 100 for Moon Lord) This doesn't effect bosses.

The server now controls EXP gain from ores. This reduces the amount of data transfered over the net and guarantees EXP gain from ores.

Version 8.4 (5/13/2015):
Added TShock support, with Server Side Character(SSC) support. (Requires seperate download)

Added a new healthbar style for the player.

Fixed an issue where players sometimes won't get EXP from kills in multiplayer.

Changed Sorcerer/Ranger/Warrior Emblem stats from +4 to +7.

Changed Destroyer Emblem stats from +6 to +4.

Changed Celestial Emblem magic stat from +5 to +7.

Slightly reduced the growth of the enemy stat multiplier for multiple players.

Normal enemies now take 20% of the effect of the stat multiplier instead of 25%.

Changed some high level trap damage.

Slightly reduced lava damage scaling.

Lava damage to enemies now scales with their level.

Fixed Pygmy Staff tagging enemies for EXP.

Changed respawn health back from 3 hearts to 5 hearts.

Version 8.3.2 (4/23/15):
Fixed an issue where prefix "Lax" was reducing all stats.

Version 8.3.1 (4/21/15):
Changed how the heart meter shows gained health from HP modifiers. (Ex: Lifeforce Potion)

Some minor hotfixes

Version 8.3 (4/20/15):
Changed the HP% formula from accessories to be more accurate. It now increases your Heart count if raised high enough, but still increases HP even if it doesn't increase maximum hearts.

Added new effects for when you level up.

Made enemies get even stronger in Multiplayer. (+20%(90%) more HP, +8%(26%) more defense, +2%(17%) more damage, per player.

Changed the increments of the EXP handicap from 25% to 5% in the player creation menu.

Version 8.2 (1/4/15):
Fixed an issue where stats don't properly increase when using a stat point with auto pause on.

Added a growing red ring to the player KH healthbar when HP is low.

Fixed the Necro set not giving the correct stats.

Necro set stats reduced from +3 each to +2 each.

Meteor set stats reduced from +3 each to +2 each.

Version 8.1 (12/10/14):
5 new damage fonts.

New low HP sound for the KH Healthbar.

Fixed an issue where damaging copper items would not show the correct base damage.

More 1.3 Preparations.

Version 8 (11/9/14):
Made preperations for 1.3.

Complete enemy stat overhaul.

Player HP overhaul. Life fruits no longer double HP or increase HP Recovery. They are reverted back to vanilla.

Raised fixed base stats by 1.

Raised minimum base stats by 8.

Raised base stat possibility for other specs.

Reworked HP regen to be closer to Vanilla rates.

Changed some trap/environmental damage.

Added a new health bar style for players.

Gave a stat reset to all specs including stat points spent. You will retain your current spec.

Reworked most of the new affixes so they don't feel like such a downgrade.

Prefixes that give HP now increase HP by a percentage instead of a fixed rate.

Fixed an issue where the crimson set didn't give the correct stats.

You are now required to tag(hurt) an enemy to acquire EXP. Summons, thorns potion, chlorophyte armor, etc, do not tag the enemy.

Creatures from statues no longer give EXP.

Mana Flowers have been fixed.

Multiplayer bosses have increased stats(HP, Defense and slight Damage) depending on how many players there are. Other enemies have 75% less of an effect.

Meteorite now properly gives EXP.

You can gain EXP from fishing.

EXP can be obtained from the fishing quests.

EXP gained from enemies now decreases from normal enemies the higher your level. Twenty Five Level difference, 10% minimum, 175% maximum.

Added an option to reduce EXP gained in player creation. Up to 100% Reduced (No EXP).

Balanced out ammo/ranged damage.

Raised NPC Levels from 30 to 40.

Drastically reduced EXP from enemies in invasions.

You no longer make an action when clicking when the mouse is over a stat that you can increase with status points.

Red Devil level increased from 67 to 73.

Lava bat level increased from 65 to 71.

Increased power for summon damage through the magic stat.

Reduced the effect of Ichor on players and changed it for enemies. (VIT -25 to -15 for players. DEF -20 to -10% on enemies.)

Added text to the weapon damage to show the base damage of the weapon.

Bug I cannot trace: Chlorophyte doesn't properly give EXP in multiplayer.

Version 7b (5/21/14):
Added a new optional health bar for enemies.

Tweaked boss HP.

Version 7a (4/24/14):
Increased enemy stats. (Complaints that it was too easy)

Changed some UI stuff. (Heart texture 2 now has 8 parts instead of 4.)

Spike traps now deal more damage.

Thorns, Sand, Gravel, etc, now do more damage.

Added two new damage fonts.

Version 7 (1/26/14):
Updated to 1.2.2.

EXP required increased significantly.

Weapon damage tweaked.

Stats Tweaked.

Added a stat specialization tab in the character creation.

Added an option to handicap your max health in the character creation.

Added an option to disable natural health or mana regeneration in the character creation.

Made worlds work with editors and vanilla again.

Lowered base player HP.

Bonus stats on equipment changed/upgraded.

Added an option to change when the low health sound activates in the Mod Settings on the title screen.

You can now see party memeber EXP.

Max level reduced to 80 to make room for new future content.

Fixed an issue with summoned invasions not working for players below 10 hearts.

Added feature take items from your inventory to containers and vice versa using Shift + Click.

Added several new affixes for accessories.

Evened out VIT with the rest of the stats.

Fixed some things that made the Nurse charge for passive buffs. Such as Campfire, Water Candle, or Heart Lantern.

Added a biome info message when changing biomes.

Moved the resources the mod uses to an individual folder.

Added an option to change the damage font from 9 different fonts.

Added an alternate party window. Changable in the Mod Settings.

Balanced out fall damage a bit more.

Revamped HP Regeneration.

Reduced cost of Reforging for accessories by 25%

Version 6 (10/24/13):
Weapon damage re-balance.

Fixed Plantera.

Fixed some stats on other enemies that were not working.

Slight enemy HP/Def re-balance.

Fixed an issue with EXP from ores.

Pre-hardmode bosses no longer increase in level in hardmode worlds.

Worlds from this mod are no longer compatible with the original game. But original worlds can still be loaded.

Fixed the damage on drowning.

After much demand I lowered the damage on falls for low levels, but not by too much.

Version 5 (10/23/13):
Added an import option to import saves from the original game.

Some re-balancing.

Some bug fixes and minor changes.

Version 4 (10/22/13):
Updated for!

Enemy stat growth from levels completely reworked, so the scaling of enemies shouldn't be as bad as before.

The issue with enemies that die on the server but not on the client due to syncing issues, causing the enemy to disappear and give no EXP possibly fixed. I have no idea.

Enemies like Worms, or Bone Serpents now give EXP like they should.

Increased player base maximum HP.

Fixed a problem where you get EXP from trap kills.

Hearing another player level up is now working.

Stat Points are every 6 levels after Lv.2 instead of every 7 levels now.

Change from the original: The default resolution was changed from 1152 x 864 to 1024 x 768.

Version 3 (9/29/13):
Changed some enemy stats (weakened a bit).

Fixed shared EXP.

Lowered required EXP (it's a bit easier to level at lower levels now).

Nerfed Poison, On Fire!, and Cursed Inferno.

You can now see/hear when another player levels up.

Version 2 (9/28/13):
Fixed an issue in multiplayer that was causing damage to go extremely high.

Version 1 (9/28/13):
Initial release


Stat Flower Stats:
Physique (Melee) increases Strength, HP, and Vitality.
Fortitude (Defensive) increases Vitality and HP.
Aptitude (Ranged) increases Dexterity and Agility.
Finesse (Throwing) increases Agility and Dexterity.
Still exists and provides Dex and ranged abilities.
Attunement (Magic) increases Intelligence, MP, and Spirit.
Enhancement (Summon) increases Spirit, Intelligence, and MP.

Base Stats:
STR (Strength) increases the power of melee weapons.

DEX (Dexterity) Increases the power of ranged weapons and ammo.

INT (Intelligence) Increases the power of magic weapons.

AGI (Agility) Increases the power of thrown weapons.
Obsolete in 1.4

SPR (Spirit) Increases the power of summon weapons.

VIT (Vitality) Increases the defense armor gives.

Stats may increase the power of your character but the overall power of your character is still heavily dependent on your equipment.

-Passive Abilities with various effects.










New level up effect!



Thanks John3!



Thanks Alaron!


Can't think of what to put here...

Install and Usage:

Windows: Copy the zip contents to the steam Terraria folder, overwrite the content folder if asked (no original files will be overwritten).
Mac/Linux: Copy the files into the steam Terraria folder. You'll have to rename the Terraria.exe file and replace it with the Terraria Leveled.exe each time you want to use it.
Note to Mac users:
Make sure you do NOT replace the entire content folder. This will cause you to erase all of Terraria's content.
Instead, open the content folder in the zip, and copy the Terraria Leveled folder in to Terraria's content folder.

Default Terraria Steam Locations:
Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria
Mac: Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria/
Linux: .local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria

To uninstall, all you do is delete Terraria Leveled.exe and Terraria Leveled Server.exe, and delete the Terraria Leveled folder in the content folder.

Download Links
Leveled v1.1.1.1

Old versions
[Linux] | [Mac]

UnLeveled v11 | [Linux] | [Mac]

Direct links


This is a modified version of TShock to work with the mod, and will only work with my mod.
This mod also uses the TShock repository for the Server API, which gives natrual support for TShock.

I do not own the rights to Terraria, or TShock.

>Download< v10.6.4 | [Ad-Free]
>Download< -TShock plugin for version 10.6.4 | [Ad-Free]

Here is the forked modified source of TShock.

Gotest (Mod Author / Programmer / Art)
Webmillio (Programmer / WebmillioCommons)
Sumenora (Beta Tester)
Umbra (beta tester / ideas man)
Nobodys_Me (beta tester / ideas man)
Khaelis (Accessory Prefix names)
Everybody (For keeping me going on this mod)​
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I have no intentions of adding items or npcs, sorry.
I'm trying to keep this as close to the original as possible with just RPG elements, and keeping the difficulty as close to the original as possible as well.
Cant help loving those Kingdom Hearts themed health bars.
I really hope you will make a Tapi version of this mod (or atleast the hp bar system, it makes me drool)
It's very nice but why ? :(


Also i have a quesion , will 1.2.2 characters / worlds will be compatibile with ?
oh and i forgot to add i am playing this mod about hm... ~3 weeks so don't think i "leveled" up in few hours :p
Level 80 is the max to make room for future content. I'm all ready prepared for 1.3 and that's when I'll raise the level cap.

Yes 1.2.2 characters / worlds will work with
Got Test! Go Test! Wait. Thats your name...

Anyway, i'm looking forward to version. I will play the heck out of it.
Well, I thought I'd give you guys an update on how it's going.

Well, as of the past 2 days there have rarely been any problems.
Right now, it's just down to getting the right balance in difficulty since I'm re-doing NPC stats to try to make the difficulty as close to the original as possible if not slightly more difficult.
So as long as I keep up the pace, this should be done very soon.

Thank you guys for your patience for so long.
Nice to hear it , renember to max the 80 level to higher cause i can't wait to play your mod again :)
I recall hearing before that the Level Cap is currently 80 to make the endgame Vanilla content (ie: Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon) as difficult with endgame gear as it is in Vanilla. I'm not sure if that's true or not, though. (my memory's rather terrible, I will admit)

Also Gotest, you totally forgot to put "Fishing" as a viable means of getting EXP in the OP ;P
I recall hearing before that the Level Cap is currently 80 to make the endgame Vanilla content (ie: Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon) as difficult with endgame gear as it is in Vanilla. I'm not sure if that's true or not, though. (my memory's rather terrible, I will admit)

Also Gotest, you totally forgot to put "Fishing" as a viable means of getting EXP in the OP ;P
D'oh, that was supposed to be a surprise xP. Ah well.

And the level 80 cap, as I've said before, is to make room for 1.3 content when it comes out.
It's very nice but why ? :(


Also i have a quesion , will 1.2.2 characters / worlds will be compatibile with ?
oh and i forgot to add i am playing this mod about hm... ~3 weeks so don't think i "leveled" up in few hours :p
...Why do you use a lucky horseshoe and a spike shoes? (I dont know the name)xD
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