Wavebank 1.4.1 New JoJo's Bizarre Adventure WaveBank (Changes the music of Terraria)



I just finished the last part of the anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", and being enraptured by it, it spurred me on to create this wavebank.
It took about a week, meticulously planning what theme would go with which Terraria song best (don't worry, I didn't just spam Giorno's Theme), and finally, it has arrived - The True Golden Experience

I changed every song, apart from the Alternate Otherworld Tracks.

I've Included both Character Themes, and mostly instrumental tracks from across the anime, but sometimes I've snuck in a vocal track that references a JoJo character/Stand - (example - Sheer Heart Attack by Queen - This isn't in the tracklist btw)

Even If your not a JoJo Fan, I highly recommend you at least trying this out - Its fits snugly in place of the Vanilla track.

Quick Set of Installation instructions:

-Download the file
-Locate Terraria's Content folder (ex. for Steam: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria/Content)
-(recommended) Backup Terraria's original Wave Bank.xwb file
-Replace the original file with the one you downloaded.

To create your own Wavebank, follow this tutorial.

Download here --> Wave Bank <--

Overworld NightPhantom Blood Ost 01 [Sekikamen]
Eerie (Blood Moon)Stardust Crusaders OST Possession
Overworld DayPhantom Blood Ost 02 [Hikiyose Rarete Iku Unmei]
Boss 1 (Eye of Cthulhu, King Slime, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron, Skeletron Prime)Stardust Crusaders OST - Stardust Crusaders
Title ScreenTorture Dance
Jungle DayPhantom Blood OST - Mysterious Visitor
CorruptionDark Rebirth - [Shadow Dio's Theme]
HallowStardust Crusaders OST - Setting Off
Underground CorruptionWicked Thoughts - Angelo's Theme
Underground HallowDiamond is Unbreakable OST - Separation and Departure
Boss 2 (Wall of Flesh and The Twins)Burning Colosseum - Wamuu's Theme
UndergroundBattle Tendency OST - Tense
Boss 3 (The Destroyer and Brain of Cthulhu, Frost Legion, Torch God)In the Zipper - Bruno Buccellati's theme
SnowPhantom Blood Ost 17 [Chichi e no Omoi]
Space NightPink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
CrimsonCioccolata's Theme
Boss 4 (Golem and Lunatic Cultist)Awaken (Pillar Men Theme)
Day AlternativePhantom Blood Ost 06 [Koi,Hatsuratsu to]
RainDiamond is Unbreakable OST - Italian Restaurant
Underground Snow/IceIce Ice baby - Vanilla Ice
DesertLanding in Egypt [Cameo/Judgement's Theme]
Ocean DayThe Stardust Man Appears - Part 4 OST
DungeonKiller - Yoshikage Kira's Theme
PlanteraDiamond is Unbreakable OST - Diamond is Unbreakable ~ Main Theme ~
Boss 5 (Queen Bee)Giorno's Theme
Jungle TempleRubicon | Santana's theme
Solar EclipsePhantom Blood Ost 18 [Kyuutenchokka]
Rain SFXSame
Mushroom BiomePurple Thorns [Old Joseph's Theme]
Pumpkin MoonPart 4 OST - Interception
Underground AlternativeOnigai Kappo/Strutting The Ogre Street [Speedwagon's Theme]
Frost MoonStardust Crusaders - Space of a Lone God
Underground CrimsonFugo's Theme - Virus
Lunar Event/TowersSono Chi No Sadame
Pirate InvasionGolden Wind OST - Golden Experience
HellGolden Wind OST - Un'altra persona (Boss's theme)
Martian MadnessFiglia [Trish's Spice Girl Theme]
Moon LordCapture the Target [Baron Zeppeli's Theme]
Goblin InvasionNoble Pope ~ Kakyoin's Theme
SandstormWind in the Wilderness [Hol Horse's Theme]
Old One's ArmyPersistence ~ [Jonathan's Theme]
Space DayMade In Heaven - Queen
Ocean NightAsa Tsujis Theme- Fair Godmother
Windy DayHoly Kujo's Theme - Gentle Sunshine
Windy Day SFXSame
Town DayGolden Wind OST - Dawn
Town NightLast Train Home
Slime RainSilver Twist [Polnareff's Theme]
Terraria Title Theme RemixSame
Title Screen (Journey's End)Morioh Cho Radio
Title Screen (Journey's End, without beginning) (plays when you logout from world)Roundabout
StormThe Author's Bizarre Passion [Rohan's Theme]
GraveyardHimeru Omoi - Phantom Blood - Dio's Theme
Underground JungleDiamond is Unbreakable OST - A New Courage
Jungle NightGolden Wind OST - The First Assassin
Queen SlimeKiller Queen
Empress of LightAvalon [Ultimate Kars' Theme]
Duke FishronThe Hand [Okuyasu's Theme]
Morning RainPhantom Blood Ost 10 [Denkousekka]
Title Screen (Console ver.)Same
Underground DesertFire Shaman [Avdol's Theme]
Rain (Otherworld)Same
Day (Otherworld)Same
Night (Otherworld)Same
Underground (Otherworld)Same
Desert (Otherworld)Same
Ocean (Otherworld)Same
Crystal Caves (Otherworld)Same
Dungeon (Otherworld)Same
Space (Otherworld)Same
Underworld (Otherworld)Same
Snow (Otherworld)Same
Corruption (Otherworld)Same
Underground Corruption (Otherworld)Same
Crimson (Otherworld)Same
Underground Crimson (Otherworld)Same
Underground Snow/Ice (Otherworld)Same
Underground Hallow (Otherworld)Same
Eerie (Otherworld)Same
Boss 2 (Otherworld)Same
Boss 1 (Otherworld)Same
Invasion (Otherworld)Same
Towers (Otherworld)Same
Lunar Boss (Otherworld)Same
Plantera (Otherworld)Same
Jungle (Otherworld)Same
Wall of Flesh (Otherworld)Same
Hallow (Otherworld)Same
Journey's End (Credits Theme)Stardust Crusaders O.S.T [Destination] - 26 - The Return of Travelers

Of course, if you're a Gangstar, you'll figure out all of these songs for yourself ~~

Be sure to give me feedback, especially if you feel like the volumes are a bit off, or a different jojo songs would fit better than the selection I made :)
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LInk to a short video I made, including some of the themes, as a little taster for those who want to see :)

--> Video <---
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Added Quick set of Installation Instructions -

Instalation Instructions:
-Download the file
-Locate Terraria's Content folder (ex. for Steam: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria/Content)
-(recommended) Backup Terraria's original Wave Bank.xwb file
-Replace the original file with the one you downloaded.
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Update: Balanced Volume and endings of certains songs - Josuke's Theme and several others
Changed Original post

Get the newer wavebank above.
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Third Update - Replaced Wavebank with fixed version after patch -- there was an issue with custom wavebanks.
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