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I will, but any tips of how to meet her? I also have an idea of how to try to do an interaction and gift system if you would like to hear.
I dunno about the timing (as in cooldown) but,
The general idea is that each gift and interaction has a descriptor tag and a value of friendship points.
Better gifts=more points but more expensive.
The higher the friendship level you have, the more interactions you can do. So at first you might not be able to do much, but as you get closer you might be able to pat them or hug them for example.
The options to interact with them or gift them an item will be in their chat menu, once you do, you have to wait a bit to do it again.
Each terraguardian has a set likes and dislikes, like in miitopia, but in this case, its based off the tags. If they get a gift or get/do an interaction they like, the points value gets a bonus modifier EX: 20% more points but on the other hand, if they don't like it, they will get for example 20% less friendship points.
For simplicity, it is just a Love, Like, Neutral (as in they are merely content with it), Dislike, Hate (not in a no friendship point way, just a I don't really like it but thanks way) sort of reaction system.
For example, Blue might like any item that has a 'Health' tag that is gifted to her (since it seems she likes to take care of herself a lot) but doesn't like well, 'Headpat' type of stuff.
Hm. I'll give some thinking about that. It's even better if I avoid something as strict as the Terraria housing system.
By the way, Blue wont mind a 'headpat', if you don't ruin her hairstyle.
Unless you want to make a custom companion like TerraGuardians, no.
I actually should have tried to expand Gaomon Mod, to add a human companion to it, so people know how to make it.
Basically, you'll mostly deal with the coding part when making the companion, and I added a way of getting the infos you need for the companion design, and in a way that is really simple.

Well, as long as I don't add dating, haha.
That would be dope if you did.... or did you already do it and I missed something??
You can. Just like you do with a npc, open the part of inventory which shows the npcs house.
On the bottom, will be the companions faces. Just click on it and click on a house.
Do notice that multiple companions can share the same house, as long as there's chairs for them. For example, you can make Sardine and his wife live together. Just please don't stack several companions in the same house.
That's interesting and I won't. I just need Sardine to move out of my house, though is there some Giant Dog somewhere? It keeps dying. I keep getting an occasional message of 'Giant Dog was slain...'
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I guess he might be in the dungeon or something then. I need to get stronger first, partly cus I have an RPG mod installed that changes stuff. However Blue is able to use any of the modded weapons which is good.

Side note: What do I do with the fox ghost of fluffles? Was sortah screwing around after showing my friend stuff and saw a ghost and once they touched me I was sent back to the main menu and when I logged back in again as the character, anywhere underground I have the ghost with me. I dunno what to do.
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Hello, cool mod, companions help out a lot. But it's annoying that they run away during the battle with negative trust. I liked the previous version more, where they did not leave me. Is there a way to get everything back the way it was?
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