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1.4 Performance Issues.


Official Terrarian
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Windows 10
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Issue: Significant Performance Drops in 1.4
Present In: All 1.4 Versions
Status: Known, under investigation
Status: TBD
More Info: We are investigating reports that some users have performance issues on 1.4, and are looking into optimization to improve it.

Yesterday i tweeted towards the official twitter to report i was having performance issues and i saw the above comment in the already "reported" and wanted to at least provide some extra information where i couldn after doing some tests.

Most of last night i did some play testing to try and figure out if it was my system, the game or other factors.

Firstly to state. All programs and background processes were terminated unless crucial to running the PC, The game, or being online.
Secondly, i tried this on two PC's at various spectrums of hardware stats. My main PC i play on has 512MB of VRAM and 8GB of Ram. (i like playing at work sometimes shh no judging). The second PC is my home PC and has 16GB of VRAM and 32GB of ram.

Testing #1: (both systems) -high settings
  1. -Cold boot PC (turn off for 10 minutes and then back on ensuring background processes are properly unloaded)
  2. -Terminate background processes
  3. -Start steam (online)
  4. -download terraria
  5. -start game. (new character, new world [large], normal "high" video settings)
  6. --FPS counter shows 60FPS when loading in and for about a minute and then tanks to 30 FPS and if i move around to wildly (jumping, sprinting and trying to mine/chop) game tanks to 10-15 FPS
  7. -Uninstall

Testing #2: (both systems) - medium settings

-Steps 1 -5 replicated as seen in testing #1 except now on "medium" settings
-Step 6 self replicates except the higher end PC only drops FPS for about 30 seconds or so and then jumps back up to 60 FPS + and stays there. (maybe indicating liquid changes?. Higher ram/vram and better processor speeding up some process of screen. [my only conclusion so far])

Testing #3: (both systems) - low settings

-steps 1-5 replicated as seen in testing #1
-Step 6 self replicates on "low end PC" as seen above in testing #1. "high end PC" replicates this for about 1-3 seconds and then normalizes.

Testing #4-6 (high/medium/low settings) (STEAM OFFLINE)
-same steps as seen in testing #1
-step 6 - Turn off steam after installing.
-step 7 - turn off internet
-step 8 - restart steam in offline mode
-step 9 - the only time the issue appeared again was on the "low end" PC when at high settings and it lasted for about 10-15 seconds and then stabilized at the expected 60+ FPS.

Hopefully this info will help you guys pinpoint how and if this is an issue.


Quality Assurance
Staff member
Thanks for this comprehensive write-up! I'll add it to our report on the matter!
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