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    DARK VADER Terrarian
  2. Doppelsöldner

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    Indeed, for now at least.
    Other than that, welcome to Terraria Community Forums, Dark Vader.
  3. Unit One

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    Hi there @DARK VADER, welcome to the forums.

    The news today about the update is certainly exciting, isn't it. As a tip for going forward, a great place to put this type of semi-aimless message is on your profile post here: DARK VADER Although it's a touch on the spammy side, so less spammy would be better. :)

    Hope you stick around and introduce yourself, sharing whatever you're comfortable.
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  4. Moor Al-Malik

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    Hello, friend! Welcome to the forums! I am as excited as much as you are.
  5. Blood Crawler

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    Yeah i love 1.4
  6. IDGCaptainRussia

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    welcome mate!