1 Character, Expert Hardcore. Is it Feasible?

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  1. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    After finally defeating the Moon Lord a few days ago on my normal playthrough, I decided I wanted a break from my main world, and sought a challenge elsewhere.

    That's when I was intrigued by the 'Expert Hardcore' challenge, which seems to be one that has tempted many others. Now, I've seen a few things here and there, namely a fantastic Let's Play by 'BlueLizardJello'.

    However, having not yet finished that series, or gotten a concrete answer elsewhere, I needed to know -- Is it possible to complete Terraria without dying once?

    If not, what would the reasonable goal be?

  2. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    I believe playing the game from start to end without dying requires incredible instinct, skill and spacial awareness (Not to mention quick hands). If not impossible, it would be really tough to pull off, since most of the enemies hit hard while you have a limited amount of HP. Not to mention Expert Mode.

    A reasonable goal would be to start from scratch with a new character, world and beating Moon Lord once. That'll earn some bragging rights. If not, kill Expert DG without hoiks.

    Note: Don't put your prized items on your HC character, because when you die (mostly unexpectedly) all your items will disappear forever.
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  3. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    Were you referring to killing Moon Lord in any world? If so, check. ;)

    I know it sounds crazy, but I've already seen multiple methods that involve doing all the bosses as the last step before HM, making you wayyyy over-prepared for them when you encounter them.

    Could it be done though?
  4. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    Well, I was referring to killing ML with your new HC chara. in your new EX world, which is more challenging. Well, without killing EoW/BoC for the Shadow/Crimson armor, it would be hard to survive in the Underworld for getting the Molten armor for all the boss fights, especially with all the flying enemies, projectiles and no KB resist (Cobalt Shield). Not to mention you can't get a Night's Edge without killing Skeletron.

    Technically possible, but everyone has their guard down sometimes which can result getting butchered, ending the run sadly.
  5. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    On my 9th run already - Have made it nowhere haha.

    I am learning with each run though!

    One method involves obtaining the reaver shark from the ocean, destroying one shadow orb, and getting full meteor armor immediately.

    Could work, right?
  6. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    Well, yes. I do know the Reaver Shark option but since you will be a sitting duck, you would be an easy target (But you can just build a hut or something), not to mention you'll need a lot 'o bait.

    9 runs? Cool. Every trial-and-error will give everyone something to learn, aka learn from your mistakes
  7. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    Was on an absolutely fantastic run, when, at night, I let my guide into my square home. I checked into my inventory, and he opened the door.
  8. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS use Autopause. Who knows your NPCs get clumsy/hate you for no reason
  9. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    Already done. As you said above, live and learn.

    Or... Die and learn in this case haha.
  10. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    If you can defeat King Slime, you have a chance to build this:

    It doesn't work on Moon Lord though.
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  11. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    Wow, looks really cool, thanks! I'm not too keen on trying to cheese or trap however.
  12. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    I've done this before, but it really requires to be alert at everything. And prepare all your equipment to be as powerful as possible. (Buffs, arena's, safety spots for revisitable areas, building a bridge across the desert to avoid sand sharks ect.)

    A very important note is to learn the difficulity spikes in the game. (Most notable are the start of hardmode and post-Golem and the very beginning of the game). And be extra well prepared when these hits. Because you can't go back once it has happened.
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  13. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian


    Any chance you could give me a little more advice?

    What major changes are there to look out for?
  14. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    1. Base Defence
    Seriously, I have my runs ended because of enemies overrunning my base.
    Knowledge is power and if you know how they work, you should be able to fight the boss without too much trouble
    I put many things in my Arena, 1. don't put it near your base 2.healing stations like campfires 3.Nurse station, that saved me on many occasions 4.Teleportation devices, available after the mech bosses, you can dodge most bosses attack with this.
    4. The Ankh Shield is available before any Hardmode boss so try to get that before facing the bosses
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  15. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    Great advice! Thank you!
  16. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    i've watched a few expert mode hardcore character streams, and the main common factor is that you need to use recall potions liberally when in danger.

    magic mirror simply is not fast enough; you need to be able to press a certain key and then left click to IMMEDIATELY get out of danger.
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  17. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Overall, it's better to learn Expert Mode first in softcore a few times to be well aware of the dangers yourself, I can't cover them all.

    Now, from my experience, the difficulity spikes:
    - The start of a game is already one of the hard parts. The lack of movement, strength, defence and fall damage, is really annoying against the early dangers and traps.
    - Expert Skeletron is seen as the most difficult boss in all of pre-hardmode. The dungeon should be kept as the last before entering hardmode.
    - Just...everything of hardmode...weaker enemies gets stronger by a significiant amount, (common slimes, common zombies Dark Caster's water bolt ect.) you should really avoid getting attacked by seemingly weak enemies. Most of the biomes gets powerful enemies too. Crimson gets Ichor Stickers, Hallow gets Gastropods, Jungle and Ice gets Tortoises, Desert gets gigantic worms, sandstorms gets sand sharks. Sky gets Wyverns and so on, and so on.
    It's a bit to the point where your home at the center is the only safe spot for the time been, so every move you make towards any biome has to be careful.
    - Post-Plantera unlocks the Hardmode dungeon, there isn't really anything valueable that worth risking your life at, so I've stayed away from there.
    - Post-Golem unlocks the fearsome Martians. Which is also better avoided, it's safer to fly over the drone (that activates the invasion) instead of trying to destroy it, because it's durable enough to fly away.
    - Post-Cultists, as you can probably tell, unleashes chaos pillars on the whole surface.

    - Solar Eclipse is one of high risk/high reward events, it introduces Mothron and Reaper after defeating all Mech Bosses. and even more dangerous enemies after defeating Plantera.
    - The Old One Army (from Dungeon Defenders 2) event is also a high risk/high reward one, because it has regeneration armors, but it's very imbalanced and I suggest to only grind their weaker tier when you're just about to reach their next tier. Tier 2 happens when at least one Mech boss is defeated, while Tier 3 appears after Golem is defeated. (but please, never try Tier 3 in this mode.)
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  18. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    Noted. thank you. Already being on my 23rd run, I must say, the beginning is quite tough hehe.
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  19. Purple Cat King

    Purple Cat King Skeletron

    Me and my friend started a expert mode world yesterday unfortunately we didn't get to play on it for very long (he's more interested in Fortnite he's even got a youtube channel if your interested) but hopefully next Friday we might be able to get some progress on it
  20. Tomb1302

    Tomb1302 Terrarian

    A Hardcore Expert World?